Scheduling a DMV online appointment in Tennessee is required for certain services if drivers want to avoid waiting in long lines in order to perform various DMV transactions. Motorists may make an appointment at the DMV through the Division of Driver Services (DDS) of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security (TN DSHS). The DSHS offers a convenient online service that enables drivers to perform the procedure easily.

The most often scheduled appointment is the one for taking a road skills test, which is a mandatory step in the driver’s license application process. To learn more information about how to schedule a DMV driving test appointment in Tennessee, review the sections below.

Driving Test Appointments in Tennessee

Currently, the TN DHSH offers a DMV appointment system in Tennessee that may be used for scheduling a road skills test. Motorists may book a road test appointment for a regular driver’s license, a motorcycle license or for a commercial driver’s license (CDL). However, the procedure for booking an appointment in TN may differ, based on the type of driving license that drivers apply for.

For instance, motorists who want to schedule DMV appointment for a regular driver’s license will be able to perform the same procedure and use the same online system as for a motorcycle skills test, which is needed when applying for a motorcycle driving credential. Drivers who want to book a DDS driving test appointment for a CDL license may have to perform slightly different procedures than are required for a regular or motorcycle driver’s license. Therefore, prior to scheduling an appointment for a road skills test, motorists are encouraged to learn the exact procedure that applies to their situations.

Other Services Covered by the Tennessee DMV Appointment System

The TN DHSH at the moment offers only the option for scheduling a DDS online appointment that enables motorists to take a road skills test at a certain date and time. This DDS appointment system does not cover the process of booking certain dates and time for other services. Therefore, drivers are currently unable to make appointments for other services apart from the road test. Furthermore, motorists may schedule a DDS appointment for a driving skills test, regardless of the type of license they are applying for.

How to Schedule a DMV Appointment in Tennessee

The process of scheduling a road test drivers license appointment in Tennessee may be completed through the TN DHSH website or by phone. Motorists who are applying for a regular or a motorcycle driver’s license need to take and pass a road skills test as part of the application requirements. Therefore, drivers may schedule a DDS online appointment for a driving skills test by using the e-services system, available at the TN DHSH website. Moreover, motorists who want to book a DDS driving test appointment may be also able to schedule the date and time by phone.

In order to enter the e-services DDS appointment system, motorists are required to provide the following information:

  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • TN driver’s license or non-driver ID card number
  • Social Security Number (SSN), if applicable

Motorists who want to make an appointment at the DDS through the e-services online system do not have to provide their SSN numbers in order to begin the online procedure. Instead, they can enroll in the system only by submitting their last names, dates of birth and driver’s license or ID card numbers. After logging in the system, drivers may schedule a DDS driving test appointment by following the given steps and instructions.

New residents in Tennessee who have not obtained a TN driver’s license or ID card are recommended to perform the procedure online and to print the confirmation at home, in order to save their time when at the TN DDS office. The online e-services system may be also utilized for reprinting the confirmations for booking an appointment.

Note: Motorists who want to schedule DDS appointment for a CDL road test may have to perform a different procedure. Namely, CDL applicants cannot use the online appointment system for booking a road skills test appointment.

What to Bring to Your Tennessee DMV Appointment

After scheduling a Tennessee DDS road test appointment, motorists need to appear at a local TN DDS branch at the set date and time. Upon the arrival at the nearby DMV location, driving license applicants will be required to submit certain documentation, which may vary based on the class of license they are applying for.

How to Cancel or Reschedule a DMV Appointment in Tennessee

In general, prospective drivers should do their best to honor the appointments they have made at the DMV. However, this is not always possible. Unfortunately, motorists who have already scheduled a Tennessee drivers license appointment may or may not be able to cancel or reschedule it, depending on the TN DDS office. Therefore, when drivers decide to cancel or reschedule DMV appointment, they are recommended to contact the TN DDS beforehand. By doing so, they will find out more information about whether they can or cannot reschedule or cancel appointment DMV, after explaining the reason for this action.

Last updated on Friday, October 5 2018.