The Wyoming VIN verification is a process conducted by law enforcement officials or other authorized personnel for purposes of verifying the authenticity of a vehicle identification number (VIN). Owners of watercraft will be required to apply for a hull identification number (HIN) inspection. As a general rule, however, the state Department of Transportation (DOT) imposes the requirement to pass a HIN or a VIN inspection only in a select number of titling situations. If you are required to submit your vehicle to an identification number inspection, you will have to take the car to an authorized official for an in-person physical examination.

After completing the process to verify a VIN number in WY, you will receive an inspection certificate that must be delivered to your county clerk office for titling and registration purposes. Note that, if the official conducting your car verification was not authorized to do so, your title application will be invalidated, and your vehicle credentials will be voided. The following sections provide in-depth information on the Wyoming VIN inspection requirements and how to meet them.

When is a Wyoming VIN verification required?

If you are wondering when a Wyoming vehicle verification procedure is mandatory, note that the state DOT imposes this requirement mainly in situations when you obtain a used vehicle or watercraft titled by a different state. Therefore, you will not have to complete this verification process under normal titling situations for in-state vehicles. The instances that will require you to apply for a vehicle VIN verification in WY are outlined in the following list:

  • You have purchased or obtained a used motor vehicle titled by a different state. On the other hand, brand-new vehicles bought from an out-of-state dealership on a certificate or statement of origin do not have to undergo a VIN inspection.
  • You would like to title a homemade, rebuilt or modified motor vehicle that does not have a VIN or that has component parts with more than one VIN.
  • You own a reconstructed vehicle or a car assembled from a kit, and you would like to title and register it.
  • You want to license a motor vehicle for which a bond is required.

In addition to completing the WY car verification procedure due to the abovementioned situations, you may be required to have your vehicle inspected in cases where the DOT has reason to believe that your VIN is not authentic. To learn more about the requirements for you to verify a VIN number, you may contact the state DOT.

Where can I go to obtain a VIN inspection in Wyoming?

In order to get a VIN number validation in Wyoming, you will be required to contact an inspector who is authorized by the Department of Transportation to conduct these types of inspections. For instance, law enforcement officers are the most common government officials who perform VIN inspections within the state. In addition, car dealers also have the authority to conduct VIN verifications for motor vehicles that their dealerships carry in inventory.

On the other hand, if you need to complete the vehicle verification procedure while outside of WY, you can do so with an officer of that corresponding city, county or state law enforcement agency. If you are a Wyoming resident and a military service member who is currently out of state, you can also apply for a VIN verification with your federal commanding officer. However, before completing an out-of-state inspection, you must check whether or not the inspection form is approved by the state DOT.

What to Bring to a VIN Number Verification in Wyoming

When completing a VIN number validation in Wyoming, you must simply visit an inspection site with the vehicle in question, present an identification credential and submit the corresponding verification form. However, while you may not require additional documents during the car verification procedure, you will still need to collect the corresponding paperwork when applying for your title and/or registration at your county clerk’s office on a later date.

Note that the Wyoming DMV VIN verification form is attached to the “Application for Certificate of Title” form as a single document, known as the MV-300A. Therefore, before proceeding with the VIN verification process, you will be required to fill out the first section of this MV-300A form and deliver it to a VIN inspector. The authorized agent will then verify your VIN and enter it on the inspection form, along with details about your vehicle and his or her signature and badge number.

What to Do After Completing a VIN Inspection in Wyoming

After completing the process to verify a VIN number in Wyoming, you will receive a signed VIN inspection form, which you will need to deliver to your county clerk’s office. Since the reason for completing the VIN verification is finalizing the titling and registration procedure under certain unique circumstances, you will also have to submit additional documentation.

For instance, if you are titling a rebuilt car, you will be required to submit the vehicle inspection form, a copy of the salvage title, a photo of the rebuilt car and the corresponding application form.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.