If your vehicle registration was renewed but your Arizona registration sticker was not received, it is your responsibility to contact the DMV and rectify the situation quickly. Drivers are responsible to renew their vehicle registrations before they expire. Registration renewals are not automatically processed. Therefore, new stickers will not arrive in the mail without a renewal being submitted by the legal owner or driver of the vehicle. Applicants are not required to wait for, or use, a renewal notice to process their renewal application.

Depending on the circumstances of the vehicle and the driver, renewals can be carried out online, by mail, by phone or in person. Typically, expiration dates for registrations fall on the same day and month each year. Make sure you are aware of your registration expiration date so that you can avoid any late fees. A DMV sticker not received in the mail does not automatically exclude the driver from fines. Vehicle registrations are typically mailed within a few business days of the application being processed. If you have surpassed this time and have not received them, contact your local DMV office.

Common Reasons for a Registration Sticker Not Being Received in Arizona

There are a few reasons why registration stickers go missing or do not arrive in the expected time frame. An Arizona license plate sticker not received in the mail may be due to an incorrect mailing address. In the state of Arizona, the law requires all citizens to give the correct address to the DMV. If you have recently moved or have typed in the wrong address, you must rectify the error immediately.

Another common reason for not receiving your AZ DMV registration sticker may be due to a rejected payment or application. Bounced checks will be returned by the DMV and a fee will be charged to the applicant. If this is the cause, your application will be rejected and the stickers will not be issued. Make sure all of your information is up to date with the DMV and that all payments made are made in full.

Can I legally drive if my Arizona registration sticker was not received?

Even if a DMV registration sticker is not received, you are responsible for renewing your registration and having current credentials in your vehicle. The by-mail reminder is a courtesy, but you will need to keep your vehicle registration valid even if you are not sent a reminder.

You must carry the printed receipt of your renewal in your vehicle at all times. This receipt can be used as proof of your registration. You can also reprint the receipt of a registration sticker online and order a duplicate if need be.

You can only reprint the receipt of your renewal via the online system within about two weeks of the original application being processed. If you are within this time frame and have not reprinted it, do so quickly and carry it with you in the vehicle.

Depending on the county and the circumstances, you may be charged with a civic traffic offense if you cannot provide proof of registration to law enforcement officials. The fines for driving an unregistered vehicle can be considerable. Additional court fees may also be required if charged with this violation.

Additional Consequences of a Car Sticker Not Received Arizona

The violation for not having a current registration is not necessarily removed if you produce a registration document later on. Therefore, you must keep proof that you have registered the vehicle in the car at all times. In the case that a license sticker was not received, you can provide the proof of the application instead of the actual registration document.

Additionally, Arizona allows fellow citizens to report vehicle registration violations. These notifications are anonymous and can be completed online. Therefore, it is important to have all current documents in the car in case you are reported and need to show receipt of your renewal or duplicate registration to law enforcement officials.

Steps to Take If Your Arizona DMV Sticker Was Not Received

Depending on the circumstances, there are different steps you should take if you have not yet received your new registration documents. Whether the stickers have been lost, stolen or not issued, it is the driver’s responsibility to follow up with his or her application.

  • Notify the police – If you believe that your registration or plates were stolen and are being used by someone else, you must inform the police department immediately.
  • Reprint your receipts – You must have proof of your renewal in your vehicle while you wait for your new stickers. You can reprint your renewal receipt using the state’s online system if you have lost it.
  • Replace the stickerOrder a duplicate using the DMV sticker replacement. A receipt of your duplicate can also be printed and used as proof that your registration renewal is still being processed.

Where to Get Arizona Registration Sticker Replacements

If your car plate sticker renewal has not arrived in the mail, replacement documents can be ordered online or in person. In-person duplicates can be ordered from a local DMV office or licensed third-party location. Replacement license plates can also be ordered in person or by mail. A $5 tab replacement fee may be applied for all duplicate and replacement registration documents.

Duplicate registration certificates that are ordered online can be printed immediately. You can replace a sticker online. However, they cannot be printed and will be mailed to the address on file.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.