Wyoming residents are required to complete a WY DMV address change as soon as they move from one residential address to another. Drivers may conduct the drivers license change of address procedure through the Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT) within a few days of their move.

Motorists can notify the DOT of the official address change without an in-person visit and to update DOT records only. However, drivers who wish to update their addresses will have to visit a local WY DOT office in person and obtain a new card with the updated information. Motorists wondering, “How do I change my address with the DMV in Wyoming?” may continue reading the sections below for further information.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your Wyoming Drivers License

Motorists must change the address on DMV license records in Wyoming upon their move to a new address within the state. Current and new residents alike must update their addresses in the time frame determined by the DOT.

The DOT encourages motorists to find out about how and where to change drivers license address in Wyoming before moving to a new place of residence. The WY DOT offers several methods for making the necessary update: by mail, fax, email or by submitting a completed form at a state Driver Exam Office. It is up to the driver to choose the most suitable method to complete the procedure.

Wyoming Drivers License Address Change Time Limits

The DOT requires drivers to complete a Wyoming driving license change of address procedure just a few days after their move to another address. Failure to change the address on DMV license records may result in financial or legal penalties if stopped by law enforcement.

Additionally, motorists who do not perform an address change on their records may not receive important DOT mail about license or vehicle registration renewal. Neglecting DOT responsibilities like a renewal or license reinstatement can lead to further fines and the suspension of driving privileges.

How to Change Your Address on Your Wyoming Drivers License by Mail

Motorists may change the address on Wyoming drivers license records by mailing a Notice of Change of Address form to the DOT. Performing the address change by mail will update DOT records, although this step does not make any changes to the actual license. Individuals who want to change address on drivers license credentials must appear in person at a nearby WY DOT branch, surrender their out-of-date driving credentials and complete a new drivers license application form.

Overall, an online change of address is currently unavailable through the Wyoming Department of Transportation. However, you may scan a completed address change form and send it to the WY DOT via email or fax. To request a Wyoming driving license change of address on the physical card, you must visit a local DOT to surrender the old credentials and submit a new license application.

How to Change Your Address on Your Wyoming Drivers License in Person

New state residents may complete a Wyoming DMV license address change form in person at a DOT office in order to update their DOT records.  Individuals who change address on drivers license documentation and wish to obtain an updated credential may only do so in person at a WY DOT office, as mentioned.

The in-person appearance is required for a drivers license change of address because motorists must surrender their current driving credentials and complete an application for a new driving license. Additionally, residents must pay a standard renewal fee. Once drivers finish the procedure, they will receive a new driver’s license in the mail. The new license is valid for four years.

How to Transfer Your Drivers License as a New Wyoming Resident

New residents with an out-of-state license must change address on drivers license cards by transferring their old credentials as soon as they move from one address to a new residential address within the state. A change of address procedure for out-of-state credentials means drivers must apply for a new driving license issued by the WY DOT.

New residents must transfer their driving license no more than one year after moving to Wyoming and establishing residency. To perform the Wyoming DMV license address change process and license transfer, individuals must:

  • Surrender the out-of-state driver’s license.
  • Provide the required identification documentation and application form.
  • Complete a vision screening test and other medical tests when necessary.
  • Complete driving tests at the discretion of the Wyoming DOT.

Note: Although most new residents have one year to transfer their driving credentials, motorists who hold a commercial driving license or a license from Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan Massachusetts or Tennessee must complete this process soon after their move.

Wyoming DMV Address Change Fees

To finalize the Wyoming drivers license change of address procedure, residents must provide payment for the applicable fees. The DMV license address change is free of charge when updating the WY DOT records without requesting a physical new card. Replacement licenses and new Wyoming credentials have an additional cost.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.