When it comes to receiving your Wyoming DMV registration sticker on time, there are a few things you should know if you are a Wyoming resident. In order to obtain a car tag sticker renewal, you will need to visit your local county treasurer’s office. If you own a motor vehicle, you are required to complete an annual registration in order to continue to operate a motor vehicle in the state. Your Wyoming DMV registration sticker will be valid for one year, meaning your plates and tags should also be renewed every year when you renew your registration. Your expiration date for your tags will always fall on the last day of the expiration month. As a Wyoming resident and owner of a motor vehicle, you should know that there is no grace period in the state.

This means that not renewing your sticker could result in several immediate consequences, such as citations and fines. When you renew your sticker, you should have proof of insurance and a current registration or license plate number. If you are trying to renew your registration, it is important to know the ways in which it can be done. In Wyoming, registration renewal can be done in person at your local DMV office or through the mail. Unfortunately, getting a registration sticker online is not an option in Wyoming. To learn more about where to get registration sticker replacements, consequences of not receiving your sticker and what steps to take if this is the case, refer to the sections below.

Common Reasons for a Registration Sticker Not Being Received

If your license sticker was not received, make sure you contact your local DMV office. When you speak with a representative, she or he should be able to clarify why your sticker was never received. In general, this can happen for several reasons.

If you have changed your address since your last car plate sticker renewal, it is your responsibility to make sure it is updated with the DMV before you renew your registration. Your address can be changed by calling your county clerk and having the adjustments made to your driving records. The same can be done if your name has changed, as well.

To avoid a license plate sticker not received situation, make sure that all of the information you are submitting is accurate before sending it through the mail.

Can I legally drive if my Wyoming registration sticker was not received?

If your DMV sticker was not received by the time your car tag registration expires, it is illegal to drive on the roads in Wyoming. The severity of the repercussions for doing this will vary by county.

In Wyoming, you can receive a temporary permit that can act as verification that your Wyoming car tag sticker is being processed, but to receive this permit that will act as a DMV registration sticker, you must provide your local county office with proof of insurance, a notarized title or dealer invoice or a notarized bill of sale. Your bill of sales should provide the date of sale, the seller, purchaser, the purchase price and a full description of the vehicle you want registered.

In order to receive a temporary permit, a sales tax must be paid to your local county before they will issue it to you. Your temporary permit cannot be extended any longer than it has been requested for. You will need to obtain your Wyoming car tag sticker when your temporary permit expires. Temporary permits can be valid for 30, 60 or 90 days.

Additional Consequences of a Car Sticker Not Received

Since it is illegal to operate a vehicle without a valid Wyoming car tag sticker, there are consequences to driving this way. These consequences involve being pulled over by police frequently to verify your registration tags. This will not affect you financially if you have a temporary permit. If you did not obtain a temporary permit or have not begun the process of car plate sticker renewal, you will be susceptible to financial penalties and citations.

Steps to Take If Your Wyoming DMV Sticker Was Not Received

As a Wyoming vehicle owner, it is important to replace your DMV registration sticker when anything happens to it. Without the sticker, you could be pulled over and have to pay tickets.

Typically, you will need to replace your car tag sticker when it has been lost, stolen or damaged. You can request a replacement even while you are still waiting for your renewed tag. All registration replacements will be taken care of by the county treasurer’s office. You have to get your DMV sticker replacement from the same place you received your original registration. If your car tag sticker registration, license plate or license plate decals are lost, stolen or damaged, you will need to request replacement copies from the Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT) as soon as possible.

Where to Get Registration Sticker Replacements in Wyoming

Purchasing a Wyoming DMV sticker replacement registration sticker requires you to go back to the place where you received the original sticker. While you cannot replace sticker online, payments and fees can be paid online and in person. Keep in mind that the online payment service is not available certain times of the week.

To renew your vehicle DMV registration sticker, you will need a registration renewal card or your current registration. If for any reason you do not have either of these, you should write down your license plate number and give it to the county clerk office.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.