In Missouri, drivers ed is not mandatory for new drivers. However, like many states, Missouri has a Graduated Driver’s License (GDL) program for anyone who wants added help in passing their driver’s test. This program ensures that beginner drivers have all the knowledge and skills necessary to practice safe driving habits out on the roadway. Drivers ed classes prepare new drivers for these exams by introducing them to important driving topics.

Motorists may complete drivers ed online to help study at their own pace for the written and on-road examinations before receiving their driver’s license. However, drivers may also take classes at driving schools located throughout the state as well as in their high school. Drivers education helps new drivers gain confidence, build their driving skills and prepare for the license test.

Who needs to take drivers ed in Missouri?

In MO, drivers ed is not a mandatory component of the GDL system. However, all new drivers must meet the requirements in the GDL program, which includes both written and road tests. Drivers ed test preparation is recommended for all new drivers, as the examinations are thorough and cover essential driving topics.

Teen driving school is commonly offered at public high schools throughout Missouri. Young drivers are the most at-risk age group when it comes to driving distracted. Teen motorists who enroll in an education program before applying for their driver’s license learn about these dangers early on in when learning how to drive to lessen the likelihood of a crash.

Adults may also choose to enroll in an education class to improve their driving skills or brush up on their knowledge of road signs, rules and laws. Adult drivers ed is a bit different from traffic school, which is most often reserved for motorists looking to dismiss traffic tickets.

Types of Drivers Ed Classes in Missouri

Drivers education classes in Missouri are available in several instructional formats to accommodate a wide variety of students. Since taking an education course is not required by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), drivers have many options.

Motorists can take drivers ed online to study on the go or wherever they have a signal. It is one of the most convenient forms of motorist education in the state. An online drivers ed course allows drivers to complete the course in their own time, at their own pace. Whether they need to study just a few components of the driving manual or are interested in a complete relearning session, they have access to a great study tool on their smartphone or laptop.

High school drivers ed is a great option for busy students who have room in their schedules. All student drivers should check with their school board to inquire about education classes. For drivers out of high school, traditional courses are offered in a classroom-style format for students who prefer this method of learning. Classroom learning is available across the state in driving schools.

What will you learn in a Missouri drivers ed school?

Drivers ed classes in MO cover essential driving topics in many areas, such as road signs, traffic rules, operational procedure, laws and consequences. Students also learn about speed limits, lane changes and parking procedures. Upon completion, student drivers will have the knowledge they need to pass the written and hands-on driving examinations to receive a full, unrestricted driver’s license. Supervised driving is required as part of the GDL system. Students who complete an education program are better prepared for this requirement.

Teen driving school is committed to ensuring that all young motorists avoid distractions while driving. They will learn about the dangerous consequences of distracted driving, which includes cell phones, loud music and driving with passengers. Most courses include a segment on drunk driving and driving while intoxicated.

Missouri Drivers Education Requirements

Drivers ed in Missouri is not mandatory. However, there are several requirements that all new drivers must meet before receiving a driver’s license. These include:

  • Passing a written test.
  • Passing a road test.
  • Practicing supervised driving.

Parent-taught drivers ed and other forms of driver training prepare new drivers to pass these requirements and move forward in the GDL process.

Benefits of a Missouri Driver Education Course

Completing drivers education in Missouri carries many benefits for new drivers. Enrolling in an education course helps beginner drivers learn about important road laws and regulations, which lowers their risk of committing traffic violations. Teen drivers ed allows parents to feel confident that their teen driver is ready to take on the roadways.

Drivers ed prepares new drivers for written and road exams. These tests are quite thorough and include information in several areas, such as road signs and seatbelt laws. Student drivers who complete an educational program go into these tests equipped with the knowledge necessary to pass.

Some car insurance companies provide drivers with discounts for completing an education course. Motorists should check with their carriers to learn if any discounts are available.

How to Enroll in a Missouri Driver Ed School

Enrolling in a drivers ed course in Missouri can be done in a number of ways, depending on the type of instruction. Drivers looking to take an online course may enroll through the company’s website. Some companies require drivers to create a personal account using their full name, an email address, phone number and a password. Before they begin, they must typically submit a form of payment for the course.

Enrolling in drivers ed classes taught in a classroom setting a driving school may either be done online or over the phone, depending on the company’s policy. Some driving schools may accept walk-ins, but it is always recommended to call ahead.

High school drivers ed courses may be available at public schools across the state. Students should check with their school to see if driving courses are part of the curriculum.

Missouri DMV Drivers Ed Certificates

Usually, after finishing drivers education school, motorists will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate may be required to receive any type of car insurance discount. Drivers may need to forward this certificate manually. Some driving schools and high schools may forward the certificate automatically, but it is best to verify.

Drivers Ed for New Missouri Residents

Drivers ed is not required for new drivers in MO. Young drivers who have recently moved to Missouri with an out-of-state learner’s permit must transfer this permit in the state. If they have a certificate of completion for an education course completed in another state, they may wish to apply it to their Missouri car insurance company for a discount. Drivers should call the Missouri Department of Revenue to inquire about this process.

Missouri Drivers Ed vs. Traffic School

A driver education course is a voluntary program designed to help new drivers learn how to drive and master the rules of the road. Traffic school, on the other hand, may be required for certain motorists who commit traffic violations. Defensive driving courses help licensed drivers improve their skills, reduce the number of points on their driving record and avoid suspension.

Missouri Driver Education Fees

Drivers ed prices in Missouri depend on the type of instruction a motorist receives. Motorists can expect to pay between $25 and $400, depending on whether the course includes behind-the-wheel instruction.

Last updated on Monday, March 2 2020.