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Utah residents have many online options when it comes to DMV-related tasks. Nevertheless, there are still a number of driver- and vehicle-related issues that require you to visit Utah DMV locations in person. To find a Utah DMV office in your area, peruse the list below or check the map for a location near you. The Utah Department of Motor Vehicles offers a wide range of basic services at all their UT DMV locations. However, specialized services are available at limited locations. To find out the services available at your preferred location, click the link next to the location below and check the list of services. Additionally, location pages provide various hours of operation, addresses, holidays and contact information.

Typical services at all DMV in Utah locations include: drivers license applications and renewals, car registration applications and renewals, car title transfers, name change requests and address change requests, among others.

Specialized services are available at select UT DMV offices and include drivers license and vision exams, CDL certifications and road skills tests for noncommercial licenses. To find out more about the services offered, click any one of the location links below.

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Last updated on Tuesday, November 27 2018.