Drivers who provide their traffic ticket payments in Utah by the date displayed on the citation will avoid additional fines and penalties.

Also, motorists often choose to pay driving tickets in UT if they believe they cannot beat a traffic ticket through the state court system, since losing a court case is the more expensive option. To learn how to pay a speeding ticket and other types of citations and how to fight traffic tickets in Utah, read the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Utah
  • Utah traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Utah
  • Dismissal of charges in Utah
  • Lost tickets in Utah

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Utah

The process of paying driving fines in Utah can be completed via several methods, which vary based on factors such as the severity of the UT traffic violation and the court that is handling the issue. For instance, traffic fines that result from certain more serious offenses will be marked with the “mandatory appearance” tag.

In such cases, you will be required to remit your payment in person. Minor traffic ticket violations, on the other hand, can generally be paid online, by mail, by phone and in person.

Paying a Utah Ticket Online

State courts typically accept online traffic citation payments in Utah through the ePayments service of the Utah Courts official website. Drivers may also be able to pay traffic fines online through their court’s individual website, if that option is available.

When paying traffic tickets online in UT, regardless of the internet service that is used, motorists will generally be required to provide several types of information for purposes of locating their traffic citation. To finalize the process, you will be asked to submit your credit card information for payment purposes.

Note: By paying your Utah driving fine online, you are effectively waiving your right to dispute traffic tickets in court.

Paying a Utah Ticket via Other Methods

Drivers who are unable to pay traffic citations online in Utah, and those who prefer to use a more conventional method, may be able to complete the procedure in person, by mail or by phone.

However, while courts generally accept traffic fines payments submitted by mail and in person, the option to pay your ticket by phone may not be available through every court within the state.

Prior to initiating the procedure to pay traffic citations in UT, consult your ticket or contact the presiding court to inquire about the available ticket violation payment methods and the acceptable forms of payment.

Utah Traffic Ticket Attorneys

If you choose the option to dispute traffic citations in Utah through the state court system, instead of paying the fine, consider hiring a traffic ticket attorney in order to increase your chances of winning the case. Traffic citation lawyers can provide drivers with legal assistance for one particular action, or they can represent them throughout the whole process.

If you beat a traffic ticket in UT with the help of a lawyer, you will avoid the negative consequences of a traffic violation conviction, such as paying the driving fine and the accumulation of points on your driving record. By winning your case, you will ensure that your car insurance rates remain unaffected as well.

Fortunately, hiring a qualified lawyer is relatively simple, and you may conduct your search for an experienced lawyer online.

Pleading Not Guilty in Utah

Motorists can initiate the process of fighting traffic tickets in Utah by appearing in court and submitting a plea of “not guilty” on the date displayed on their citations.

Prior to scheduling a date for your traffic ticket trial, the court may offer you the option to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecutor. If you and/or lawyer do not reach a mutual understanding with the prosecuting attorney, your official hearing date will be set.

You can prepare your Utah traffic ticket defense in the time period leading up to the trial. A decision regarding your traffic citation case will be rendered once the judge or the jury reviews the submitted evidence and hears your testimony and the testimonies of your witnesses.

If you are found guilty to the traffic violation, your sentence will be administered and the UT traffic fine amount will be set. A conviction will also be entered on your driver’s record. To increase your chances of succeeding in court and avoiding these penalties, it is essential that you hire a traffic defense lawyer.

To find the best traffic ticket lawyer for you, simply provide some routine information about your traffic citation and submit a picture of your ticket. You will be matched with a qualified attorney instantly.

Dismissal of Charges in Utah

Certain courts may offer drivers the option to dismiss traffic tickets in Utah if they submit a Plea in Abeyance and complete a traffic school program accepted by the state. To learn if you qualify to settle your UT traffic citation issue with a Plea in Abeyance, contact the presiding court and inquire about the applicable eligibility requirements.

Certain types of traffic violations, such as speeding in a school zone, disqualify you from using this option. Even if you are eligible to dismiss traffic citations in UT by completing a defensive driving course, you will still be required to pay the driving fine. The conviction will, however, not be reported to the Utah Driver License Division in such cases.

Note: Drivers who were improperly issued a traffic citation in UT are also eligible for a ticket dismissal.

Lost Tickets in Utah

The fastest way to recover lost traffic tickets in Utah is to access the online ticket search service of the court that is processing your ticket and provide the necessary identifying information. However, not all state courts allow you to search for traffic citations in UT via the internet.

If you cannot find your ticket online, you can still contact the court that is handling your traffic fine case and recover the necessary information by phone or in person.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.