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Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated Tennessee Driver's License or ID Card

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Drivers License Online Services Guide

If your Tennessee driver's license or identification card has been lost, stolen, or mutilated, you can apply for a replacement or duplicate license at your local Driver License Office.

Instructions for replacing a lost, stolen, or mutilated Tennessee driver's license or identification card:

  1. Locate the Tennessee Driver License Office nearest you. Be sure to note the days and hours of operation.
  2. Bring proper identification. The state of Tennessee requires that you present a proof of permanent resident status or of US citizenship, one piece of primary ID when applying for a duplicate driver's license or identification card. You also need to bring one piece of secondary ID AND two proofs of Tennessee residency.
  3. Persons under the age of 18 must also bring the Verification of Enrollment and Attendance in school form, Teenage Affidavit and Certification of 50 hours of Behind the Wheels Driving Experience.
  4. Bring proof of Social Security Number. Persons who are not eligible for the issuance of a Social Security Number must complete a Social Security Affidavit.
    Proof of Social Security Number is not required for a person applying for an identification card.
  5. Bring the correct fee. Normally, there is a $10 fee for replacing a lost, stolen, or mutilated license. Cash, personal checks, and money orders are accepted but credit cards and debit cards are not. Please contact your local Driver License Office to confirm the fee before applying in person, since fees may vary.

Instructions for Tennessee residents who are temporarily out of state:

Tennessee residents who are temporarily out of state and unable to apply in person may apply for a duplicate license or identification card through the mail or online. Such persons may include military personnel or students who are either out of the state or country, among others.
In the case of military personnel, Tennessee law specifically states that as long as the person remains in service and out of state, the driver's license will continue to remain valid. The validity will last up to 60 days after the person has been honorably discharged from service or returns to the state, unless the license is revoked earlier due to another lawful reason.

  1. You need to mail the following information or documentation:
    • Complete Name
    • Tennessee Driver License Number
    • Date of Birth
    • Notarized copies of identity proof
    • Your address and contact number
    • Verification for inability to be present in person
  2. Obtain a check or money order in the correct amount. Please contact the Tennessee Department of Safety at 1-866-849-3548 to confirm the correct fee, as fees may vary.
  3. Mail the complete set of documents along with your payment to:
    Tennessee Department of Safety 
    Cashier's Office 
    PO Box 560 
    Nashville, TN 37243-1000    

(615) 741-3954

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