Wyoming DMV.com FREE Practice Test Sections

DMV.com’s FREE Practice Test is the most effective way to test your knowledge on Wyoming’s road rules and traffic laws before you take the official written drivers test. Apart from the practice test, we have created a DMV.com Study Guide which will save you the trouble of reading through the entire driver’s manual. After you’ve reviewed, take our FREE sample practice test, which is sure to help you pass the written knowledge exam.

Become Familiar with Traffic Laws

If you are in the process of preparing for the written knowledge exam, you need to learn the Wyoming traffic laws. To start out, you are strongly recommended to take the DMV.com Sample Practice Test in order to check your knowledge on traffic laws. By doing that, you will be able to spot any problem areas and focus on those topics before you go to the closest WY DMV office to take the written knowledge exam.

Recognize Traffic Signs

Traffic signs help you navigate easily through the traffic on public roads in Wyoming. They are usually placed on the side of the road, but can also be found overhead. Additionally, traffic signs can be found in different shapes and colors, indicating various traffic rules, hazards and locations.

The written drivers exam will have questions on traffic signs, such as:

  • Traffic sign colors and shapes
  • Traffic sign identification and meanings
  • Overhead signs
  • Work area signs
  • Warning signs
  • Railroad crossing signs
  • Turns at intersection signs

Use the DMV.com Free Sample Practice Test and learn how to follow the traffic signs.

Obey Traffic Signals

Traffic life is full of signals, which give you directions and instructions on how to properly drive a motor vehicle. You need to learn the meaning of these traffic signals before taking a written drivers test. Therefore, DMV.com advises you to test yourself by taking our Free Practice Test before heading to the closest WY DMV office to take the official Wyoming DMV written exam.

Familiarize Yourself with Pavement Markings

Pavement markings are inseparable from traffic signs and signals. You need to learn their meanings in order to become a safe and responsible driver. After you learn them, you can examine your newly gained knowledge by taking the DMV.com sample practice test.

Below, you can see the most important pavement markings in Wyoming, which are covered in our practice test:

  • White lane markings
  • Yellow lane markings
  • Solid or broken lines
  • Crosswalk and stop lines
  • Fog lines and lane lines
  • Shared center lane lines

Drive Carefully in Inclement Weather

Bad weather conditions can cause difficulties when operating a motor vehicle. Therefore, drivers are required to learn how to drive in inclement weather conditions, such as wind, rain, snow, ice or fog. The Wyoming written drivers exam includes questions on driving in bad weather, and you can find the following topics covered in the DMV.com free sample test:

  • Drifting, skidding and hydroplaning
  • Driving in foggy weather with limited visibility
  • Driving on wet roads, due to rain or snow
  • Jammed gas pedals
  • Wet brakes or brake failure
  • Tire blowout or power failure
  • Engine breakdown

Wyoming DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

DMV.com recommends you follow this five-step written drivers exam study checklist when preparing for the test:

  1. Review the official Wyoming Driver’s Manual: You need to review the chapters on traffic laws, signs and signals, parking and driving safety from the driver’s manual, since the Wyoming written drivers exam contains questions on these topics.
  2. Take the DMV.com Driver’s License Sample Test – Take the sample test in order to see what the actual written knowledge exam looks like.
  3. Read the DMV.com Study Guide: Get our simplified DMV.com Study Guide and review every detail you might need to know for the written drivers exam, if you want to avoid reading the entire driver’s manual.
  4. Try the Premium Practice Tests: The DMV.com Premium Practice Test will help you in reaching a high score on the actual drivers knowledge test.
  5. Take the written knowledge test: Aim to get a score of 90 percent or higher on the practice test. That would mean that you are ready to visit the closest Wyoming DMV office and take the written drivers test.

Getting Your AR Driver’s License

Residents of Wyoming who want to get a learner’s permit or a driver’s license need to pass a written knowledge exam and complete various other steps. For your convenience, our team has outlined the process below:

  1. Read the Wyoming Drivers License Manual.
  2. Take the DMV.com Free Practice Test.
  3. Use the DMV.com Study Guide to guide you in the process of preparing for the actual written knowledge exam.
  4. Take the practice driving exam as many times as you need, and aim to reach a score of 90 percent or higher.
  5. Gather the required documents for a driver’s license application.
  6. Take the official DMV written drivers exam.
  7. Pass a vision test.
  8. Pass a road skills exam.
  9. Submit the needed documentation and payment for the appropriate fees.
Last updated on Tuesday, May 29 2018.