Motorists must apply for a drivers license name change in Mississippi in person through the Department of Public Safety (DPS). The state DPS manages the DMV name change process for driver licenses or identification cards, while the Department of Revenue (DOR) processes name changes on vehicle registration documents or title certificates. Applicants will have to furnish certain documents and pay fees for replacement credentials with the new name.

In addition to applying for a change of name on driving license documents, motorists must apply for a new Social Security card through the Social Security Administration (SSA) after changing their name. Social Security cards and driver and vehicle documents are changed separately, as the federal government manages Social Security Numbers while states oversee driving services for its residents. To learn more about how to change name on drivers license materials and Social Security cards, review the information below.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Name on Your Mississippi Drivers License

Drivers must change name on driving license documents or identification cards whenever their legal name changes after marriage, divorce, court order, civil union, adoption or for any other reason. Additionally, drivers must modify their name on driving records if they undergo a gender change and change their legal name.

Drivers must apply for a name change on drivers license materials whenever their legal name differs from the name on their birth certification or primary identification document. After motorists pay the applicable fee, the DPS provides them with a replacement driver license or identification card with their new name and specified gender if applicable.

Mississippi Drivers License Name Change Time Limits

When changing your name on driving license documents, there is no specific time limit for when you need to complete the name change through the DPS. However, if you change the name on your Mississippi driving license right away, then you will avoid future complications with the DPS and the SSA.

Alternatively, if you do not complete the request, then you may fail to receive future correspondence from the DPS. Additionally, failure to notify the SSA can make it difficult for the SSA to track your earnings history and work credits.

How to Change Your Name With the Social Security Administration

Before changing name on driving license documents or identification cards, you must report your new name to Social Security and obtain a new Social Security card. When changing your name through the SSA, you must complete the following steps:

  • Complete an application for a Social Security card, which you may obtain the application online or in person at a Social Security office
  • When completing the application, provide your full name (former and current), Social Security Number and place and date of birth as well as the birth names and Social Security Numbers of your parents if known
  • Provide the SSA with proof of identity, such as a driver license, U.S. passport or state-issued identification card
  • Present proof of the legal name change, such as a certified or original marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order document
  • After completing the application, submit it in person at a Social Security office or by mail

Note: There is no fee to change your name with the SSA and apply for a new Social Security card.

How to Change Your Name on Your Drivers License in Person

When applying for a drivers license name change, drivers must provide the DPS with legal documentation as proof of completing the name change. Drivers cannot apply for drivers license name changes online or by mail but must submit an application in person at a DPS office. Applicants may visit the main DPS office in Jackson or they may visit a local drivers license office in districts one through nine. However, specific office hours vary by location, so it is important to contact the office ahead of time to verify the location’s operating hours. Drivers must:

  • Visit a DPS office and submit two forms of identification. Applicants may submit two primary documents or one primary and one secondary document. At least one of the documents must be a name change document.
  • Submit the old driver license or identification card. The driver license office will destroy the incorrect identification document so it cannot be reused.
  • Provide payment for obtaining a duplicate driver license.

When changing your name on your driving license, one of your primary identification documents must be a court order document (such as an adoption document, divorce decree or name change document) or a certified or original marriage certificate. The DMV name change document must include your full name and date of birth.

Other examples of primary documents include a driver license, birth certificate, U.S. passport, state-issued identification card, INS documents, military identification or Social Security card. Secondary documents must display proof of state residency, such as a bank statement, utility bill or employer ID card.

Mississippi DMV Name Change Fees

When applying for a drivers license name change in Mississippi, you must pay an $11 fee to obtain a replacement driver license or a duplicate identification card with a new photograph and the new name. The fee will vary based on the type of credential requested. However, the SSA issues new Social Security cards free of charge.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.