New Hampshire FREE Practice Test Sections

All of the questions you find on the Free Practice Test will very closely resemble those featured on the actual written drivers test. This is because they are both taken from sections within the official New Hampshire Driver’s Manual. Be sure to study these sections and take our free practice test to gauge your knowledge before taking the official exam.

Traffic Laws

You’re going to find a number of questions on the official written test which focus on traffic laws in New Hampshire. And to parallel the experience, our Sample Practice Exam will feature questions on this section as well. Take our practice test to see how well you know your traffic rules.

Traffic Signs

It is required that all NH drivers recognize traffic signs so that they may operate their vehicles safely. The written drivers exam has questions on these signs, which tend to focus on:

  • Their colors and shapes.
  • Their identification and meanings.

Use the Study Guide and Free Sample Practice Test to gain a better understanding of traffic signs.

Traffic Signals

Traffic signals are as vital as traffic signs. As a traffic participant, you are required to know their meanings while operating a motor vehicle. You need to learn them in order to pass a written drivers test. Therefore, advises you to take the Free Practice Test in order to get an idea about your knowledge on traffic signals before you set up an appointment for the official New Hampshire DMV written exam.

Pavement Markings

Pavement markings are just as important in daily traffic life. Drivers must know their meanings in order to drive safely on New Hampshire’s roads. Taking our sample practice test may help you in determining the level of your knowledge regarding the following markings:

  • Single, broken lines
  • Single, solid white lines
  • Double white or yellow lines
  • Edge markings
  • Arrows
  • Stop lines
  • Crosswalks

Inclement Weather

The life of a driver can often be put at risk because of the bad weather conditions in New Hampshire. Thus, there are many questions on the NH written drivers exam on operating motor vehicles in rain, snow or fog. And you can expect to see the following topics on the free sample test:

  • Driving in ice, sleet or snow
  • Driving in foggy weather with limited visibility
  • Driving on wet roads
  • Drifting, skidding and hydroplaning
  • Wet brakes or brake failure
  • Jammed gas pedals
  • Engine breakdown
  • Blown tires

DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

Follow this foolproof written drivers exam study checklist to ensure that you get the most out of your prep time:

  1. Review the Official New Hampshire Driver’s License Manual – Questions for the New Hampshire written drivers exam will be taken straight from the sections on traffic laws, signs and signals, parking, and driving safety, so learn them thoroughly.
  2. Take the Driver’s License Sample Test – The sample test is an example of the official drivers knowledge test.
  3. Read the Study Guide – Purchase our detailed Study Guide, which is a shorter version of the New Hampshire driver’s manual, containing only the most important information you need to know for the written drivers exam.
  4. Take Premium Practice Tests – Use the Premium Practice Test as often as you want, until you reach a high overall score.
  5. Take the written knowledge test – A score of 90 percent or higher on a practice test means that you are ready to take the written drivers test at the New Hampshire DMV.

Getting Your Driver’s License

When applying for a learner’s permit or a driver’s license, you need to pass a written drivers exam. But beyond that, to get your New Hampshire driver’s license, you will also have to complete the rest of the tasks on this step-by-step checklist:

  1. Read the New Hampshire Driver’s Manual.
  2. Take the Free Practice Test.
  3. Use the Study Guide to build your knowledge on any problem topics.
  4. Take the practice driving exam as many times as you need, until you feel certain of your success.
  5. Gather the required items for getting a driver’s license.
  6. Take the New Hampshire official DMV written drivers exam.
  7. Pass a vision screening.
  8. Pass a road driving exam.
  9. Submit the needed documentation and payment.
Last updated on Sunday, May 13 2018.