Applying for disability placards in Mississippi is a procedure available to motorists who have a qualifying medical condition according to the guidelines set by state agencies. As such, in order to obtain a handicap placard in MS, eligible drivers will need to file a request with the Department of Revenue (DOR) and complete the set application steps.

One of the general requirements for obtaining a disabled person placard is providing the DOR with a properly filled out application form. Once eligible individuals receive their parking permits, they will be authorized to park their vehicles in locations that are reserved for individuals with disabilities.

Overall, these placards must be hung from the rearview mirror of the vehicle in question, and used only when the disabled person is a driver or a passenger in the car at the time of its parking. To learn more about how to obtain a disability parking permit in Mississippi, read the applicable sections below.

Eligibility Requirements for Disability Placards in Mississippi

Motorists wondering how to qualify for handicapped parking in MS must have a specific medical condition that qualifies under the guidelines set for the issuance of these permits. When requesting a disability placard, applicants will need to prove they have one of the following medical conditions:

  • You are unable to walk 200 feet without having to rest.
  • You are not able to walk without using an assistive device.
  • You have lung disease.
  • You rely on utilizing a portable oxygen tank.
  • You have a cardiac condition classified as Class III or IV by the American Heart Association.
  • Your ability to walk is severely limited as a result of an arthritic, neurological or orthopedic condition.

Note: Your medical condition must be verified by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner.

Once you are able to confirm that you meet the set qualifications for disability placards in Mississippi, you will need to submit the relevant documentation to the Department of Revenue. General MS disability placard requirements include providing the DOR with a completed application form, along with the proper medical certification listed on the document. The department issues two types of placards depending on the applicant’s disability: permanent badges and temporary permits.

How to Apply for a Disability Placard in Mississippi

The process of submitting an application for disability placards may be finalized in person by visiting a local MS county tax collector branch. However, eligible motorists are encouraged to contact the DOR before going to an office, in order to inquire about the availability of other methods for applying.

The Mississippi disabled placard application process requires residents to fill out and submit the appropriate request form. Moreover, applicants must remember to have a licensed physician or nurse practitioner complete and sign the first section of the form, which pertains to their medical condition. Otherwise, their request for a DMV handicap parking permit may not be processed.

The application form for disability placards may be obtained from a tax collector office. A prudent step prior to visiting a county branch is to contact the DOR and check whether you will need to present some form of identification when in the office, such as a valid MS driver’s license or ID card.

How to Renew Disability Placards in Mississippi

If your current Mississippi disabled parking placard is about to expire but you still have a qualifying medical condition, you may renew that credential, extending its validity period. In general, the handicap placard renewal procedures vary according to the type of permit you are currently holding. If you are still wondering how to renew a disability parking permit in MS, contact the Department of Revenue and find out which steps you must take.

Moreover, you may be required to provide the DOR with a new application and medical certification dated within 90 days in order to request a renewal. Furthermore, be mindful that temporary parking permits are valid for up to six months.

How to Replace Disability Placards in Mississippi

Disabled motorists who are currently dealing with a lost, stolen or mutilated disabled person parking placard in MS may be able to apply for a replacement document through their county tax collector offices. Overall, requesting a disability placard replacement is necessary for the purposes of retaining the parking privileges that these permits grant. Applicants who would like to know how to replace a handicap placard may need to contact the Department of Revenue to find out more about the application procedure under particular circumstances.

Mississippi Disability Placard Fees

Many applicants may wonder, “How much is a disability placard in Mississippi?” As a general rule, it is important to note that the DOR does not charge any additional fees for the issuance of such permits. Moreover, if you decide to request disabled license plates, you will not be subject to any additional costs.

On the other hand, the department may require you to arrange payment for the regular taxes and vehicle registration fees. If you have questions about handicap placard fees and license plate costs, make sure to contact the DOR in a timely manner.

Last updated on Thursday, March 7 2019.