If a Minnesota registration sticker is not received, then it is important that you verify that your registration was processed and then, if necessary, request a replacement sticker. A DVS registration sticker should be provided to you after obtaining your vehicle’s initial registration, after a renewal or after requesting a replacement. These stickers are crucial, as they must be affixed to your vehicle’s license plate in order to display proof of registration and compliance with Minnesota law.

Therefore, a registration sticker not received means that you will have to request a replacement. Likewise, if a car tag sticker becomes lost or stolen, then you will need to request replacement documents. While you cannot replace a sticker online, you are permitted to request a duplicate registration tag by mail or in person at your local Minnesota DVS office. To learn more about the importance of replacing missing registration stickers and the consequences of failing to do so, review the information provided within the segments below.

Common Reasons for a Registration Sticker Not Being Received in Minnesota

If your Minnesota DVS sticker is not received, then it could be due to a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons for a DVS sticker not received is due to an out of date residential address. If you changed your residence but you have not updated the Minnesota DVS directly of that address change, then your registration stickers were likely sent to an incorrect address. The United States Postal Services (USPS) does not forward state mail, contrary to common belief. Therefore, if you do not update the Minnesota DVS with your new address, then you will likely fail to receive mail regarding your registration, title and drivers license.

You may not receive your car tag sticker if there are any errors made while placing your registration request, whether that is a registration renewal, initial sticker or replacement. Therefore, it is important that you always double check the information that you provide on an application as well as verify that the application has been fully completed. While uncommon, a license plate sticker not received could have also become lost in the mail.

Can I legally drive if my Minnesota registration sticker was not received?

If your license plate sticker is not received, then it is important that you request a replacement prior to operating your vehicle. Minnesota law requires motorists to have a registration tag displayed on their vehicle’s license plate or to have some form of temporary registration. If you do not have either of these documents, then you will not be permitted to operate the vehicle in question.

Additional Consequences of a Car Sticker Not Received in Minnesota

If your DVS registration sticker is not received, then it is important that you do not operate your vehicle until you have gained either temporary registration or replacement tags. If you are caught operating a vehicle that does not have registration due to a DVS registration sticker not received via mail, then you could receive fines and citations from law enforcement officials.

Additionally, there is a chance that your vehicle could be impounded, which will result in additional financial expenses. The same can be said about an expired registration tab. Therefore, a car plate sticker renewal should always be performed in a timely manner in order to avoid citations.

Steps to Take If Your Minnesota DVS Sticker Was Not Received

If your Minnesota license sticker is not received, then it is important that you first contact your local Minnesota DVS in person or over the phone in order to verify whether or not your registration request was processed. Human and computer error could have prevented your registration from being mailed to you, so this is an important step in determining whether or not you need to request a replacement of vehicle registration documents.

A license sticker not received due to an incorrect mailing address will result in subsequent copies being lost as well. It is also important that you ask what address the DVS has on file in order to ensure that the registration was sent to the correct address. It may also be a good idea to contact your local USPS office in order to verify whether or not it has your documents.

A DVS sticker replacement should be requested if your registration has been lost or if it was never fully processed. As mentioned previously, it is important that you do not operate your vehicle until you receive your new tags in order to avoid the risk of potential citations.

Where to Get Registration Sticker Replacements in Minnesota

In Minnesota, you cannot request a registration sticker online or replace sticker online. However, you are able to submit a request for a duplicate registration by mail or in person at your local DVS.

Should you choose to replace your car tag sticker by mail, it is important to know that this process will likely take longer due to postage and processing times. Therefore, if your vehicle does not have a valid registration tab or a temporary registration, then it is recommended that you complete your request in person.

By submitting a replacement request in person, you will receive your duplicate registration faster as well as be provided with a receipt that can be used as proof of registration while you await your duplicate tabs. Overall, duplicate registration stickers cost $1 dollar to replace plus a $10 filing fee.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.