Illinois FREE Practice Test Sections offers a free driving practice test which contains questions taken out of the official Illinois driver’s manual. Both the manual and the practice test questions focus on basic traffic signs and signals, road rules, parking, and safety regulations that every driver is required to know.

Traffic Laws

Traffic laws represent the basic code of conduct for safe driving. The written drivers exam contains an enormous range of questions. Illinois traffic laws cover a wide variety of topics. You may encounter questions on traffic infractions, or how to properly deal with an accident. To help narrow your studying, check your knowledge of traffic laws, by taking’s Sample Practice Exam.

Traffic Signs

Drivers operating motor vehicles will encounter traffic signs every day. They are required to recognize these signs and understand their meaning in order to drive safely. The Illinois written drivers exam has questions on traffic signs, including:

  • Traffic sign meanings.
  • Traffic sign identification.
  • Placards and warning signs.
  • Turns at intersections.

Use the Free Sample Practice Test to learn how interpret traffic signs.

Traffic Signals

While operating a motor vehicle, individuals are required to follow traffic signals that are directing driver’s actions. The meaning of each of these signals make up a large portion of the questions on the Illinois written drivers test.’s practice tests contain all the relevant traffic signal information that a future driver must know to pass the official Illinois DMV written exam.

Pavement Markings

Drivers must pay attention to Pavement markings, and know their meaning, to drive safely. Pavement markings direct traffic and relay important information to drivers. Take our sample practice test to check your knowledge of the following markings:

  • top lines
  • rosswalk lines
  • ailroad crossings
  • enter lines
  • o passing lines
  • dge lines
  • ane divisions
  • urning lanes
  • icycle lanes
  • oundabouts
  • raffic striping

Inclement Weather

Different weather conditions affect a driver’s abilities to drive safely. This is why states have implemented different rules and regulations for driving in bad weather. The Illinois written drivers exam includes questions on operating motor vehicles in varying weather conditions, such as rain, snow or fog. The following topics are covered on the free sample test:

  • Driving in rain and snow
  • Driving with limited visibility
  • Engine breakdown
  • Blown tires
  • Wet brakes or brake failure
  • Jammed gas pedals
  • Drifting, skidding, and hydroplaning

DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist recommends you follow this five-step written drivers exam study checklist to get the most out of your preparations:

  1. Review the Official Illinois Driver’s License Manual – Study the sections that outline traffic laws, signs and signals, parking, and driving safety. Questions on the Illinois written drivers exam are made up of information from these sections.
  2. Take the Driver’s License Sample Test – The sample test helps you understand what you will face on the official driving knowledge test. The DMV Sample Test questions are taken directly from the Illinois driver’s license manual.
  3. Read the Study Guide – After taking the driver’s license sample test, purchase our Study Guide. This in depth Study Guide presents the required information in an easy to read summary format. It contains all the important information from the Illinois driver’s manual. This Study Guide is organized to aid you in the learning process.
  4. Premium Practice Tests – Use the Premium Practice Test – after studying – to measure your understanding of the material covered on the DMV written exam. Take the exam as many times as you want to increase your knowledge and overall score.
  5. Schedule an Appointment – When you score 90 percent or higher on a practice test, you are ready to schedule an appointment at the Illinois DMV. You are now prepared to pass your exam on the first try!

Getting Your Driver’s License

Passing the DMV driver’s test is a requirement for obtaining a driver’s license in Illinois. For those who want to get their driver’s licenses, remember, without this examination you will not be able to get a driver’s license. To get your Illinois driver’s license, follow this step-by-step process:

  1. Read the Illinois driver’s manual
  2. Take the Free Driving Test.
  3. Use the Study Guide to expand your knowledge in problematic areas.
  4. Take the practice driving exam as many times as you need, until you achieve the desired results.
  5. Gather the required documentation for getting a driver’s license.
  6. Schedule an appointment at your local Illinois DMV office.
  7. Take the official DMV written drivers exam.
  8. Pass a vision test.
  9. Pass a road driving exam.
  10. Submit your required documents.
Last updated on Monday, May 21 2018.