All Georgia Motorists are required to have a copy of their vehicle registration and insurance anytime they drive. After a car is purchased,  you will need to acquire a new car registration from your local Department of Revenue (DOR), Motor Vehicle Department (MVD), County Tax Office or other agency responsible for driving-related issues and documentation.

Vehicles are registered for taxation and crime prevention and detection purposes, so it is against the law to drive a car or a vehicle that is unregistered or has an expired registration. Drivers in Georgia who have registered their vehicle but do not have the documents to prove it because they were lost, stolen or destroyed will need to replace their car registration. To learn about the best ways to replace a registration, continue reading the sections below.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in Georgia?

Georgians who have a stolen, damaged, illegible or lost car registration will need to apply for a replacement as soon as possible. Since these vehicle registrations establish a connection between a vehicle and its owner, all drivers are required to have a vehicles registration available at all times. For this reason, you should replace your car registration when:

  • The registration documents have excessive markings or wear-and-tear that make the documents unreadable.
  • A registration has been lost.
  • A registration has been stolen.

Anyone who has lost a car registration or had their registration stolen should call and report the lost registration to the appropriate agency.

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in Georgia

Any dealer or vehicle owner in Georgia can apply to a local County Tag Office to request a replacement vehicle registration. There are more County Tag Offices than MVD offices, so this makes it easy to obtain a replacement car registration. In order to complete the process, an original completed and signed MV-5 application must be submitted to any County Tag Office in the state.

The request must be submitted in the same registered owner’s (or owners’) name(s) that the current Georgia registration certificate was issued under. Applications can be submitted in person or by mail, but the state of Georgia does not offer drivers the chance to get a copy of their vehicle registration online.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration by Mail                                   

To replace a Georgia vehicle registration by mail, you must first complete an MV-5 form. This form must either be typed electronically and printed out or printed out and completed by hand. Once the application has been filled out, you can enclose it in an envelope along with a check or money order for the replacement fees. Stamp and mail the envelope to any tag agency in the state and they will mail you back an MVD duplicate vehicle registration.

Note: Only check or money orders will be accepted. Do not submit cash payments through the mail.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Person

The process to request a copy of a car registration follows the same procedures as submitting an application by mail. You must fill out the MV-5 electronically and print it out, or print the form out and complete it by hand. Once your application is finished, you can visit your nearest Georgia tag agency and submit your application in person. Payment for the replacement vehicle registration fees can be paid in cash when you visit in person.

Georgia Stolen Car Registration Requirements

Photocopies or any applications with alterations or corrections will be denied. These forms must be filled out completely with all the necessary information. Some of the information that will be required for a duplicate vehicle registration application include:

  • Full name of the vehicle owner (or all owners if the vehicle is registered under joint ownership).
  • A valid Georgia driver’s license or Georgia identification card.
  • The vehicle’s tag number.
  • The vehicle’s renewal decal number.
  • The vehicle owners’ signatures.
  • Information about the vehicle such as:
    • Vehicle make.
    • Year model.
    • Body style.
    • Gross weight of the vehicle.

Company-owned vehicles – If the vehicle is registered under a company’s name, an authorized agent from that company must sign the completed form and fill in the company’s name above his orher signature and job title.

Dealers – Dealers who are requesting a replacement for damaged or lost car registration papers must also provide their current master dealer tag number and their 12-digit MVD-issued identification number.

Current owners, when the vehicle is still registered in the previous owner’s name – In this case, the current owner must complete the MV-5 form in the previous owner or owners’ name(s). He or she must also provide the current title or bill of sale showing that they are the current owner. When the current owner signs the application, he or she must also label their signature as the current owner of the vehicle.

Georgia Stolen Car Registration Requirements

If you have a stolen car registration in Georgia, you will have to complete the same MV-5 form to request a replacement. This includes situations where you have lost your vehicle registration card and are unsure of who might have found it. You will not be required to file a police report, but it is still recommended to do so to avoid any form of fraud.

Georgia Sticker Replacement

Drivers in Georgia who need to replace a lost car registration may also need to get a sticker replacement. Motorists who lose the registration sticker that goes on their license plate may need to visit their local MVD to receive a Georgia sticker replacement. These drivers should call their nearest tag agency and see what steps they should follow to replace their vehicle registration sticker.

Georgia Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

In Georgia, the fee for a replacement vehicle registration is only one dollar. Payment can be made by check or money order. Drivers who visit a tag agency to request a replacement registration have the option to pay this fee with cash. Since the County Tag Office is in charge of title renewals and replacements, it is not required to report when a replacement registration is issued, they retain this fee.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.