If you own a vehicle that has been damaged, destroyed or wrecked, you will be required to apply for a DMV salvage title in Vermont. Overall, the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues a salvage certificate as legal proof of ownership in various situations. However, applicants are encouraged to learn the reasons for obtaining such a title and how to become eligible for it.

As an example, VT salvage title applicants must satisfy a set of eligibility criteria and application requirements in order to obtain this credential. Moreover, they may be required to conduct a salvage vehicle inspection. To learn more about how to get a salvage title in Vermont, continue reading the following sections.

What is a Vermont salvage title?

Prior to beginning an application procedure for a Vermont DMV salvage title, vehicle owners are encouraged to discover which cars are eligible to be branded as salvage in the state. As a general rule, salvage title cars are those that have been damaged, wrecked or destroyed to the extent that the total repair cost for rebuilding them is higher than their retail value. Specifically, the percentage of a vehicle’s retail value is defined by a jurisdiction and determined by the current edition of a nationally-recognized compilation of retail values. In addition, a VT salvage certificate may be obtained in the case of motor vehicles that have been purchased through a damage settlement by an auto insurance agency.

Vermont Salvage Title Eligibility Requirements

When owners of salvage title cars in Vermont decide to obtain the corresponding credentials for their vehicles, they must be mindful of the requirements that must be satisfied in order to be eligible for getting such title. For instance, motorists must make sure that their cars were previously declared a total loss by their insurance companies. Furthermore, in order to be eligible for getting a VT salvage title, vehicle owners may also be required to have their vehicles inspected before applying for the corresponding title.

Note: Individuals who wish to apply for a salvage certificate in Vermont but have vehicles that are older than 15 model years may not be eligible to obtain this type of credential. In such occasion, applicants are encouraged to contact the VT DMV and inquire more information about their specific situation.

How to Get a Salvage Title in Vermont

In order to obtain a Vermont DMV salvage title, vehicle owners need to perform the appropriate application procedure. Therefore, after satisfying certain eligibility criteria, drivers must complete a Rebuilt/Salvage Title Application (form VT-017). Applicants are encouraged to follow the instructions written on the application form in order to avoid missing some of the information that is needed for getting this type of title.

In addition to the VT salvage certificate application form, motorists will have to submit payment for the applicable fees and provide other documents. For instance, applicants may be required to submit a completed Application for Assignment of Vehicle Identification Number form (VT-03) in a situation when their public vehicle identification number (VIN) has been removed.

Note: The salvage title application form must be filled out with every detail required. Otherwise, it will be returned along with the entire documentation that was submitted along with it.

Salvage Car Inspections in Vermont

A salvage vehicle inspection in Vermont may be mandated in certain situations. For instance, vehicles with out-of-state salvage or rebuilt title and cars that have been declared a total loss must be inspected before becoming eligible for a title. In general, motorists need to have a VT safety inspection performed, which will require them to obtain a valid car registration and insurance policy beforehand.

After undergoing a salvage car inspection, owners of non-repairable or parts-only vehicles will need to have a VT DMV inspector from the state law enforcement division to conduct an additional examination.

Vermont Salvage Title Fees

The last step during the Vermont DMV salvage title application procedure is to submit payment for the applicable fees. However, the salvage title value in VT may vary based on the type of the vehicle. Thus, motorists may be required to pay one of the following fees, depending on their specific situation:

  • Vehicle title fee – $35
  • Vessel, snowmobile or ATV title fee – $22
  • Lienholder fee – $11

To discover more information about the salvage title fees that may be subject to constant changes, contact the VT DMV before making any payments.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.