Replacing a lost car registration in Massachusetts is simple, as the State Registration of Motor Vehicles (RMV) accepts requests for duplicate credentials online, in person or by telephone. To order a copy of vehicle registration credentials online, applicants may complete the process as an individual automobile owner or as the employee of a company. In most cases, individual customers must provide a name, birth date and driver’s license number when submitting their request, while employees must provide the license plate number of the registered vehicle.

To replace car registration cards in person or by telephone, the application process is slightly different, as applicants will need to speak with an RMV customer service representative rather than completing the process electronically. Additionally, the process of replacing the registration credentials of a leased vehicle is slightly different. To learn more about replacing a lost registration credential, review the information below.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in Massachusetts?

Motorists must replace a Massachusetts DMV lost registration card as soon as possible after the original credential is stolen from them, damaged, or goes missing, as this document serves as proof of a vehicle’s valid registration period. Without current registration credentials, motorists cannot legally operate their motor vehicles on public roadways.

Moreover, drivers must replace vehicle registration credentials as soon as possible, as failure to present these documents when pulled over by a police officer is punishable under state law. As stated in Section 11 under Chapter 90 of the General Laws, drivers must submit proof of their vehicle’s registration credentials whenever a police officer pulls them over, as failure to do so results in a $35 penalty fee after the first offense.

If drivers cannot present their registration credentials when pulled over by a police officer, they may provide the name and address of the vehicle owner. If they fail to comply with this requirement, they may face a $100 fine and criminal charges (Section 25 of Chapter 90).

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in Massachusetts

To obtain an RMV copy of registration in MA, motorists may submit a request online, in person or by telephone, depending on their preferred method. After submitting their request, drivers receive their replacement credentials within 10 days, unless they apply in person.

If replacing the registration credentials of a leased vehicle, however, the leasing company (lessor) will receive the duplicate materials from the RMV, unless the lessee applies for a replacement card in person at a local Service Center. Learn more about these replacement methods in the following sections.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration Online

The online Massachusetts DMV registration replacement process is simple, as motorists may submit a request directly through the RMV’s website, as long as their addresses are current in the Registry’s database. If motorists need to change their addresses through the RMV, they must do so before they apply for a duplicate registration card online.

When requesting replacement credentials online, applicants must:

  1. Visit the Duplicate Registration portal under the RMV’s website.
  2. Apply as an individual customer or a company.
  3. Provide their vehicle registration number, driver’s license, FID, or identification card number, and their email address if they wish to order a duplicate credential as an individual.
  4. Provide their license plate type, number and a security code if they wish to obtain a duplicate credential for a company vehicle.
  5. Provide payment for the applicable replacement fee.

After completing an online DMV duplicate registration application, motorists may print their credentials on their own, or the RMV will mail their new materials to them within seven- to- 10 days.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Person

To get a replacement vehicle registration in MA, customers may choose to submit their request in person at an RMV Service Center or a participating branch of the American Automobile Association (AAA) if they are members of the organization. However, motorists must visit the RMV or AAA during the office’s regular business hours. While not all AAA offices offer RMV services, motorists may contact their local branch before heading in to determine whether these services are available.

When requesting a duplicate credential in person through the RMV or AAA, customers must provide the representative with their vehicle ownership information and registration number. Additionally, motorists must provide payment for the applicable fee.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration by Phone

To get an MA DMV duplicate registration card by telephone, drivers may call the RMV’s Contact Center at 857-368-8000 if they wish to submit their request from outside of the state or from the following area codes:

  • 339
  • 617
  • 781
  • 857

For all other Massachusetts area codes, customers may call 800-858-3926.

When ordering a replacement credential, customers must provide their vehicle’s registration number and their driver’s license, FID or identification card number. During this time, motorists must also provide payment for the applicable replacement fee. After submitting the request, motorists will receive their new registration materials in the mail within five to seven days.

Massachusetts Stolen Car Registration Requirements

If lost car registration papers in MA have been stolen, or if motorists have reason to believe that another driver stole their registration materials, they may choose to file a police report. While doing so is not mandatory under state law, claimants will protect their identity if they file a report with their local police department and keep a record of the report for their personal records.

Massachusetts DMV Sticker Replacement

While there is no DMV replacement sticker fee in MA, motorists must visit a local RMV Service Center to request a duplicate decal in person. To do so, however, drivers must submit proof of a current vehicle registration card. If applicants lose their registration card, they must pay a fee to obtain a duplicate certificate of registration as well. Additionally, drivers may obtain a replacement decal in person if they did not receive a sticker after applying for a registration card.

Note: In addition to the DMV lost registration sticker and/or certificate, motorists must apply for a duplicate license plate if they lose or damage their original materials.

Massachusetts Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

To obtain a duplicate vehicle registration in MA, motorists must pay a nominal fee depending on the specific type of credential they wish to obtain, and the number of copies they wish to order. These fees include:

  • $25 for each replacement registration card.
  • $0 to order a replacement decal.

If obtaining a replacement credential in person, customers may submit payment in the form of a check, money order, cash and credit or debit card. Motorists must make checks out to MassDOT.

If ordering a duplicate credential by internet or telephone, however, customers must pay with an American Express, VISA, MasterCard or Discover credit card.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.