Kansas DMV.com FREE Practice Test Sections

If you want free access to practice test questions on traffic laws, signs, signals and more, look no further than DMV.com. Our Free Sample Practice Test is even built on the official information provided within the Kansas Driver Manual.

Traffic Laws

You can’t be a safe driver in Kansas unless you are familiar with the state driving laws. From how many feet you have to wait before signaling a turn to how long you have to wait at a stop sign, these laws were put in place to ensure the safety of the Kansas community. For that reason, you are sure to find traffic law-related questions on your official driving test. To prepare you best, they are also present on DMV.com’s Sample Practice Exams.

Traffic Signals

You see all sorts of traffic signals every single day on your commute to or from work. To make sure that you recognize and obey them, the KS DMV makes sure to ask you traffic signal questions as well, including:

  • Traffic control questions.
  • Crossing signal questions.
  • Moving lane signal questions.
  • Ramp signal questions.

Utilize DMV.com’s Free Sample Practice Exam as a gauge to see how much you know.

Traffic Signs

Required traffic knowledge does not stop at the laws and signals which govern Kansas. The state DMV also requires you to be aware of the various signs posted throughout the region. Try out DMV.com’s Free Sample Practice Test to gauge your understanding of basic traffic signs.

Pavement Markings

Look down when you’re driving and you’ll notice a wide variety of markings on the street. It is crucial that you learn these for the written and road skills exams, as you will be asked about everything from turning lanes and reversible lanes to sharrows, no passing zones and more.

Dangerous Weather Conditions

There is no excuse why you shouldn’t know how to operate a vehicle in dangerous weather conditions. Heavy rain or other such climates can strike your neighborhood at any point, in which case, you will have to know how to navigate through such conditions. Fortunately, the Kansas DMV tests individuals on such topics, including:

  • Wet or failing brakes.
  • Blown or skidding tires.
  • Jammed pedals.
  • A failing engine.

Kansas DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

There is only one true way to ensure your success on the written test – you need to follow the advice of the experts. DMV.com encourages you to stick to this easy five-step checklist:

  1. Take a quick look at all of the most important sections in Kansas’ Driver Manual. This is where your official test questions will come from.
  2. Test your knowledge early with a quick DMV.com Sample Test. It’s the perfect way to see just how much you know about state road rules and regulations, because the questions are modeled after those on the official test.
  3. Address any problem areas you may have noticed with the DMV.com Study Guide. All of the main information from the Kansas manual is featured in our simply formatted and easy-to-grasp guide.
  4. Continue to test yourself with our Premium Practice Test. The premium testing package grants you access to unlimited practice questions, which you can use until you feel confident enough to take the official exam.
  5. Wait until you score at least a 90% on your practice test – then set up your appointment for the written knowledge test and be sure that you’ll pass your exam in one try.

Getting Your KS Driver’s License

There is a simple 10-step process that everyone should follow if they want to obtain their driver’s license in Kansas quickly and easily. It goes as follows:

  1. Answer the questions on DMV.com’s Free Driving Test to gauge your knowledge of road rules.
  2. Get the DMV.com Study Guide to improve on any areas you don’t know too well.
  3. Get the DMV.com Premium Practice Test, and continue to answer questions until you are completely confident in your driving knowledge.
  4. Get all of the documents you need to bring to the DMV together and place them somewhere you’ll remember.
  5. Contact your nearest driver license office to set up an appointment.
  6. Take and pass the actual written drivers test in Kansas.
  7. Pass your vision screening.
  8. Get a passing grade on your road skills examination.
  9. Meet with the DMV examiner and provide him or her with the required documents/payment.
  10. Obtain your new Kansas driver’s license.
Last updated on Friday, May 11 2018.