Disabled individuals can obtain disability placards in Hawaii through the various DMV offices around the state. These issuing agencies manufacture handicap placard documents in cooperation with the Disability and Communication Access Board (DCAB) of the state Department of Health. Applicants can either obtain a permanent disability parking permit in HI, which is blue in color, or a temporary red one.

Regardless of the type of disabled person parking tag you obtain, you can use it to park in spaces reserved for individuals with disabilities. To learn who is eligible for disabled placards in HI and how to obtain one, read the sections outlined below.

Eligibility Requirements for Disability Placards in Hawaii

Only applicants who meet the Hawaii disability sticker requirements will successfully obtain a permit within the state. To meet the qualifications, you must have a medical condition that limits your ability to get around. Therefore, before applying for a disability placard in HI, you must obtain a physician’s certification for one or more of the following conditions, disabilities or impairments:

  • Orthopedic, neurological, arthritic, renal, vascular or oncological conditions that prevent you from walking without making rest stops
  • Inability to get around without using a helping device, such as a cane, crutch, wheelchair or a brace
  • Serious lung diseases that limit your respiratory capabilities
  • The need to use a portable oxygen tank
  • Class III or Class IV cardiac conditions

Note: The certification for a disabled parking permit can also be obtained from an advanced practice registered nurse.

If you meet the HI qualifications for disability permits, you will be able to obtain a permit once you collect the paperwork necessary to finalize the application process. In addition to the disability parking permit application (Form PA-1), you will be required to present a valid photo ID, such as driving license or an ID card.

However, depending on your circumstances, additional paperwork may also be required. If another individual is submitting the request for handicap car permits in HI on your behalf, he or she will also be required to present an ID form as your representative in addition to submitting a copy of your identification document.

Note: You will either be eligible for a temporary disability parking placard or a permanent permit depending on whether your condition is expected to last less than six months or longer than six years, respectively.

How to Apply for a Disability Placard in Hawaii

The Hawaii disabled placard application process can be completed in person through the corresponding issuing agency in the applicant’s county of residence. Other application methods for disability parking permits are not yet available. To successfully complete the in-person application procedure, customers will be required to submit the HI application for disability placards, present the required proof of identification and pay any applicable fees.

In order to avoid any delays and make multiple office visits, applicants must ensure that their request form is properly filled out and contains the necessary physician’s certification and signature. The issuing agent will process the customer’s disability parking sticker application once he or she verifies the submitted documentation. The disabled individual will then receive the handicap parking permit along with an accompanying ID card, which must be carried with the placard.

How to Renew Disability Placards in Hawaii

The Hawaii handicap placard renewal varies depending on whether the applicant is renewing a temporary red permit or a permanent blue one. Short-term disabled parking permits can only be renewed in person, while permanent placards can only be renewed by mailing the corresponding application form to the state DCAB.

While the HI disability placard renewal for a permanent permit must be completed on a six-year basis, temporary placards can only be renewed if the applicant’s condition persists beyond the permit’s six-month validity. Regardless of the type of disabled parking tag you are renewing, however, you will still be required to obtain a new certification from a licensed physician or a registered nurse.

Renewing a Hawaii Disability Placard by Mail

To successfully complete the disabled placard renewal in Hawaii for a permanent blue permit, customers will be required to fill out the long-term renewal application (Form PA-2) and mail it. However, prior to mailing your renewal application for a disabled person parking permit, ensure that your data and your physician’s certification and signature are properly filled out. By doing so, you will avoid a rejected request or any delays in the mail-in application process.

When the disability board processes your HI handicap placard renewal request, it will manufacture a new six-year placard and mail it to the provided address along with the accompanying ID card. The state DCAB will also send a paid envelope that can be used to return the expired documents to the board.

Renewing a Hawaii Disability Placard in Person

The procedure to renew a temporary disability placard in Hawaii can be completed through any satellite city hall or nearby DMV location. If you are wondering how to renew a disability parking decal in person, note that you will be required to fill out the standard PA-1 application form that is used for the issuance of original placards and submit it along with an official photo ID and a $12 fee payment.

Prior to delivering your disabled placard renewal request for a temporary permit, however, you must obtain the necessary certification from your physician or registered nurse. The application form must also contain the number of the current temporary placard. Once the issuing agent verifies the submitted handicap parking tag paperwork and fee payment, you will receive your renewed permit.

Note: Holders of temporary permits can initiate the renewal procedure up to two months before the expiration date.

How to Replace Disability Placards in Hawaii

To successfully obtain a disability placard replacement in Hawaii, disabled individuals will be required to submit their request through a nearby issuing agency in person. Customers who would like to know how to replace a parking sticker must note that they will be required to deliver the PA-1 application form, mentioned above, along with a valid photo ID and any applicable fee payment.

Note that when submitting an HI handicap placard replacement request, the applicant will not be required to get a new physician’s certification. Also, the fee requirement only applies in the event that the customer is replacing a lost, stolen or damaged placard.

If you are surrendering a damaged disabled person car permit, on the other hand, you will not be required to provide a fee payment. After the issuing agent retrieves your placard number, she or he will process your request for the issuance of a duplicate permit with the same expiration as the one that was lost or damaged.

Note: If you retrieve a lost handicap placard in HI and continue using it even after receiving a duplicate permit, you are at risk of receiving certain fines and penalties.

Hawaii Disability Placard Fees

When applying for a Hawaii disability parking permit, applicants will be required to pay a manufacturing fee only if they are requesting the temporary parking permit. If you are wondering, “How much is a disability placard of a six-month validity?” note that you will be required to pay a $12 fee per permit.

When replacing and renewing temporary handicap parking permit, you will also be required to pay the standard $12 cost. If you were issued a permanent HI handicap placard, on the other hand, you will be required to pay a fee only if you are replacing it after an incident of a lost, stolen or confiscated permit.

Last updated on Thursday, March 7 2019.