Motorists with traffic citations in Iowa due to driving or non-driving offenses will incur serious penalties and points on their driving record, unless they respond to their ticket in a timely manner.

The process of paying driving fines in IA is typically initiated by drivers who are unable to prepare a successful traffic ticket defense or dismiss their charges through the state court system. Learn more about how and where to pay traffic citations in Iowa in the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Iowa
  • Iowa traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Iowa
  • Dismissal of charges in Iowa
  • Lost tickets in Iowa

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Iowa

Drivers who need to pay speeding tickets in IA or other types of citations can generally complete the procedure via the internet.

Iowa traffic fines and other court-imposed costs need to be submitted in due time, otherwise drivers will face harsh penalties. For instance, failure to satisfy a court fee which is more than 60 days past due may result in a suspension of your credential.

Paying an Iowa Ticket Online

If you decide to settle your IA traffic citation by submitting payment for the allotted fines and surcharges, you automatically plead guilty to the infraction for which you have been charged. Paying traffic tickets online in Iowa is usually the most convenient way to finalize the procedure.

To be able to pay traffic fines online, you must visit the official Iowa Judicial Branch website and locate the electronic payment provider. Should you choose to use this Iowa traffic tickets payment method, be prepared to provide specific information, such as the type of case, the county where you were cited, the case number or your first name.

Once you complete the transaction, you will receive confirmation which you may print for your records.

Note: Contact the traffic violation court handling your case for more details in case your citation is not available for online payment within 14 days of its issuance.

Paying an Iowa Ticket via Other Methods

Drivers may not be eligible to pay traffic fines online in IA in case their ticket requires a mandatory court appearance.

If you are not able to submit your ticket violation payment via the internet, contact the corresponding court listed on the citation to inquire about other payment options.

In general, you may be allowed to answer to your traffic ticket in person, by mail or phone depending on the court’s policies.

Iowa Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Motorists generally decide to prepare an Iowa traffic ticket defense and challenge their citation if they believe they are not guilty to the offense in question. When contesting a traffic citation, drivers may need to hire an experienced professional, thus increasing their chances of winning the case.

An IA traffic ticket lawyer may help motorists avoid the accumulation of negative points on driving transcripts, a suspension or revocation of their driving license, as well as an increase in auto insurance rates due to unsafe driving. Prior to hiring a traffic citation lawyer, make sure to check his or her professional background and competence to handle your case properly.

One effective way of finding a defense lawyer is to begin your search online by providing a picture of your citation and answering a few questions to help match you with the best attorney for your case.

Pleading Not Guilty in Iowa

Should drivers choose to fight traffic tickets in Iowa, they may need to consult their ticket or the presiding court about the exact steps to finalize the procedure.

Fighting traffic citations is a more complex process, which is generally initiated by pleading “not guilty” to the misdemeanor in question. Once drivers do so, they should expect a trial date to be set by the corresponding court.

When contesting a traffic ticket in IA, motorists must be prepared to present any evidence in their favor or contact any witnesses to testify on their behalf. Drivers will not be required to pay the set traffic fines or receive demerit points on their driving report in case of a successful traffic ticket defense.

A ticket defense lawyer is often a defendant’s best option for fighting a traffic citation, as experienced lawyers are familiar with court procedure and can help build a strong case. You may begin your search for an experienced defense lawyer online.

Dismissal of Charges in Iowa

Motorists who achieve a dismissal of their Iowa traffic citation will also avoid any negative consequences against their report and privilege to drive.

In order to dismiss traffic tickets in IA, drivers may have several options at disposal. Depending on the county where they received the traffic ticket and the corresponding court, they may be able to complete the aforementioned procedure by graduating from a traffic school course.

Contact the court handling your case to inquire about such possibility. Another option would be to pay attention to the details listed on the citation. Any incorrect information displayed on your IA traffic citation, such as where the fine was issued or the date and time of the infraction may lead to a successful ticket dismissal.

Lost Tickets in Iowa

Motorists with a lost traffic citation in Iowa must obtain the details contained within the form to be able to settle their case timely and properly.

Regardless of whether you are contesting your traffic ticket or submitting payment for the allotted fines and fees, you must retrieve the information prior to your answer date and avoid further penalties. One option is to contact the corresponding traffic violation court and inquire about details, including the citation number, due date, exact fines and fees and more.

Another option is to search your case using the official Iowa Courts Online Search website. Finally, you can obtain a copy of your traffic fine by contacting the Department of Transportation via mail. When mailing your request, payment in the amount of 50 cents will be required as well.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.