Background checks in Vermont are records which show an individual’s financial, professional, credit and criminal history. Employers, landlords or regular VT residents are the most common requestors of background reports.

The Vermont Crime Information Center (VCIC) is a division of the Department of Public Safety and offers criminal conviction records, which are available to individuals who want to conduct background screenings. Employers usually conduct VT background checks for employment purposes and landlords perform background investigations on their possible tenants.

How to Get a Vermont Background Check

Get a background check in VT in order to investigate an individual’s criminal and professional history. You can request a background search using one of these methods: by mail, online or by appearing in person at the Vermont Crime Information Center (VCIC).

Ordering A Vermont Background Check In Person

When getting a background check in person at the VCIC office, you will be required to provide a full name and date of birth of the individual you are investigating.

Requestors who use this method of getting a background report for a certain individual need to provide two proofs of positive identification. You are advised to visit the VCIC office if you want to avoid waiting too long for the report.

This method will provide you with a notarized criminal history check within 10 minutes.

Ordering A Vermont Background Check By Mail

You can perform a Vermont background investigation by sending a request by mail to the Crime Information Center.

This method of getting a background check in Vermont is slower than that of appearing in person. You will have to wait five to seven business days to get the request processed.

Ordering A Vermont Background Check Online

VT background checks can be done online in only few minutes, if you do not have the time to visit the VCIC office or to prepare the needed documentation for the Crime Information Center.

You can get an online background screening if you complete the following steps:

  • Provide your full name, business name and email address.
  • Indicate that you understand the usage agreement.
  • Provide the individual’s full name and date of birth.
  • Pay the applicable request fee with a credit card.

Who needs a background check?

Vermont background investigations are most often requested by employers, organizations, landlords and courts. These requestors need to perform complete background checks on individuals applying for work with their company, or who plan to rent their property.

Continue reading below for more information on every situation when you might need a Vermont background report.


Renter background checks in Vermont are requested by landlords who want to investigate the criminal and financial history of potential tenants.

Before renting your property to any individual, you need to conduct an online VT rental background investigation in order to check which individuals are suitable tenants for your property. These criminal history checks are the most helpful sources for investigating people to whom you will rent your property.


Vermont background checks for employment are conducted by companies which want to recruit new employees. Employers can easily investigate the candidate’s financial, professional or criminal history by performing employment history checks.

The job background checks will show the total amount of offenses or misdemeanors that you have committed in the past. Having a clean employee background check will help you be prepared for the possible background investigation that your employer might perform.

EMS/First Responders

Vermont medical background investigations are constantly conducted by clinics or hospitals as part of their process for hiring medical personnel. EMS background screenings will help you examine the criminal history of applicants who want to become first responders.

The online medical criminal background checks in Vermont will make you realize which candidates are suitable for the job position which includes helping people in need.

Care Givers

Performing a complete background check in Vermont is a compulsory procedure when choosing a caregiver for a family member or a child. The background report will help you choose the most suitable candidate by eliminating those who have a vast criminal history.


Company background checks in Vermont are often requested by employers who need to find the most suitable candidate for their open managerial position.

Getting a complete background report will provide companies with information on the candidate’s criminal offenses and misdemeanors that they have committed in their past. The Vermont employment history check will also display the financial and professional history of each candidate.

If you are one of the candidates applying for managerial position in a Vermont corporation, you need to keep clean employee background check which will point you out in comparison to other candidates.

When You Will Need A Background Check

The Vermont background screening is usually performed due to various reasons. Requestors order background investigations in the following situations:

  • For personal needs.
  • For adoption or child custody.
  • To get a driver’s license at the VT DMV office.
  • To get a job or volunteer in a company.
  • To rent an apartment.
  • To be granted a Governor’s Pardon.
  • For Civil Court Proceeding.
  • For military purposes.
  • To travel out of the state or for immigration cases.

The Difference Between Standard & Criminal Background Checks

The standard and criminal background checks in Vermont differ in the type of records they hold. The standard background search contains information that can be used for licensing purposes, getting jobs, renting properties or for court needs.

The VT criminal history check, on the other hand, is used for obtaining information about the individual’s criminal offenses and misdemeanors.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.