Utah DMV.com FREE Practice Test Sections

The free sample driver’s test questions are developed at DMV.com by following the example of the official written knowledge exam. The free sample test follows the content of the Utah drivers handbook. Read the chapters from the handbook about road sharing, special driving conditions and managing road space. Take the free practice test made by DMV.com’s expert team to learn the right answers to all test questions and get a step closer to the Utah driving permit.

Rules of the Road in Utah

Safe traffic is a result of the successful road cooperation of all traffic participants. Each new driver must learn the skill of careful lane sharing. To abide by the road rules and respect other drivers, study the drivers handbook sections about Utah road regulations, markings and signalization. Then practice with the free sample test questions to learn about the following topics:

  • Starting
  • Yielding right-of-way
  • Traffic controls
  • Pavement markings
  • Lane markings
  • Crosswalk and stop lines
  • Shared center left turn lanes
  • Express and flex lanes
  • High occupancy vehicle lanes
  • Merging and gore areas

The Utah DMV.com Free Sample Practice Test will assist you in acquiring key knowledge about road sharing, lane usage and traffic signalization on the road in Utah.

Managing Time and Space

When you start driving, you must be able to assess the conditions you meet on the road. Managing proper speed is crucial. You must know when to accelerate and when to slow down. Learn how to communicate, evaluate stopping distance and more by reviewing the sample practice test items, which are taken from relevant sections from the Utah Driver’s Licensing Handbook.

Special Driving Challenges

To adapt to special driving conditions, learn the rules about driving in lower visibility, on less-than-ideal roads and in inclement weather. Enhance your preparedness by getting your copy of DMV.com’s free practice test. When you take the official drivers license test at DMV Utah, you must demonstrate that you know the right action to take when driving:

  • At night.
  • In work zones.
  • On rural roads.
  • During winter.
  • In tornadoes and lightning.
  • In floods.
  • In very hot weather.
  • In distracting situations.

Utah Written Driver’s Test Study Checklist

To speed up your study preparations so that you can pass the UT DMV written test fast, follow the five-step written driving exam checklist designed by DMV.com:

  1. Read the material from the official UT Driver’s Licensing Handbook – Focus on the rules about road sharing, time and space management and special driving conditions. You must show your knowledge on these topics on the official written knowledge test.
  2. Try the DMV.com Driver’s License Sample Test – You will know what to expect on the official Utah exam once you take this test. The DMV.com free sample test consists of questions that are just like those on the official written knowledge exam.
  3. Continue by exploring the DMV.com Study Guide – When you complete the drivers license sample test, support your knowledge with the help of the optimized Study Guide. The DMV.com guide is a shorter version of the official Utah Driver’s Handbook. Save valuable time by reading only the core material.
  4. Take the Premium Practice Test – This practice test is developed by DMV.com to get you a learner’s permit without any delay. Take the Premium Practice Test to review the essentials and pass the written knowledge exam the first time you take it.
  5. Book an appointment at a DMV Utah branch office – When you get to a score of over 90 percent on the sample practice test, you can schedule an appointment for the official written exam. Book the test date now and get your first driving permit!

Getting Your Utah Driver’s License

First, get a passing score on the Utah DMV written driver’s test. Once you are done, complete the actions described below to get a full operator’s license:

  1. Test your basic preparedness with the DMV.com Free Practice Driving Test.
  2. Support the troublesome spots with the help of the DMV.com Study Guide.
  3. Practice with the free sample test questions.
  4. Complete the license application form.
  5. Collect supporting documents.
  6. Schedule an appointment at a DMV in Utah.
  7. Pass the official written knowledge exam.
  8. Get an eye vision certificate.
  9. Take the road skills test.
  10. Submit the application and fees to the DMV.
Last updated on Tuesday, June 19 2018.