First-time drivers complete Hawaii drivers ed courses for reasons that include qualifying for a license to drive. Residents younger than 18 years of age must complete a state-approved drivers ed course prior to getting a driving license, as regulated by the Hawaii Department of Finance. Drivers education in Hawaii may also offer drivers the possibility to earn a discount on their current or future auto insurance premiums.

Benefits of Taking Drivers Education Courses

Upon completion of an HI driver education course, residents can look forward to the following benefits:

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Drivers Education Course Insurance Discounts

Potentially qualifying for a Hawaii drivers ed insurance discount is a motivating factor to take driving lessons for some learner drivers. To find out if you are eligible to receive a driving school insurance discount, contact your vehicle coverage provider today.

Hawaii Drivers Ed Curriculum

Hawaii driver education programs provide novice drivers with the information and skill set they need to safely operate a motor vehicle. Drivers ed students both young and mature will be instructed on the following topics:

  • Defensive driving skills.
  • DUI regulations.
  • Hawaii traffic laws.
  • Road rules.

Did you know? Completing a drivers ed program is not mandated for HI driver’s license applicants 18 years of age and older.

Enrolling in Drivers Education Courses

How to Enroll in Drivers Ed

Drivers in Hawaii can enroll in a drivers education course through a few different channels. Teen driving school students can register for a drivers ed course via their local high school. HI private drivers ed course providers operate either locally, or online. Get drivers ed contact information by conducting an online search of driving classes or by clicking here.

Enroll in an Online Drivers Ed course today!

Online Hawaii Driver Ed vs. in Person

Hawaii drivers ed online and traditional classroom formats are an option for students depending on reason for getting driver training. Learners must complete a state approved drivers education course if they are younger than 18 years of age to become eligible for a driver’s license with the Hawaii Department of Finance. At this time online driving schools are not authorized to help learner drivers fulfill the drivers ed requirement. Drivers who simply need assistance preparing for the driving license test or want to qualify for an auto insurance discount can partake in online drivers education courses at their leisure.

Cost of Drivers Ed in Hawaii

Driving school prices in Hawaii vary depending on the provider. To find out the price to attend drivers ed, contact several companies either online or by phone and inquire within.

Hawaii Drivers Ed Requirements and Eligibility

To be eligible for a certified Hawaii drivers ed program, residents must be high school or home-schooled students between 16 and 19 years of age. Students must also hold a valid learners permit to participate in drivers ed classes. HI teen driving school courses consist of 33 hours of classroom instruction and six hours of behind-the-wheel training. A drivers ed course cannot be completed in less than six weeks.

Drivers Ed Certificates

A drivers ed certificate in Hawaii is granted to students who complete a state-approved driver education course. Present your drivers education certification to a Hawaii driving license office to accompany your application for a license to drive if you are younger than 18 years of age.

Finding a Hawaii-Approved Drivers Education Course

Hawaii drivers ed programs are regulated by the state Department of Education. To find a state-approved driver education course, contact your local high school.

Last updated on Thursday, December 21 2017.

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