Nevada FREE Practice Test Sections designed the FREE sample practice test questions from crucial topics included in the official Nevada Driver’s Handbook. By studying with’s FREE sample practice test, you will learn important regulations about traffic in Nevada, and you will be given the tools to pass the official driving test quickly and easily.

Driving Safety

When preparing for the written test, pay attention to vehicle safety and proper traffic communication. When you take the Nevada written driving exam, you must know the answers to questions about cell phone usage, texting, parking, lane sharing, bypassing and behaving with law enforcement officers. To ace this section, read about relevant topics in the driver’s handbook and make sure you delve into the chapters about:

  • Right-of-way.
  • Controlling speed.
  • Freeway driving.
  • Ramp meters.
  • High occupancy vehicles.
  • Lane usage.
  • Stopping.
  • Defensive driving.

Learn how to drive safely on the road by using our free sample practice test so that you can get a passing score on the written driving test.

Signaling, Turning and Passing

Keeping the right direction in traffic is impossible without the direction of signs, signals and road markings. Thus, the written knowledge exam contains questions about the shapes and the colors of various traffic signs and signals. Learn how to explain and interpret the meaning of sign groups by using the free sample practice test questions.

You will soon be able to tell the difference between guide, information, service and warning signs and answer questions related to:

  • Lane changes.
  • Passing another vehicle.
  • U-turns.
  • Passing bicycles.
  • Sign groups.
  • Road and pavement markings.

Use the Free Sample Practice Test to learn about all Nevada traffic signs and signals.

Special Driving Conditions

It is crucial to understand how to handle your vehicle when you have to drive in inclement weather, low visibility, and around emergency vehicles or work zones. Study driving in special conditions by examining the questions from the free sample practice test on:

  • Skidding.
  • Brake failure.
  • Driving at night.
  • Adverse weather.
  • Flash floods.
  • Headlights failure.
  • Flooded engine.
  • Fire on the road.

Nevada DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

To pass the Nevada written knowledge exam, prepare yourself by following this five-step written driving test study checklist, recommended by

  1. Study the official Nevada Driver’s Handbook: The Nevada drivers handbook is the key study instrument for learning relevant test topics. Concentrate on sections about the rules of the road, safe driving, signals, lane changing, passing and special driving conditions. The official DMV drivers written exam is made up of test items from all of these handbook sections.
  2. Take the Driver’s License Sample Test: Feel at ease on the official exam by trying out the free sample test questions. Sample questions are based on the Nevada Driver’s Handbook, and we made sure to include all relevant topics.
  3. Examine the Study Guide: Once you have taken the drivers license free sample test, read the Nevada Study Guide. This guide is the official NV Driver’s Handbook in a clear, concise format. The information in the study guide assists in supporting the material for the DMV written exam.
  4. Take the Premium Practice Test: The results you got on the Free Sample Test will tell you about the test items that you need to review. Take the Premium Practice Test until you reach a score that is good enough to pass the written knowledge exam.
  5. Schedule an Appointment: A score of over 90 percent on the sample practice test is a confirmation that you are ready to take the official written exam. So book your official written exam now and go pass the Nevada DMV written test in one try!

Getting Your NV Driver’s License

Once you achieve a passing score on the NV DMV written drivers test, you will be one step closer to getting a Nevada driving license. To complete the process, follow this 10-step checklist:

  1. Study the Nevada drivers handbook.
  2. Take the Nevada Free Practice Driving Test.
  3. Read the Study Guide to double-check for weak spots.
  4. Practice with the premium practice tests until you are confident that you know the material.
  5. Complete the application and collect the required documents relevant for getting your driver’s license.
  6. Book an appointment to take the written driver’s test.
  7. Take the official DMV written knowledge exam.
  8. Pass the vision exam.
  9. Pass the on-road exam.
  10. Submit required forms, documents and fees to the NV DMV.
Last updated on Monday, May 14 2018.