All Missouri boater registrations are managed by the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR), which requires all mechanically-propelled vessels to be titled and registered unless they are listed as exempt. Boat registration is important because it helps marine law enforcement identify vessels violating the law, which keeps boating a safe sport for all MO water enthusiasts. Registration numbers also assist in locating vessels that have been stolen and helps find the owners when missing boats are found. Keep reading to learn more about Missouri’s boating laws, registration procedures and safety courses.

Requirements for Boater Registration in Missouri

One of the first requirements to register a boat in Missouri is to obtain a temporary registration permit, if needed. This way, you can legally operate your vessel according to Missouri regulations while waiting for the state to process and deliver your registration documents.

To apply for the temporary permit, which becomes a three-year registration, you will need to fill out the MO boat registration form, DOR-93, Missouri Watercraft or Outboard Motor Title and Registration Application and deliver it in person to your local DOR motor vehicle office. You will also need to bring your fee payment and supply one of the following proofs of ownership:

Other supporting forms and documents include an original or copy of proof of payment of personal property tax and a notarized lien release, if applicable. There can be some variance in the requirements to register a boat in Missouri, depending on whether you are a state resident or not. For help in clarifying the documents needed for your registration, visit your local DOR motor vehicle office or call the DOR’s boat title and registration department at (573) 526-3669.

Exemptions from Boat Registration and Titling in Missouri

Common boat registration exemptions in Missouri are similar to those in other states. It is important to know which boats are exempt from registration in Missouri so that you do not have to unnecessarily go through this procedure. Exempt vessels include the following:

  • Boats of any length that are propelled solely by oars or paddles.
  • Sailboats and sailboards under 12’ in length.
  • Ship lifeboats used only for lifesaving purposes.
  • Vessels owned by the U.S. government.
  • Vessels owned by foreign governments being used in MO for 60 consecutive days or less.
  • Boats with valid out-of-state registrations that are being used or stored in Missouri for 60 consecutive days or less.
  • Vessels that are documented by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Missouri Boat Insurance

The only time the state requires boaters to research boat insurance rates in Missouri and purchase a plan is when there is a lien on your vessel, to protect the financial interest the lending company has in the watercraft. Many boat insurance quotes in Missouri provide varying levels of coverage, and many boaters purchase coverage even when the law does not mandate it.

Missouri Boat Registration Fees

Boat registrations fees are based on the length of the vessel. Furthermore, fees in Missouri are the same for initial and renewal registrations. Unless otherwise noted, each boat registration cost in Missouri has an additional $3.50 processing fee added to the transaction.

  • Boats under 16’ in length: $25
  • Boats 16’ but less than 26’ in length: $55
  • Boats 26’ but less than 40’ in length: $100
  • Boats 40’ and over in length: $150
  • Outboard motors: $5 plus a $2.50 processing fee.
  • Homemade boat/vessel made from wood, measuring at least 16’ but less than 28’ in length: $55
  • Vessel: $7.50 titling fee, $2.50 processing fee and a $3.50 MO number fee if one has not been issued.
  • Replacement registration: $8.50

Renewing Your Missouri Boat Registration

You may not renew boat registration online in MO and you must renew at your local DOR motor vehicle office. Another option for renewing your registration is to mail it to the address listed on your registration renewal notice. Regardless of how you submit your boat registration renewal in MO, you need to pay the fee listed on the table above and provide a personal property tax receipt that shows payment of taxes due on your vessel.

Note: It is easy to remember when to renew because they are always due on June 30th in the year specified on the decal.

Replacing Your Missouri Boat Registration

You must replace a boat registration in Missouri any time your decal or pocket card has been lost, stolen or mutilated beyond legibility. You may easily order a boat registration replacement in MO by submitting a completed and notarized Form 2686, Application for Watercraft/Outboard Registration and Replacement Decal, providing a copy of your most recent registration receipt or title, and paying the applicable fee.

Boater Safety Courses in Missouri

A boater safety course in Missouri is delivered by the State Water Patrol. One of the more convenient Missouri boating safety course options includes online classes. Keep in mind that while an online boater safety course may provide you with skills, you can only receive a boater education card after taking a course led by the State Water Patrol.

Missouri Boater License

An online boating license or one that was obtained in another method is not something that is required of Missouri boaters. Instead of a boater license, Missouri issues boater education cards to those who complete boating safety education as described above.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.