If you have been issued a traffic citation in Kansas as a result of a traffic offense, you may generally challenge your ticket or pay fines, thus resolving the issue. Motorists fighting traffic tickets in KS will need to prove their innocence to avoid harsh penalties.

Drivers who decide to submit KS ticket violation payment plead guilty to the committed violation automatically. Learn more about how to beat a ticket in Kansas or arrange payment by reading the following sections.

Fighting a Kansas Ticket

The process of contesting a traffic ticket in KS may vary by county. Generally, drivers who decide to challenge speeding tickets in Kansas, as well as other types of citations need to inform the corresponding court that they are pleading “not guilty” to their misdemeanor in due time. Then, an arraignment may be scheduled for motorists to enter their plea officially, after which a trial date is set.

Should you choose to fight, you will need to gather all the evidence in your favor and possibly find witnesses to testify on your behalf. Since preparing a Kansas traffic ticket defense is complex, you may even hire a KS traffic lawyer to represent you in court. If you are found innocent, you will avoid paying fines and your driving record may not be affected.

Note: Drivers may also have the option to enter a plea of “no contest” or “nolo contendere” indicating they do not wish to contest their charge.

Paying a Kansas Ticket

Licensees who are unable to beat a traffic ticket in KS or decide to settle their case by submitting payment may do so via several methods. Traffic tickets payment options may also vary depending on the court handling your case. Drivers can pay traffic fines online if the citation was issued in a county that provides an online payment option.

Since most tickets in Kansas do not require an in-person appearance, you may also be able to mail your payment. However, if you have a specific case that does not fall into one of the above categories, you must contact the court appointed to your case to get more details on how to pay. It is crucial to do so within the given period.

Lost Tickets in Kansas

Motorists who wish to settle their KS traffic tickets timely and properly will need the information listed on the form to finish the procedure. Regardless of whether you decide to dispute traffic tickets or simply pay the allotted fees, several details, including the citation number and amount due, will be necessary. If you have lost your traffic fine in Kansas, contact the appropriate court to inquire about the aforementioned information or whether there is an online search option.

Kansas Fines and Penalties

If you have decided to pay traffic citations in Kansas and admit your guilt, then you must submit the full amount to the corresponding court. KS ticket violation payments may vary on a case-by-case basis. In addition to the base traffic ticket fee, other fines and court costs (docketing fees) may be assessed as well.

In general, fines are listed on the back of the form. If this is not the case, then contact the corresponding court to obtain the exact amount of your violation. Though fees can be paid via mail or the internet, certain offenses may require a mandatory court appearance.

The following list includes different offenses and the fees attached to each in the city of Topeka:

  • Driving left of center – $70
  • Improper passing – $70
  • Driving through parade – $100
  • Racing on highways – $100

Points in Kansas

Convictions of traffic violations in Kansas can have a serious impact on your Kansas driving transcript. Traffic tickets generally result in demerit points being placed against driving records.

Note that the state of Kansas does not offer a point system outlining traffic offenses and their corresponding penalty points. Instead, your behind-the-wheel status will be regulated according to the number of traffic violations within a specific period of time.

If you are convicted of three KS traffic violations within 12 months, your driving privileges will be suspended. Some offenses, such as a DUI, may result in an immediate suspension.

How Tickets Affect a Kansas Drivers License

Kansas traffic tickets may have an adverse effect on your driving license status. If you fail to respond to a traffic citation, regardless of whether it was issued in Kansas or out of state, you may incur a driver’s license suspension. The same penalty will apply in cases of failing to appear in court at the scheduled day.

In addition to this, motorists with three convictions of traffic violations in Kansas within a 12-month time frame are also at risk of losing their privilege to drive on state roads and highways. To avoid strict penalties due to the violation of motor vehicle laws, you may be able to complete a Kansas defensive driving course.

Kansas Car Insurance Fines and Violations

Drivers who receive a traffic ticket may also be subject to increased Kansas vehicle insurance premiums. Several KS traffic violations on your record may lead to higher premiums, as you will be considered a habitual offender and risky driver.

Contact the traffic violation court in Kansas that is handling your case and inquire about the possibility of attending traffic school and improving your record.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.