South Carolina FREE Practice Test Sections created this free sample driver’s test to assist you in acing the South Carolina official written knowledge exam. The questions in the free sample test are drawn from the content of the SC drivers manual. Start practicing with the sample practice test now to pass the written exam with ease.

Traffic Safety Rules

Speed management is a key lesson for all new drivers. To learn how to stay within speed limits and adjust your speed, read the sections in the South Carolina Driver’s Manual about traffic safety. Then, test your knowledge with the help of the free practice test. You’ll see everything from questions on parking rules and illegal parking to questions on stopping.

Traffic Signs, Signals and Pavement Markings

To pass the South Carolina written driving test, you must be able to interpret traffic signs and understand the meanings of traffic signals. The best way to learn is by reading the relevant manual sections and then testing yourself with our free sample practice test, which features questions on each sign group:

  • Service signs
  • Guidance signs
  • Information signs
  • Warning signs

The South Carolina Free Sample Practice Test will assist you in mastering traffic signs, traffic signalization and pavement markings.

Driving in Emergency Situations

The conditions on the road when you start driving are not always going to be perfect. From time to time, you will have to show extra skill in managing complex scenarios. To learn how to handle driving at night or what to do in case of an accident, get your copy of’s free practice test. Our test is also helpful for learning adverse weather driving techniques.

Examine this section and you will be prepared to answer any questions about:

  • Winter driving techniques.
  • Driving in fog.
  • Driving in smoke.
  • Flooded roads.
  • Managing light conditions.

South Carolina DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

To assist you in getting your beginner’s permit in a simple way, prepared this simple five-step checklist:

  1. Begin learning by reading the official SC Driver’s Manual – Concentrate on traffic safety rules, traffic signs, signals, markings and driving in emergency situations. You will be asked about these topics on the driver’s written exam.
  2. Test your knowledge skills with the Driver’s License Sample Test – This testing instrument will help you memorize all of the important information. The free sample test uses a question format similar to the one given on the official South Carolina written drivers exam.
  3. Examine the structured content of the Study Guide – Once you take the drivers license sample test, back up vital facts with the South Carolina Study Guide. The guide is a clear and concise summary of the South Carolina Driver’s Manual, put together to help you remember core information in less time.
  4. Take the Premium Practice Test – This practice test is the ultimate study tool, which was made by to guarantee a passing score on the written exam. Take the Premium Practice Test to cement crucial material and get a passing score on your first try.
  5. Book an appointment at the DMV in South Carolina – Once you reach a score of 90% on the sample practice test, you’re ready to book the official written knowledge test. Make your appointment now and get your beginner’s permit!

Getting Your SC Driver’s License

After you get a passing score on the South Carolina DMV written driver’s test, complete just a few more steps to get the Class D license and start driving. To obtain your license in South Carolina, make sure you complete this 10-step process, created by

  1. Test your initial knowledge with the SC Free Practice Driving Test.
  2. Back up the problem areas with the Study Guide.
  3. Continue by answering the SC premium practice test questions.
  4. Collect supporting documentation.
  5. Book an appointment at a South Carolina DMV branch office.
  6. Pass the official written knowledge exam.
  7. Get your vision tested.
  8. Pass the road test.
  9. Submit the application and the additional documents to the DMV.
  10. Pay the driver’s license fee.
Last updated on Monday, May 21 2018.