Car owners wondering, “How do I change the name on my car registration in Iowa?” must note that all vehicle registration-related matters are handled by the county treasurer’s office in their county of residence. Even though the state Department of Transportation (DOT) outlines the procedure to change name on car registration, applicants must still visit their county treasurer in most cases since it serves as an agent of the department.

Note that, before correcting and adding a name to a car registration in IA, vehicle owners will first have to change their name on other official documents. To learn more about the Iowa car registration name change process, read the sections outlined below.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Name on Your Iowa Car Registration

If you need clarification on when to change your name on car registration in Iowa, it is important to know that several situations will require you to submit a DOT name change request.

For example, changing name on car registration after marriage certificates are signed is common of newlyweds who want to reflect the union by sharing last names. Likewise, a car registration name change after divorce proceedings are likely when former spouses want to revert to a former surname.

After legally modifying your name, you will be required to change the name on your registration card and vehicle title. In the rare cases that you are issued vehicle documents with typographical errors, you will also have to request a name change and obtain a replacement registration card as well.

Iowa Name Change Time Limits for Updating Your Car Registration

Motorists may be subjected to several penalties for not changing name on car registration in Iowa within the time limits set by the state DOT. If you would like to know, “How long do I have to change my name before having a penalty?” then note that you must update your vehicle documents as soon as possible since state law prohibits you from driving a vehicle with outdated paperwork.

One of the more severe consequences for not changing your name on time in IA is getting a traffic citation if and when a police officer learns that you are driving with an incorrect driving license and registration documents. If you are still wondering, “Why is name change notification mandatory and what are the penalties for failure to report a new name?” then contact your county treasurer or the state DOT for clarification.

Steps to Take Before Updating Your Registration in Iowa

Prior to learning how to update your car registration in Iowa, you will be required to complete several steps with other government agencies. If you want to know what to do before updating your registration, then it is important to note that you will first be required to file a name change request with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

After obtaining a revised Social Security card, you can proceed to a DOT driver license site for purposes of completing the driving license name change procedure. You can initiate the IA DMV registration update process as soon as you receive your revised driver’s license by mail.

How to Change Your Name on Your Iowa Car Registration

Completing the procedure to change name on vehicle registration in person in Iowa is the only available option of obtaining updated vehicle documents since your name change proof must be verified immediately upon submission. Changing your name on your car registration online or by are not application methods currently unavailable.

During the process of how to change your name on your car registration in person in IA, you will be required to deliver certain paperwork, fill out the corresponding application form and pay a fee for replacement documents through your county treasurer’s office.

In addition to submitting your official proof of name change, you may also be required to present your updated license to drive and deliver your current registration card and vehicle title. You will successfully complete the transaction to change vehicle registration name in person once your paperwork and fee payment is verified.

When to Renew Instead of Update Your Registration in Iowa

If you would like to know how long do you have to renew your tag in Iowa, then it is important to indicate that you can initiate the renewal process two months prior to your scheduled renewal date.

Also, the current IA registration renewal grace periods last for 30 days after your registration expiration date. Therefore, you can renew your plates without paying a penalty if you do so within the month following your renewal month.

In the event that you decide to change your name and renew your car registration name change documentation must be submitted in person through your county treasurer’s office since it must be verified on the spot. After paying your renewal costs in such cases, you will receive new and updated vehicle documents.

Iowa DMV Name Change Fees

Paying the DMV name change price in Iowa is a mandatory step when updating your vehicle documents since you are applying to obtain updated documents displaying your new name. In addition to the DMV name change fees for a new driving license, you will also have to pay a fee for a corrected name on a title as well as the applicable registration fees.

You will also be required to pay your DMV registration renewal fees in the event that you are renewing your license plates and updating your name at the same time.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.