In Kansas, SR22 refers to a type of insurance for drivers with certain traffic conditions such as DUI, vehicular homicide or failure to maintain liability coverage. More specifically, the SR22 insurance policy proves to the Kansas Department of Vehicles that a driver has sufficient liability coverage should they have any further traffic-related incidents. SR-22 rates are often higher than standard liability coverage as most insurers consider these drivers to be “problematic drivers.”

Kansas drivers who are required to obtain SR22 must do so promptly and they must maintain that coverage for 12 months. Failure to maintain the coverage could result in further penalties such as restrictions on driving privileges or being prohibited from renewing vehicle registrations. Below is more information on how to get SR22 insurance and why you need it to restore your driving privileges.

What is Kansas SR22 insurance?

In Kansas, SR-22 rates apply to drivers who must pay additional rates for their insurance due to traffic-related offenses. Motorists in Kansas must obtain an SR22 insurance certificate for traffic offenses such as DUI or driving without insurance. The term refers to a form rather than an actual policy.

The form contains information that the Kansas Department of Vehicles needs to validate that a driver has liability coverage to cover damages or injury due to any traffic incidents they may cause. Specifically, an SR-22 form outlines the amount of coverage and policy coverage dates. Drivers may not submit the SR22 form themselves, and they must request their insurance company to file it for them.

Who needs SR22 insurance in Kansas?

Not all motorists need Kansas SR22 insurance and the Department of Vehicles has specific instances in which it may be required. Those drivers who need SR22 insurance are defined as “habitual violators.” Examples of habitual violations are three or more of the following:

  • Vehicular homicide defined as the reckless or negligent killing of another by vehicle
  • Driving with a canceled, suspended or revoked driver’s license
  • Felony crimes involving a motor vehicle
  • Failing to stop at the scene of an accident

Drivers may also be required to obtain SR22 if they are in the Ignition Interlock program. With the ignition interlock program, motorists must maintain their SR22 along with the interlock device as a condition to restoring driving privileges.

Drivers required to submit SR22 must maintain the coverage for a total of 12 consecutive months. If the driver allows coverage to lapse, the insurance company must notify the Department of Vehicles. The Department of Vehicles then notifies the driver that they must obtain insurance to regain driving privileges. Drivers who allow their SR22 to lapse must restart the required twelve-month period.

Reinstating Driving Privileges With SR22 in Kansas

Drivers may end their SR-22 insurance in Kansas and reinstate their driving privileges after maintaining the coverage for 12 consecutive months. To drop SR22 and reinstate driving privileges, motorists must have their insurance company validate that their coverage has been in effect for 12 straight months.

After that, motorists may app reinstate their driving privileges by paying the required reinstatement fee. Drivers with an SR22 restriction must not operate a vehicle until they have satisfied all requirements outlined by the Division of Vehicles.

In Kansas, drivers may dispute an SR22 requirement by requesting a hearing. Drives may request the hearing by mailing a written request to the Division of Vehicles. There is a time limit of 14 days for drivers to make the request. Additionally, motorists must pay a hearing fee. The hearing will be held in person with a representative from the Division of Vehicles.

How to Get SR22 Insurance in Kansas

In Kansas, SR-22 rates are determined by insurance companies. As such, drivers must obtain SR22 insurance quotes from an insurance company. Typically known as a form of “high risk’ insurance, not all companies offer it. Those that do may charge drivers a premium for it.

Motorists will need to shop rates to find the best option. Some insurers offer the SR22 form as an add-on to an existing policy. Some, however, may require the driver to purchase a new policy with the added coverage.

Penalties for Not Filing an SR22 Form in Kansas

Drivers must pay Kansas SR-22 rates for the duration of the required period. If drivers fail to obtain SR22 insurance, they may face further penalties from the Department of Vehicles. Some of the possible penalties include:

  • Inability to renew a driver license
  • Automatic suspension or revocation of driver license
  • Inability to register vehicles

Further, if the coverage lapses, the Department of Vehicles mails the driver a notification alerting them that they violated their requirement to maintain coverage. At that point, drivers have 10 days to obtain or renew their policy with the insurance company.

Drivers with an SR22 restriction may request a provisional license. With a temporary license, a driver may operate a vehicle for specific instances outlined by the Division of Vehicles. Typical reasons the state may grant a provisional license are work, medical appointments or other reasons determined at the discretion of the Division of Vehicles.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.