Vehicle owners need to apply for a Missouri salvage title when they own a salvaged vehicle that has been damaged under various circumstances. The Missouri Department of Revenue (MO DOR) issues a salvage certificate to each owner of vehicles whose repair cost is greater than the fair market value. Motorists need to satisfy certain eligibility criteria before the application process. Furthermore, they may have to meet the application requirements and prepare a list of mandatory documentation.

In some occasions, vehicle owners may also have to perform a vehicle inspection on their salvaged vehicles, depending on the specific situation. For more information about how to get a salvage title in Missouri, continue reading the following sections.

What is a Missouri salvage title?

Prior to beginning the Missouri DMV salvage title application procedure, vehicle owners need to familiarize themselves with the basic definitions for salvage motor vehicles. A salvage certificate may be issued to owners of vehicles that are less than seven years of age at the moment when the damage has occurred.

Moreover, to qualify for a salvage title, the repair cost of the vehicle must be 80 percent higher than the vehicle’s fair market value from before the damage. When calculating the total cost of repairs, motorists must remember that the repair cost should not involve the cost for repairing damages caused by hail. Motorists may apply for this type of title transfer when their vehicles have been declared as a salvage by an insurance company as a result of a claim.

Missouri Salvage Title Eligibility Requirements

When vehicle owners decide to apply for a salvage title in Missouri, they need to first satisfy certain eligibility criteria. One of the eligibility requirements is to own a motor vehicle that is declared as salvaged or total loss. Moreover, motorists who need salvage title certificates may need to obtain different types of titles, depending on whether their vehicles are operable or not.

According to the operating condition of the vehicle, drivers may get a prior salvage or a regular salvage car title. In addition to the eligibility criteria that are closely connected with the type of the vehicle that is being titled, motorists may be also mandated to satisfy other requirements as part of the application procedure.

How to Get a Salvage Title in Missouri

Vehicle owners may apply for a Missouri DMV salvage title when they have vehicles that are classified as salvaged. Moreover, the MO DOR also issues rebuilt title certificates to owners of salvaged vehicles who have already held a salvage car title. Motorists who are applying for a salvage car certificate may choose to get a title that is either a prior salvage or a regular salvage, depending on whether the vehicle is operable or not. When the vehicle is operable, motorists may get a prior salvage car title, while a regular salvage title is issued when the vehicle is inoperable.

An insurance company determines the operational condition of the motor vehicle and the type of salvage title that may be obtained. Therefore, when an insurance agency determines that the vehicle is non-operable, drivers may have to apply for a salvage car title. To get a salvage certificate in Missouri, vehicle owners may need to do the following:

  • Complete an Application for Missouri Title and License (form DOR-108) and check the type of title they want to apply for.
  • Provide a completed Notice of Vehicle Titling Requirements (form 5043) by the insurance company.
  • Submit the vehicle’s title certificate.
  • Submit a lien release, if needed.
  • Provide payment for the applicable fees.

However, when applying for a prior salvage title certificate, vehicle owners need to remember that the procedure may differ from the one outlined above, and it may be slightly more difficult since it mandates motorists to complete additional requirements.

Salvage Car Inspections in Missouri

Owners of Missouri car salvage vehicles may be required to have their vehicles inspected as part of the requirements for getting a salvage car title. The MO DOR may require two types of inspections to be conducted in different situations, such as a vehicle emissions inspection, vehicle safety inspection and a VIN inspection. However, a salvage vehicle inspection is most often mandated in a situation when motorists own salvage vehicles.

When applying for a prior salvage title, applicants will have to provide proof for a conducted inspection at an Official Safety Inspection Station. Note that the safety inspection should be conducted in the last 60 days if the vehicle is supposed to be registered. However, when the vehicle is not going to be registered soon, motorists need to conduct an Identification (ID) or Odometer (OD) inspection.

Missouri Salvage Title Fees

The ultimate step of the application procedure for a salvage title in Missouri requires motorists to submit payment for the applicable fees. Along with the completed application form for title and license, vehicle owners may be mandated to submit payments for both the title fee and the processing fee. The title fee is $8.50 while the processing fee is $2.50.

In addition to these fees that create the salvage title value, vehicle owners may also be required to pay a $5 quick title fee, if they want to obtain their document sooner and faster. Note that the fees may be subject to constant change, therefore motorists are recommended to contact the MO DOR before making any payments.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.