A Georgia car registration renewal allows residents to prove their ownership rights over a vehicle, show that their property taxes have been paid and verify that they have maintained the proper auto insurance coverage. If you fail to renew a car registration on time, you will infringe traffic laws and be subject to penalties and fines.

Therefore, requesting a GA DMV registration renewal online, by mail or in person is highly recommended for car owners in the state. Overall, these procedures are received and processed by the Motor Vehicles Division (MVD), which is overseen by the state Department of Revenue (DOR). To learn more about the GA DMV car registration renewal process, along with its requirements and methods, read the following sections.

Requirements for Car Registration Renewal in Georgia

If you wish to renew a car registration online or via any other method in Georgia, you can benefit from first understanding the eligibility requirements set by the DOR. A vehicle owner’s DMV registration renewal status is based on his or her ability to maintain the proper auto insurance coverage and verify that he or she is still a GA resident.

If you can meet all of these registration requirements, you will be able to renew your documents and continue legally operating your car in the state.

What do you need to renew your car registration in Georgia?

Along with their DMV registration renewal fees, Georgia drivers will need to be able to produce a number of identifying documents that prove their identity and eligibility in the state. These documents include:

  • Your existing registration, along with your certificate of title and state-issued drivers license.
  • Documents that prove your minimum liability insurance coverage, that verify the payment of your property taxes and that all liens and holds on your vehicle have been cleared.
  • Your DOR-issued renewal identification number.

Georgia Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice

A Georgia vehicle registration renewal notice serves as a special reminder that you need to renew your credential soon. However, because notices are distributed by individual counties rather than the DOR itself, there are different guidelines included in each notice. It is also important to note that not all county MVD offices across GA send out these notices. Generally, these documents are helpful but not required.

If you are wondering how to renew a car registration, these renewal notices can serve as helpful starting points. Overall, these notices display your contact and vehicle information, “Renewal Identification Number,” applicable fees, renewal due date and available procedures. Because renewal notices are county-specific, they may include special fees for your local DOR office and county taxes.

Georgia Car Registration Renewal Notice Lost or Not Received

If you have a lost registration renewal notice in Georgia or have not received a notice at all, the best course of action to take is to contact your local DOR office and request all relevant information. Even if you do not receive a Georgia DOR registration renewal notice, you will still be responsible for undergoing this procedure on time. Failure to meet your expiration deadline can result in fees, and even in the revocation of your registration.

Georgia Car Registration Renewal Options

You can get a motor vehicle registration renewal in Georgia in a variety of ways through the GA DOR. Overall, different counties may have varying procedures and requirements in place for each of these methods.

How to Renew Your Car Registration Online

Obtaining a GA vehicle registration renewal online is typically the method that takes the least amount of time. However, if your county does not provide notices, you will not receive a Renewal Identification Number and therefore cannot renew online.

Once you have logged into the Georgia DOR online portal, you will be able to enter your Renewal Identification Number, your personal information and the vehicle details outlined in previous sections. Then, you must provide a credit card in order to pay for the applicable fees.

If you are renewing a car registration in Metro Atlanta, you will also need to undergo a vehicle emissions test prior to using this online method.

How to Renew Your Car Registration by Mail

Certain applicants may choose to renew a car registration in Georgia by mail. This can be done by compiling a copy of all of the required documents and information, then sending this paperwork to the address listed on your renewal notice. However, be mindful that this mail-in procedure can vary due to processing and delivery time.

How to Renew Your Car Registration in Person

If you are wondering where to renew a vehicle registration in GA, be mindful that you can do so by visiting a county tag office in person. In general, this process requires all of the same documentation as the methods listed above.

However, this procedure comes with the advantage of decreased delivery times and the ability to ask questions. Moreover, there is the chance that you will receive your renewed registration on the same day that your requested it.

Military & Out of State Vehicle Registration Renewal in Georgia

Taking care of a GA expired vehicle registration can be especially confusing if you are in the military or are moving to a different state. If you are an active duty service member who stationed in Georgia and from another state originally, you will have the option to keep your home state registration or transfer your existing credential to a new Georgia one.

On the other hand, if you are a GA resident who is out of the state and need to renew your car registration, you can choose to submit this request from your current location and have your renewed credential sent to you. However, if you move to a new state indefinitely, you will be required to get a new registration from the DMV in your new state.

Georgia Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees

The last step is to pay for the GA car registration renewal cost. However, be mindful that this cost can differ from county to county in the state. In any case, if you need to renew a car registration in Georgia, be mindful of the following fees:

  • Base renewal fees are $20 for most standard types of vehicles in Georgia. In general, these fees are lower for smaller vehicles like motorcycles, and more expensive for vehicles like trailers.
  • Ad valorem tax is designed for newer vehicles in GA. It is typically calculated as seven percent of the vehicle’s market value.
  • Additional fees can cover a wide variety of charges. Some of these fees are specific to the method of renewal, such as the $1 mailing fee, and some are county-specific. Others still can cover specialty license plates, which cost an average of an additional $35 per year to renew.
Last updated on Monday, April 4 2022.