Background screenings in Kentucky are available to the public for the purposes of checking a subject’s criminal, personal or financial history. KY background reports are typically requested by employers (companies or government agencies) that need to perform a full background check for workers before offering them a job.

Another instance when a personal background check is of great use is when landlords are looking to rent a unit and would like to make sure that the potential tenants are financially responsible and with a somewhat clean personal record. If you would like to get a background check in Kentucky, you must do so with the state Court of Justice or the KY State Police.

How to Get a Kentucky Background Check

Kentucky background investigations can be obtained using several different methods, based on the purpose of the background report. Thus, depending on the government agency from which you request a background check, you may be able to get one online, in person or by mail.

Note that you will need to complete different KY background search forms for different purposes, i.e. for employment, adoption, housing and so on.

Ordering a Kentucky Background Check Online

Requestors can order an online background check in Kentucky either from the state’s Court of Justice or from specialized background check services. You will need to prepare certain personal information about yourself as a requestor of a KY background screening, but also about the subject in question.

Thus, you will be required to have the following information at hand:

  • Your full name, address and phone number.
  • The subject’s full name (as well an alias or maiden name).
  • The subject’s Social Security Number.
  • The subject’s date of birth.
  • The subject’s address.
  • The subject’s driver’s license number (optional).

If you are both a requestor and a subject, i.e. you need to get a background check online for yourself, you must enter your own personal information in both the requestor and the subject fields.

You will receive the results either by email or post. You may not be able to order an online police background check with the Kentucky State Police.

Note: The final KY background report will contain only the subject’s court activity, excluding any arrest or driving records.

Ordering a Kentucky Background Check by Mail

If you request a police background check in Kentucky as a member of the general public, you must do so by mail. According to state laws, you must obtain permission from the subject prior to requesting a background investigation on him or her.

Depending on the purpose for which you need a full background check for an individual, you may obtain KY background reports by mail for the following instances:

  • Employment
  • Adoptions or foster care
  • Caregivers or care facilities
  • EMS workers
  • Housing
  • Childcare

If you need a Kentucky background screening from the Court of Justice, you must send your request to the main Administrative Office of the Courts in Frankfort.

Ordering a Kentucky Background Check in Person

Getting a background check in KY in person with the Court of Justice can be done via a drive-thru window at the main Administrative Office of the Courts in Frankfort. The Kentucky State Police only allows requests for criminal history checks made by agencies or organizations that have a statutory requirement to conduct fingerprint-based checks (FBI and state-initiated).

Who needs a Kentucky background check?

Complete background checks in Kentucky can be requested from members of the general public, the FBI or government agencies for a variety of purposes. Depending on the requestor’s needs, the background reports in KY can be of personal or criminal nature and can be used to review the subject’s profile for employment, renting or caregiving needs.


Renter background checks in Kentucky are requested by landlords for potential tenants. Through these background reports, landlords are able to assess an individual’s personal, criminal and financial habits which can reflect whether a tenant is a good fit.

Also, KY background checks related to renting are sometimes issued for housing benefits users, although not all housing assistance programs accept criminal history checks from the Kentucky State Police.


Kentucky background checks for employment purposes are often requested from employers before making a final decision on hiring a candidate. You can obtain a pre-employment background screening with the KY State Police by mail, using a Request for Conviction Records/Employment application form.

EMS/First Responders

A background search in KY is performed on EMS workers and first responders who work at fire departments, ambulance services or rescue squads in Kentucky.

Requestors must complete a Request for Conviction Records/Fire Department, Ambulance Service and Rescue Squad form to obtain a full background check for a potential hire and to assess his or her professional and criminal past in relation to the demands of the job position.


Kentucky background investigations are also made for long-term care facilities and individual caregivers.

If you are looking to obtain a complete background search about a licensed care facility or an assisted-living community that provides services directly to clients or residents, you should complete a Request for Conviction Records/Long-Term Care Facility.

If you are planning to hire an individual caregiver, a regular full background check in Kentucky should suffice.


Kentucky employee background screenings are performed by companies planning to hire new managers. The background check for job applicants for managerial positions should be able to provide a preview of the subject’s financial, professional and criminal history. This data can be successfully used to determine whether they are a good fit for the company.

When You Will Need a Background Check

Official background checks in Kentucky are performed in various situations and for different purposes. Mainly, a complete background check is required in the following instances:

  • For completing adoptions.
  • For employment purposes.
  • For reviews of the subject’s financial/credit history.
  • When obtaining a driver’s license at any KY DMV branch.
  • When buying firearms.
  • For visa issuance purposes.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

Kentucky background screenings can be subdivided into criminal history checks and standard or personal background checks. Thus, if a member of the general public requests a standard background report for an individual, he or she is not required to obtain fingerprints to complete the process.

On the other hand, to get a complete criminal background check in Kentucky government-related entities such as the FBI must obtain fingerprints from the subject in order.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.