Minnesota DMV.com FREE Practice Test Sections

Questions on our free sample practice test are taken from the Minnesota driving handbook. The topics emphasized include traffic laws, signs, signals and the proper operation of a motor vehicle in and out of inclement weather.

Traffic Laws

Minnesota’s traffic laws were integrated in order to maintain safety in the driving community of the state. From the proper procedure for handling four-way stops to how to act in the event of an accident, many of these laws will be asked about on the official knowledge test. By completing the DMV.com Sample Practice Exam, you can get familiar with these questions and see just how well you’re aware of the rules of Minnesota roads.

Traffic Signals

You can also use the DMV.com Free Sample Practice Test to gauge your knowledge of traffic signals – another crucial topic that is covered on the official knowledge test. You can expect to see questions on:

  • Signals before ramps.
  • Signals when approaching a pedestrian crossing.
  • Signals about lane movements.
  • Traffic control signals.

Take the DMV FREE Sample Test to see how well you will do on the topic of traffic signs.

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are just as common as traffic signals in Minnesota. As such, they must be adhered to. Our DMV.com practice tests can help you see just how well you know your traffic signs free of charge.

Pavement Markings

Another integral part of safe driving is knowing the meaning of pavement markings. Try our sample practice test for free to see if you can identify the following kinds of roadway markings:

  • Pavement edges
  • Lane lines
  • Lines for bike lanes
  • One-way and no-passing zones
  • Lines for shared-use lanes
  • Turn lanes
  • Reversible lanes

Inclement Weathe

Regardless of your skill level, the weather conditions will affect the way you drive in Minnesota. That’s why the Department of Public Safety features a number of questions on handling inclement weather on its written driving test. In order to pass, you will have to know how to handle the following issues and more:

  • Inconsistent, wet or failing brakes
  • Blown or skidding tires
  • Malfunctioning engines
  • Jammed or lagging pedals

Minnesota DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

Want to get the best results you can on the written knowledge test? Our team of experts at DMV.com encourages you to follow this foolproof, five-step study checklist to ensure your success:

  1. Download Minnesota’s driver manual from the DPS website to get acquainted with the rules and regulations of your state’s roadways. All of the questions from the official written knowledge exam will be taken from these portions of the handbook.
  2. Get your first taste of driving-related questions free of charge with the DMV.com Driver’s License Sample Test. Our questions come from the very same source that the official exam is made from.
  3. After sampling our practice questions, get the all-inclusive DMV.com Study Guide. Our guide compiles all of the information you need to pass the MN road rules and regulations and presents it in a simplified manner for easy learning.
  4. See how well you do with the sample test and decide if you need some more practice. If that’s the case, get the DMV.com Premium Practice Test for unlimited access to practice questions before the big exam.
  5. As soon as you achieve a 90 percent or higher on your full practice test, you can visit a driver license office to take the knowledge exam and get your official driver’s permit.

Getting Your MN Driver’s License

Acing your Minnesota driving test is a vital part of getting your driving license. But it is just one step of many. See below for all 10 steps new drivers need to accomplish.

  1. Give our Free DMV.com Practice Driving Test a try.
  2. Get the DMV.com Study Guide to help you shore up on any study areas you’re having trouble with.
  3. Try out the full practice drivers test until you are satisfied with your score.
  4. Compile a list of the documents you need to bring to the driver license office and gather them.
  5. Set up an appointment at your local driver license office for testing.
  6. Take the official Minnesota written knowledge test.
  7. Undergo the mandatory vision screening.
  8. Ace the DMV road skills exam.
  9. Provide your DMV examiner with your application documents.
  10. Receive your official MN driver’s license.
Last updated on Sunday, May 20 2018.