When dealing with a registration sticker not received in Iowa, you will want to learn the correct procedure for getting a replacement. New stickers are issued when you complete a registration renewal, but they are also delivered if you choose to replace your license plate at any point. A car sticker not received can lead to a variety of penalties, such as traffic citation or tickets. Whether your sticker is lost in the mail or is not delivered because of other issues, it is your responsibility to order a new one in order to avoid these consequences.

Matters relating to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) are handled at the county level in Iowa. When asking where to get registration sticker and other documents replaced, you will have to use the County Treasurer’s office where you live. Below, learn how to go about getting new tabs for your vehicle and discover why it matters to keep your registration current.

Common Reasons for a Registration Sticker Not Being Received in Iowa

A license plate sticker not received in Iowa can mean one of several things. First, it is possible that your application for renewal was incomplete or included the wrong renewal fee. Policies can differ from one county to a next, but you may be contacted by the County Treasurer to correct your renewal information if anything is missing from your application. Second, the County Treasurer may not have your current address on file. It is common for validation stickers to be misplaced in the mail or returned to the sender if the Treasurer does not have your correct mailing address.

Finally, it is possible that your DMV registration sticker application simply has not been processed yet. Renewals can take varying amounts of time to be processed depending on where you live in Iowa. It is always a good idea to try checking on the status of your renewal before going through the steps to get new stickers. If your renewal is still being processed, you will be saved from paying an additional fee for your new stickers.

Can I legally drive if my Iowa registration sticker was not received?

If you have a car sticker not received in Iowa, you may be ticketed by a law enforcement officer for driving without a valid registration. Even if you have renewed or ordered your stickers on time, you can still be held accountable if they have not arrived before your current tabs expire. It is your responsibility to maintain proper registration on your vehicle, and a law enforcement officer may still choose to ticket you even if you claim your validation stickers are lost in the mail. Common registration-related tickets you may receive include:

  • Failure to carry a registration card.
  • Failure to display a registration plate.
  • Operating a vehicle without registration.

Many registration-related offenses will result in an expensive ticket. If you have renewed your registration but have yet to get your car tag sticker in the mail, you should, at a minimum, carry your renewal receipt to prove that you have paid your fees.

Additional Consequences of a Car Sticker Not Received in Iowa

While tickets for driving without a DMV sticker replacement are high, the consequences are minimal at the County Treasurer’s Office. The fee to replace registration varies by county, but it is generally a small amount. If you failed to receive your new license plates in addition to your validation tabs, you can replace these for an additional small fee.

If your DMV sticker was not received because of an incomplete application, it is possible that your renewal was not processed on time. Keep in mind that you will be charged a DMV penalty if you wait too long to renew your car registration. It is possible to renew your car registration up to one month after its registration deadline without facing a penalty. However, late registration fees are assessed for each month that you go beyond this grace period. If you feel you have been waiting to receive your car registration stickers for a long time, it is important to make sure your renewal was processed on time so you can avoid these penalty fees.

Steps to Take If Your Iowa DMV Sticker Was Not Received

In the event of a DMV registration sticker not received in Iowa, there are several measures you should consider taking. If your car plate sticker renewal did not get processed correctly or in a timely manner, you may try:

  • Checking the estimated processing time for your application, which may be included on your renewal notice.
  • Calling the County Treasurer about the procedure for getting a replacement.
  • Contacting the County Treasurer to inquire about the status of your order.
  • Visiting the County Treasurer in person to apply for a new sticker.

Keep in mind that it is also worth checking with the County Treasurer’s office to see which address it has on file for you. Correct any errors with your address before ordering new tabs so that you do not face ongoing issues receiving your replacements.

Where to Get an Iowa Registration Sticker Replacement

If you are dealing with a license sticker not received in Iowa, you will need to use the County Treasurer’s office where you live in order to get a replacement. In most counties, you must bring your current registration documents with you to get a new sticker for your car.

If your county provides an option to replace the sticker online, you should be prepared to enter information from your registration card to complete the transaction. Note that you usually cannot get a registration sticker online if you have lost your current tabs, even if your county allows you to do online renewals. When replacing your validation tabs, you will almost always need to visit the County Treasurer in person.

Most counties will charge a $3 fee for you to replace your stickers, but some will provide stickers at no cost, provided that you have your current registration card on hand. Be prepared to pay an additional fee if you need a replacement registration card in addition to new tabs.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.