If you need to obtain a background report in Kansas for an individual or a company, you must do so with the Bureau of Investigation, operating in compliance with Kansas laws. A criminal or personal background check on individuals allows access to their criminal, financial or professional history for the purpose of employment.

Both private companies and government agencies can order full background checks online, via background check companies or by mail, depending on the purpose of the document. Kansas laws do not oblige requestors to obtain a formal consent from the subject, but this may be useful if they need a more detailed background search that can be used before hiring.

How to Get a Kansas Background Check

A Kansas background screening is mainly acquired as an equivalent of a criminal history record. This official document will contain the criminal record for an individual, including prosecutions, arrests, felonies, misdemeanors and more. If you would like to apply for a Kansas background report, you can do so in several ways.

The most convenient method is to get an online background check, although employee background checks in KS are typically obtained by mail.

Note: The Bureau of Investigation offers two main types of background checks: by name and by fingerprint.

Ordering a Kansas Background Check Online

If you would like to order an online background check in Kansas, you will need to have certain personal information at hand about the subject. Typically, such details include the subject’s full name, Social Security Number, gender and date of birth, although for purposes of accuracy, you may be asked to enter additional information.

Ordering a Kansas Background Check by Mail

Kansas background reports that can be obtained by mail are divided into three separate types:

  • Fingerprint-based record check.
  • Certified record check.
  • Individuals reviewing their own records.

Fingerprint-based background checks in KS are used by requestors who need a more accurate and detailed background report. This procedure requires the applicant to obtain a consent from the subject about acquiring his or her fingerprints on a special 10-fingerprint card, which is then sent to the KBI and for processing. Once the review is complete, the KBI will mail the report back to the requester.

If you need a certified record check for yourself for purposes of adoption, Visa application or other similar need (except employment), you must send a request to the KBI by mail. If a record on you is found, it will be stated as a rap sheet, including only adult convictions.

The last type of personal background checks in Kansas is for individuals who would like to review their own records. This can be done by means of sending a fingerprint card to the KIB, which will then review and send you a RAP (Record of Arrests and Prosecutions) sheet with your complete criminal history.

Who needs a Kansas background check?

Background screenings in Kansas are typically requested in everyday situations, i.e. before hiring an individual, renting a home to tenants or employing a caregiver for a family member.


Before renting a unit, landlords resort can request a background check for the interested tenants. The information contained in a background report is typically of financial or personal nature, which may state whether the tenants will pay rent and bills on time, and if they are inclined to criminal activities or damaging the property.


According to Kansas law, employee background checks can be initiated by the employer, but must not serve as a condition of employment. Basically, the employer may officially request a background check for employment from the KBI, but cannot oblige a potential candidate to obtain one of his or her own in order to be hired.

In general, companies perform criminal or personal background checks on applicants in order to assess their professional, financial or personal qualities and behavior. This can be crucial for the success and adaptation of a new employee.

EMS/First Responders

Background investigations in Kansas for EMS employees are a regular practice by hospitals and similar health institutions.

A full background check is crucial in discovering information about the paramedic or first responder that has applied for a job, as it can provide an overview of the individual’s criminal, professional or financial habits. Important factors help hospitals decide whether the candidate will obey the protocols and do the job responsibly.


Personal background checks in KS for caregivers are common, especially if they are hired to take care of a close family member. In cases where caregivers are employed on a full-time basis, getting a background check is essential for ensuring that the worker has all the qualities and qualifications for taking care of an individual in need.


Many companies decide to order Kansas background reports for job candidates applying for managerial positions. The company’s Human Resources department performs criminal history and employee background checks in KS in order to determine whether a potential hire will comply with the company policies and meet the job requirements without issues.

When You Will Need a Background Check

Background check services in Kansas are requested by companies or individuals in a variety of situations. The most common requestors for personal background checks or criminal record search in KS are employers, but there are other instances when performing a background check is highly recommended, such as:

  • When applying for a driver’s license at your nearby KS DMV office.
  • When buying firearms.
  • When applying for or completing adoption procedures.
  • When assessing credit histories.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

Kansas criminal history checks are obtained when an individual or a company needs to acquire information about the subject’s criminal history. These reports usually include the misdemeanors, arrests, felonies or convictions of an individual. A criminal record search in KS can be completed either by providing the subject’s name or his/her fingerprints.

On the other hand, standard background verifications are typically used when you need to review an individual’s professional, credit or financial history.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.