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Georgia Car Registration Renewal

Vehicle Registration Online Services Guide

How To Renew A Georgia Car Registration

Car owners can renew car registration in Georgia via the following methods: online, in person and by mail. While county tag offices throughout the state offer the option of renewing car registrations with a paper application, certain locations do not provide an online alternative. During the GA vehicle registration renewal process, applicants will be required to complete several steps, such as:

  • Prove their identity.
  • Fill out an application form.
  • Present proof of car insurance.
  • Pay several types of fees.

Note: The steps outlined above may vary based on the chosen application method.

To learn how to renew car registrations in Georgia, read the below sections.

When to Renew Your Georgia Car Registration

The process of renewing auto registrations in Georgia must be completed on a regular basis, as driving an unregistered vehicle is against the law. Drivers can initiate the DMV vehicle registration renewal in GA up to 30 days prior to their date of birth. If you fail to complete the procedure by midnight of your birthday, you will be subject to certain penalty fees. Several counties process renewal applications only during a specific four-month period on either a staggered or a non-staggered basis.

The state Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) will notify car owners of their upcoming DMV registration renewal with a special mail-in notice within the first week of their renewal month. Drivers who do not receive the DMV reminder are still required to renew auto registrations in GA before the end of their renewal period. The division's letter will contain information about your registration expiration date, the payable fees and whether or not you have to submit certain proof documentation. Contact your county's tax commissioner's office in case you do not receive the renewal notice.

Note: Private businesses may be required to abide by different regulations when renewing auto registrations for company vehicles.

How to Renew Your Georgia Car Registration

Renewing car registrations in Georgia is a process that can be completed either by mail or in person through a local MVD tag office. Certain counties also offer car registration holders the option to renew car registration online in GA. Drivers whose county does not participate in the internet renewal program can still finalize the procedure with a paper application.


The process to renew vehicle registrations in Georgia via the internet can be completed in a straightforward manner from any computer with an internet connection. Prior to initiating the online auto registration renewal, drivers must ensure they meet the following eligibility requirements set forth by the MVD:

  • They reside in a county that offers the online renewal option.
  • They own a vehicle not exceeding 8,500 pounds.
  • They have subjected their vehicle to an emissions test (if required).
  • They are able to provide fee payments with a valid credit or debit card.
  • They have obtained the proper liability insurance coverage.

When filing for a Georgia car registration renewal online, applicants may be required to submit several types of information, such as their full legal name, date of birth, Social Security Number and driver's license number. The system may also ask you to supply a unique Renewal Identification Number (RIN), which is contained in the MVD notice.

Note: Car owners renewing car registrations in GA via the internet must check whether or not the MVD has their correct address on file, as the division mails out the new car tags within several days of accepting payment for the fees.

By Mail

To renew DMV registrations in Georgia by mail, vehicle owners will be required to send their renewal notice or the MVD Title/Tag Application (Form MV-1) to the DMV tag office within their county. The MV-1 form is reserved for drivers who did not receive a renewal reminder, and for those whose notice contains incorrect information. In addition to the corresponding application form, car owners may also be required to submit proof of insurance and a certificate of a passed emission's inspection.

Prior to mailing out your request for a GA auto registration renewal, ensure to include a check or a money order for the applicable renewal fees as well.

In Person

The most common method of renewing vehicle registrations in Georgia is to submit your request in person through a local tax commissioner's office. To renew car registrations in GA in person, drivers will be required to meet requirements similar to the ones that apply for mail-in applicants and submit:

  • The MVD renewal notice or the MV-1 Title/Tag Application Form.
  • A valid state-issued driver's license or identification card.
  • Proof of GA liability insurance and passed emission's test (if required).
  • Payment for the motor vehicle fees and taxes.

Note: When completing the GA car registration renewal in person, applicants have the option to pay the mandatory fees in cash as well, in addition to the aforementioned methods.

Liability Insurance Requirements

Prior to initiating the Georgia DMV registration renewal process, car owners must obtain proof of a liability insurance policy and present it when requested. According to state law, motor vehicle owners in GA must maintain the validity of their car insurance coverage at all times while having an active registration. Drivers who do not continuously meet the state minimum insurance requirements face a registration suspension or revocation. The MVD may also impose several fines that must be paid within a certain time period. In such circumstances, car owners will not be able to renew expired car registrations in GA until they resolve any outstanding insurance lapse violations and submit proof of valid car insurance.

Note: As proof of GA car coverage, the MVD accepts: paperwork issued by your insurance company, a car rental agreement, a fleet insurance policy card, a bill of sale with an insurance binder page or a valid self-insured insurance card.

Vehicle Registration Fees in GA

When renewing DMV registrations in Georgia, drivers will be required to arrange payment for several types of motor vehicle fees and taxes. The total amount of applicable costs varies based on several factors, such as the vehicle's weight, class and overall value. The standard DMV registration fee for a regular passenger vehicle is currently set at $20. Applicants who are registering commercial vehicles are generally required to pay higher fee. Drivers who are submitting a GA car registration renewal request for specialty license plates may be required to pay manufacturing fees as well. If you are renewing an expired car registration in GA, you will also be required to pay penalty fees, which amount to additional 25 percent of the tag fee and 10 percent of the tax fees.

Along with a license plates fee, car owners may also be required to pay the annual Ad Valorem Tax. According to recent changes of MVD regulations, however, drivers may be exempt from paying the annual fee, since newly-purchased vehicles are levied with a one-time installment of the Ad Valorem Tax.

Note: Depending on the type of application method, you may be required to pay additional processing fees. During the process to renew car registration online in GA, for instance, drivers are required to pay a convenience fee as well.

GA Vehicle Registration Renewal for Military Members

To complete the Georgia auto registration renewal procedure, members of the military can submit their request either online or by mail. Applicants will generally be required to meet the same criteria that apply to civilians and pay the same GA car registration costs. Active duty personnel can also renew car registrations in GA upon their return within the state by following the standard application steps outlined above.

New Georgia Resident

Prior to renewing auto registrations in Georgia, new state residents will be required to transfer their out-of-state documents and apply for a new registration through their county's MVD tax office. Since car owners must renew vehicle registrations in GA on an annual basis, the first renewal cycle for new residents will take place a year after obtaining an original GA registration.

Drivers must apply for a GA car registry within 30 days of moving within the state by completing these steps:

  • Fill out and submit the MV-1 Title/Tag Application.
  • Have your vehicle inspected by a duly constituted Georgia law enforcement officer (for VIN verification purposes).
  • Present your out-of-state registration certificate and original car title (if required).
  • Present a GA license to drive.
  • Obtain Georgia liability insurance and an emissions inspection certificate (if required).
  • Pay the applicable fees.

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