Drivers who choose to settle their Maryland traffic tickets by providing the applicable traffic tickets payments can complete the procedure via several methods. Motorists may also be able to avoid paying the full MD traffic fine amount by requesting a waiver hearing and pleading guilty with an explanation of the extenuating circumstances surrounding the violation.

To learn how to pay a speeding ticket and other types of traffic citations, and to find out how to dispute traffic tickets in Maryland, read the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Maryland
  • Maryland traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Maryland
  • Dismissal of charges in Maryland
  • Lost tickets in Maryland

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Maryland

Motorists who are not required to pay driving tickets in Maryland in person can provide their MD ticket violation payments in one of several ways. For example, you can use your credit card to pay traffic fines online or by phone.

Motorists also have the option of mailing their driving fine payment or paying in person through their local District Court or Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) office.

Regardless of the method chosen to pay traffic citations in MD, you must complete the procedure within 30 days of receiving the ticket in order to avoid a driving license suspension, as well as paying additional fees.

Paying a Maryland Ticket Online and by Phone

If you choose to utilize the option to pay traffic ticket online in Maryland, you can complete the procedure through the official MD traffic citation payment system known as LexisNexis. If your traffic ticket is eligible for payment through the LexisNexis platform, you can initiate the process by entering your citation number and your last name.

After locating your traffic violation ticket, the system will prompt you to provide your payment. Motorists who choose to pay traffic citations online in MD will also be charged a non-refundable service fee.

Note: If you are unable to pay driving tickets via the internet, call the state District Court and provide your payment by phone.

Paying a Maryland Ticket by Mail and in Person

Drivers can pay speeding tickets in Maryland and other types of citations via more conventional methods as well. You can either mail your traffic ticket along with a check or money order to the state District Court Traffic Processing Center in Annapolis or you can submit your payment in person at your local District Court.

Note: If you choose to pay driving tickets in MD through a local MVA office, you will be able to submit your payment with a valid credit card through one of the Uniform Traffic Citation Payment Kiosks.

Maryland Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Instead of paying the Maryland driving fines associated with their citations, drivers can also choose to dispute traffic tickets through the state court system. To ensure the success of your MD traffic ticket defense in such circumstances, you can hire an experienced traffic ticket lawyer.

By doing so, you will be able to avoid certain detrimental effects against your driving record, such as a traffic violation conviction and the accumulation of demerit points. Motorists who successfully beat a traffic ticket in MD will also avoid an increase of their car insurance rates.

Note that, even if you lose your case, a good traffic citation attorney can still help you cope with the consequences of a loss. To find a traffic citation lawyer online, snap a picture of your ticket and answer a few routine questions.

Pleading Not Guilty in Maryland

Fighting traffic tickets in Maryland is a process that can be initiated by filling out the corresponding section of your MD traffic ticket and mailing the citation to the state District Court Traffic Processing Center in Annapolis. The corresponding court will mail you detailed information about your upcoming traffic citation trial after scheduling your court date.

Drivers can prepare their traffic ticket defense in the time period leading up to their scheduled hearing. At your trial, you will be granted an opportunity to present your case, call any relevant witnesses and submit any relevant evidence. If the judge finds you guilty of the MD traffic violation, you will be required to provide the ticket violation payment in its entirety.

Convictions of traffic violations in MD generally result in the accumulation of a specific number of demerit points on your driver’s record as well. For this reason, it is beneficial to hire a ticket defense lawyer. You may find ticket defense lawyers easily and conveniently online.

Note: The district court judge may also require you to attend an approved driver improvement program (DIP) course as part of your penalty.

Dismissal of Charges in Maryland

The procedure to dismiss traffic tickets in Maryland can be initiated by drivers who were incorrectly issued a traffic citation in MD. Police officers may occasionally issue traffic tickets that contain incorrect information regarding the date, time and type of the traffic violation that was committed. Such circumstances render the ticket invalid.

Drivers who successfully beat a traffic ticket in Maryland will also be eligible to dismiss traffic tickets within the state. In such cases, you will not be subject to any adverse consequences, such as providing the mandatory traffic tickets payments in MD or receiving a conviction on your driving transcript.

Lost Tickets in Maryland

To successfully pay speeding tickets in Maryland and other types of citations, or to initiate the process to dispute traffic tickets in MD, drivers will often be required to utilize the information displayed on their tickets. Therefore, if you lose your traffic citation, you may be unable to complete either procedure.

The fastest way to recover the data from a lost traffic ticket is to use the official state Case Records Search service. After obtaining the necessary information, you can then submit your traffic violation plea by mailing the Lost or Missing Traffic Citation Option Form to the state Traffic Processing Center.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.