A DMV driving test appointment in Massachusetts is just one of the types of appoints residents can make. The RMV appointment system in Massachusetts offers residents the opportunity to schedule an appointment for an office visit in order to avoid waiting in long lines at a local branch. Motorists may use the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (MA RMV) system by scheduling an appointment online or by phone, depending on their preference. The MA RMV has created a special system for scheduling appointments for road tests in order to help drivers license applicants to expedite the application procedure.

In addition to the system for booking a drivers license appointment, motorists may be also able to schedule a date and time for other services as well. However, they need to first discover whether they need to satisfy another set of requirements and whether the same methods apply to all situations. For more information about how to schedule a road test or another appointment in Massachusetts, review the sections below.

Driving Test Appointments in Massachusetts

Motorists are encouraged to schedule a DMV appointment for a driving test prior to heading to an MA RMV local office to take a road test. To schedule an RMV driving test appointment, drivers need to provide the following personal details:

In addition, motorists may have to pay the imposed fees before or after taking the skills test. Either way, the MA RMV will not issue a driver’s license without receiving payment for the applicable fees.

Motorists may make an appointment for DMV services online or via phone only if they satisfy the corresponding requirements. For instance, when scheduling a DMV online appointment, drivers need to provide their last names, dates of birth, the last four digits of their SSN and their license, permit or identification numbers to verify their identity. However, if motorists are unable to enter their Social Security Numbers or license/permit/ID numbers, then they may be able to submit their foreign passport numbers, residential ZIP codes or full SSN numbers. When motorists plan to use the phone DMV appointment system, they need to call a local RMV contact center phone numbers and schedule an appointment for a Class A, B, C, D or M road test.

Note: Drivers may schedule an RMV road test appointment only if they are applying for Class D and Class M license. Scheduling an appointment for a commercial drivers license road test is allowed only by phone.

Other Services Covered by the Massachusetts DMV Appointment System

Currently, the MA RMV offers DMV road test appointments to residents who plan to take a road skills test as part of the requirements for getting a standard driver’s license. However, it has been announced that the MA RMV plans to implement drivers license appointment for a motorcycle learner’s permit or for conversion of an out-of-state driving credential. Moreover, the MA RMV also allows motorists to schedule an appointment to provide their fingerprints for a criminal record check.

How to Schedule a DMV Appointment in Massachusetts

Motorists may check RMV appointment availability and schedule an appointment prior to their road test by using either the online or the by-phone method. To receive an RMV appointment number online, drivers may have to provide their last names, dates of birth, last four digits of an SSN, and license, permit or identification numbers. However, if unable to provide one of these, then motorists may be able to submit other details. Furthermore, motorists who need to make an appointment for services related to the RMV can view appointment options online. Those who cannot make an RMV online appointment may be able to book a date and time over the phone for taking a road test for the Class A, B, C, D and M licenses.

What to Bring to Your Massachusetts DMV Appointment

When visiting a local MA RMV office, motorists who have previously scheduled an RMV road test appointment need to provide certain documents and satisfy specific requirements. Drivers who appear at the RMV on time for their scheduled appointment must bring the following:

  • Completed road test application form
  • Learner’s permit
  • Qualified sponsor, except for a Class M road test
  • An equipped motor vehicle for the road test with valid registration and auto insurance

Note that a parent or legal guardian must sign the parental consent section on the road test application form if the applicant is younger than 18 years of age.

How to Cancel or Reschedule a DMV Appointment in Massachusetts

Motorists may also decide to cancel an appointment at a DMV in Massachusetts at least 72 hours before the date determined for the road skills test. Failing to cancel the road skills test may result in a penalty fee. Drivers can cancel their DMV road test appointment online or by phone. Both the online and the by-phone method require motorists to provide their names, dates of birth, SSNs and learner’s permit numbers. The only difference is that drivers may schedule an appointment for all classes of licenses via phone, while they will be able to schedule only the Class D and M road tests if they decide to use the online method.

Motorists may also decide to reschedule DMV appointment for a road test without paying any fee, as long as the test had been canceled due to bad weather conditions.

Note: Road tests may be also canceled by the governor or as a result of public school cancellations or delays at the discretion of the MA RMV.

Last updated on Tuesday, September 25 2018.