FREE Practice Test Sections’s free sample driver’s test tests a driver’s knowledge of important sections from the Florida drivers handbook. It includes questions that test knowledge on important road rules and traffic regulations in Florida. The free practice exam – made by the expert team – is a tool to gauge your understanding of the rules and regulations of Florida driving.

Safely Sharing the Road in Florida

Learning to driving safely is the first requirement for each beginning driver. As a new driver, you need to act with consideration for pedestrians and your fellow drivers to keep everyone safe. Florida road rules and regulation help drivers share the road with others and minimize potentially harmful incidents. That is why the safety rules make up a large portion of the questions on the written driving test. Learning about traffic rules and traffic signs is easier after adequate practice with the FL free practice test.’s Sample Practice Exams will give you the certainty that you are well prepared to take the official DMV written exam and pass.

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are also a major topic on a DMV written knowledge exam. There is no way you can manage your way on the roads in Florida if you do not know what each traffic sign means. Shapes, descriptions, comparison and recognition of all major traffic signs is a regular part of the official driving test. A free sample practice test taken before your Florida DMV written exam helps you to learn about important topics including:

    • Traffic sign meanings.
    • Traffic sign identification.
    • Placards and warning signs.
    • Turns at intersections.

Explore the Florida Free Sample Practice Test and master your traffic sign skill set for and pass your written exam on the first try.

Traffic Signals

Traffic signals are the topic of a large portion of written exam questions. Learn the difference between drawbridge signals and gates, traffic lights and other signals common to the roadways by practicing with the free practice test. Testing your traffic signal knowledge with a FREE practice exam helps you to plan your study time to include any traffic signals you do not know.

Braking Distances

Keeping the proper distance between vehicles is a skill which requires knowledge and experience. Drivers who wish to avoid accidents, must learn the distances required between vehicles driving on the same roadway. The free sample test made by include test questions about:

    • Perception distance
    • Reaction distance
    • Total Stopping Distance
    • Slowing down and smooth stops
    • Managing high and low speeds
    • Impact of speed on braking power

Inclement Weather

You may not need to drive through a lot of heavy snow in Florida, but you need to be skilled at managing your vehicle during inclement weather. Hot weather has its own impact on vehicle, increasing flat tires and engine fatigue. Studying the questions from the sample practice test gives you information about driving in the following weather conditions and scenerios:

    • Driving in the rain
    • High winds
    • Brake failure and skidding
    • Blown tires
    • Engine overheating
    • Managing low visibility

Florida DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

For successful results, advises you to follow this five-step written driving test study checklist to optimize your preparations to take the official DMV written exam:

    1. Read the Official FL Driver’s Handbook – Concentrate on the parts of the Florida drivers handbook reguarding road rules and regulations, traffic signs and signals, parking and safe driving. The official drivers written exam contains questions from all relevant sections of the Drivers handbook.
    2. Take the Driver’s License Sample Test – This will help you learn which sections you need to study in depth, and which you already have a good grasp of. The free sample test include details from the Florida Driver’s Handbook, and uses real questions from the official Florida written drivers exam.
    3. Get the Study Guide – After taking the official Florida drivers license sample test, start reading through the extended Florida Study Guide. This guide is a shorter summary of the official FL Driver’s Handbook. The information is structured into easy to read sections to assist you in remembering important handbook information.
    4. Take the Premium Practice Test – When you get the results from your Sample Test, have read through the study guide, it is then time to take the Premium Practice Test. By taking multiple practice tests, you see the information in different formats giving you a better understanding of the exam structure and content.
    5. Make your Appointment – After scoring a 90 percent or better on the sample practice test you are a great candidate to achieve a passing score on the official written exam. Book your test appointment to pass the first step on your way to your learners permit!

Getting Your FL Driver’s License

Getting a passing score on the Florida DMV drivers’ test is the initial step in obtaining your driver’s license. To get your drivers license in Florida, follow this 10-step process:

    1. Begin with the Florida Free Practice Driving Test.
    2. Review the Study Guide to strengthen troublesome areas.
    3. Practice with the free sample test until you make sure that you will succeed.
    4. Complete the application and collect the required documents relevant for getting your driver’s license.
    5. Use the Florida DMV online services to schedule an appointment.
    6. Take the official DMV written knowledge exam.
    7. Get a vision screening certificate.
    8. Pass the road skills exam.
    9. Submit your required forms, documents and fees.
Last updated on Wednesday, January 23 2019.