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New drivers fail the written driving test on their first try.


You are 5 times more likely to pass the DMV test after taking our premium practice test.

New motorists who prepare for their licensing exams using a Delaware DMV practice test are statistically much likelier to pass than those who do not. Together with a DMV study guide, practice tests streamline and consolidate essential information from the state Drivers Manual. This can improve motorists’ ability to identify what is important and to access and engage with that information in a comfortable, effective manner.  That, in turn, increases the return on investment for time spent studying and preparing for testing.

Drivers in Delaware must pass a series of tests to obtain their licenses. There is a vision test, a road signs test, a written permit test and a road skills test. Failing any one of these exams can delay or prevent motorists’ progress through the process of applying for and receiving a license. A good practice driving test, therefore, will address the components each of those tests.

What are the benefits of taking a Delaware DMV practice test?

Using a premium Delaware permit practice test can make motorists up to five times more likely to pass their licensing exams. Considering the time and expense involved in testing and the reality that seven out of 10 new drivers fail their exams on the first try, this improved performance is almost always worth the investment.

Motorists who use practice driving test questions:

  • Generally perform better on their exams.
  • Experience less testing anxiety due to unfamiliarity or confusion.
  • Have a better understanding of when they are ready to test.
  • Save time and money by not needing to retake exams.
  • May perform better on the road as a result of improved retention of crucial driving information and best practices.

What is included in’s Delaware drivers license practice test?’s drivers permit practice test contains 50 questions and an answer key. Each question is specially curated to reflect the vocabulary, style and content that motorists will encounter on their formal DMV exams. Question topics reflect the full range of material motorists will be tested on, including road signs, driving law and safe driving practices.

Delaware Drivers License Test Rules and Requirements

Motorists must meet a series of criteria to sit for Delaware drivers license tests. Prospective drivers will not be allowed to test if they are:

  • Under 16 years of age.
  • Under 18 years of age and have not satisfactorily completed an approved Drivers Education course or do not have parental consent to test.
  • Restricted or suspended from driving privileges by another state.
  • Unable to meet residency or citizenship requirements.
  • Not in possession of a valid Social Security Number.
  • Physically or mentally unable to drive safely, including an inability to read road signs or addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Potential motorists who qualify to sit for their licensing exams must first pass a vision test. They must then pass a road signs test in which they are shown common road signs and must identify what they mean and how they would comply with such a sign if they encountered it while driving. They must then take a written knowledge test comprised of 30 DMV test questions. Applicants must answer at least 24 questions correctly to pass.

No less than 10 days after passing the written exam, motorists may sit for a road skills test. Applicants must take the on-road Delaware DMV driving test at the same DMV service center where they took their knowledge tests. Motorists have six months from the date of obtaining their learners permits to sit for their road tests. Permits may be extended for one six-month period for a $5 fee. After that time, motorists must reapply and retake their previous exams to obtain a license.

How to Pass a Driving Test in Delaware

Delaware written permit test questions may cover any of the topics addressed in the state Drivers Manual. Most commonly, this includes:

  • Driving laws and Rules of the Road, including Right of Way.
  • Safe driving practices.
  • Proper handling of inclement weather and emergencies.
  • Common vehicle operation maneuvers such as turning, stopping and changing lanes.

DMV driving test questions are primarily presented in the form of instructions given to students while behind the wheel by their examiners. Road tests take about 30 minutes and are conducted on public roadways. Students are required to:

  • Obey all posted signage, traffic signals and pavement markings.
  • Park and parallel park.
  • Demonstrate left, right and three-point turns.
  • Maintain speed and safe following distances.
  • Change lanes and merge with other traffic patterns.
  • Maintain control of their vehicles at all times.

What is included in’s Delaware drivers test study guide?’s Delaware permit test study guide is an ideal complement to the practice test, as well as to the state’s Drivers Manual. Its reader-friendly format includes clear, colored graphics and excellently organized material. It condenses all of the essential information students need to know into easy-to-follow sections.

The drivers test study guide comprehensively reviews everything new motorists are expected to know for their licensing tests, including:

  • Traffic lights, signs and signals.
  • Pavement markings.
  • Rules of the road.
  • Safe driving guidelines.
  • Turn signals and turning.
  • Driving in inclement weather.
  • How to handle common emergencies.

How to Use’s Delaware Drivers Permit Practice Test and Study Guide

New motorists can use’s drivers license practice test and study guide to meet a variety of needs. These materials can:

  • Organize and clarify state Drivers Manual information for better comprehension.
  • Simplify studying by highlighting key information.
  • Familiarize motorists with the format and wording styles of driving test questions and answers.
  • Assist drivers in determining their readiness for formal testing.
  • Facilitate individual or group study patterns.

Help motorists retain and engage with information in ways that increase their likelihood of passing their exams.

Free DMV Practice Tests in Delaware

Delaware DMV permit practice test questions are available to motorists at no charge via the state’s website and an optional mobile device app. Other online sources also offer learners permit study guide options and corresponding tests at a wide range of price points.

The offerings, however, feature many benefits not included in many other materials.  For example, materials deliver a wider than average range of questions, are conveniently accessible across a range of devices and can be reused an unlimited number of times. Motorists should consider these and other benefits when selecting materials for their use.

How to Schedule a Drivers License Test in Delaware

New drivers can schedule their Delaware drivers license tests online or by phone at the Delaware City, Dover, Georgetown or Wilmington DMV service centers. When scheduling a DMV driving test appointment for the written learners tests, motorists should keep in mind that they are required to take their road skills tests at the same location they take their written tests.

What to Bring to a Driving Test in Delaware

To take a Delaware learners permit test, motorists must be at least 16 years of age. If they are under 18 years of age, they will need a Delaware Driver Education (Blue) Certificate or an approved out-of-state course completion document and a sponsorship document signed by their parents or guardrians to apply. All applicants must supply the DMV with:

  • Proof of identity and date of birth.
  • Proof of residency.
  • Payment for all applicable fees.

For a Delaware road skills drivers license test, motorists need:

  • Their learners permit.
  • To be accompanied by a licensed driver 21 years of age or older.
  • A safe, registered and insured vehicle in which to test, along with documentation or registration and insurance.
  • Payment for all applicable fees.

Delaware DMV Driving Test Fees

Motorists must be prepared to pay the fees associated with drivers license testing at each step of the process. This includes, but may not be limited to a $40 drivers license and testing fee and additional fees as necessary for multiple retests or replacement documents.

Last updated on Monday, March 2 2020.

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