When Missouri residents reach certain ages, they can apply for several types of drivers licenses in the state. These permit allows approved drivers to independently operate cars throughout the state. Applicants can determine what kind of DMV license or permit they would like to request. The steps for applying vary based on the type of license needed. Additionally, driver age influences the cost and process of obtaining certification.

MO residents age 18 and younger should anticipate different eligibility standards and application procedures than adults. Specific permit types are available to these drivers and require various restrictions. Both teen and adult applicants must meet state qualifications. The following sections cover details about Missouri licenses.

How to Apply for a Drivers License in Missouri as an Adult (18 or Older)

Learning the most effective method to apply for DMV drivers licenses allows drivers to obtain licenses more easily. Adult residents age 18 and above should familiarize themselves with the eligibility standards established in the state. Various personal details must be provided to verify eligibility. Lastly, preparing the required fees in advance is useful for simplifying license certification procedures.

In Missouri, eligibility standards are based on certain personal factors of applicants. These requirements ensure that MO licenses are granted to the appropriate applicants. The identity, citizenship and residency status of drivers is measured using these stipulations. When submitting a license application, eligibility requirements are met by providing:

  1. Proof of Social Security Number, such as:
    • Social Security Card
    • W-2 form
  2. Proof of name and identity, such as:
  3. Proof of Missouri residency, such as:
    • Recent utility bills
    • Property tax bill
    • Lease or rental agreement
    • Pay Slip
    • Mortgage documents
    • Official school mail

In order to properly establish proof of residency, P.O. Boxes cannot be used for verification purposes.

Unofficial documents cannot be submitted for verification. For example, documents sent via a drivers license online portal or electronic method are rejected.

Non-U.S. citizens can provide alternate forms of verification to meet eligibility standards. The following documents are acceptable:

  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Current foreign passport
  • Employment Authorization form

Steps to Get a New Drivers License in Missouri as an Adult (18 or Older)

New drivers license applicants may apply for certification by following the established process in Missouri. Residents age 18 and older can submit an application in person at a licensing office. Applicants can quickly find where to get a drivers license from a local agency online or by phone.

Drivers must present all necessary verification documents when applying for permits. These forms should display the identity, residency and citizenship status of applicants.

Next, a drivers license examination is administered at the testing center. Applicants are required to take the following tests:

  • Written exam covering traffic laws and safe driving rules
  • Vision test establishing visual ability for driving
  • Road sign test, covering basic signs on MO roads.
  • On-road driving test, evaluating basic driver skills and practices.

Applicants must fulfill all drivers license requirements, including examinations, to be approved for certification. Lastly, the required fees must be paid. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, personal check, money order, credit cards and debit cards.

When the aforementioned steps are completed, applicants take a new license photo, and the identification card is granted. The official card arrives by mail in 7-10 business days.

Getting a Missouri Drivers License as a New Resident

New residents in Missouri are required to transfer their out-of-state licenses after moving. These applicants can easily learn how to get a drivers license by following some simple steps.

As soon as residency is established in the state, a new license should be obtained. Drivers must visit the nearest licensing office to complete this. The following documentation must be presented when visiting the office:

  • Proof of name
  • Proof of date of birth
  • Out of state license or current driving record
  • Social Security card or other Social Security number proof
  • Proof of residency

To successfully transfer driving privileges, documents must be processed and approved by the state. Next, drivers must complete the vision and road sign tests. Both tests must be passed for DMV license verification.

If the license previously held by new residents is over 184 days expired, the driving skills and written exam must be administered. When all exams are passed, new licenses are granted. Lastly, applicants should pay necessary fees in full.

How to Apply for a Drivers License in Missouri as a Teen (Younger Than 18)

Designated permits in Missouri are available to young drivers. Teen residents younger than 18 years of age can apply for these designations by following the necessary application process. Drivers license information can be researched by potential applicants in advance. By doing this, future application processes are simplified.

Unique eligibility standards for drivers licenses are established for teen drivers. The following regulations apply to residents age 18 and below:

  • Residency, citizenship and age are requirements that must be met
  • Written, vision and DMV license skills test must be completed when applying for permits
  • In some cases, parents or legal guardians must provide proof of residency
  • Valid Social Security number must be provided

There are no drivers education requirements for drivers in Missouri. However, license applicants are still encouraged to attend courses. The classroom instruction and on-road training is helpful to prepare for necessary permit exams. Certified schools throughout the state offer classes at varying costs to drivers.

Steps to Get a New Drivers License in Missouri as a Teen (Younger Than 18)

What do you need to get your license as an inexperienced young driver in Missouri? A graduated permit program is used for teen drivers throughout the state. Applicants are granted various types of permits with increasing driving privileges. The required steps for licensure are as follows:

  1. Issuance of an Instructional Permit to a new driver after the required driving exams are passed. Parents or legal guardians must provide consent to applicants under age 18. Drivers can only operate vehicles while under supervision of another verified driver. Drivers must complete at least 40 hours of on-road practice with 10 of these hours done at night.
  2. Issuance of an Intermediate License available to drivers at age 16. To obtain this permit, applicants must pass the on-road driving skills exam. Drivers may operate vehicles without supervision, except during specific circumstances.
  3. Issuance of a Full Unrestricted License after turning 18 and submitting a driving license application.

While completing the graduated license program, drivers must pay the established fees to be granted permits.

Missouri Drivers License Costs

The costs of drivers license services and permits in Missouri are stated below:

  • Student Permit: $1
  • Instructional License Permit: $3.50
  • Full Unrestricted License (3 years): $10
  • Full Unrestricted License (6 years): $20

Applicants should keep in mind that all credit and debit card transactions are subject to additional fees. For transactions up to $50, the total convenience fee applied is $1.25.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.