The Nebraska DMV motorcycle handbook is the state’s best source of information for motorcycle riders driving anywhere in the state. The motorcycle handbook was created by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) using the same Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) curriculum that forms the basis of many motorcycle education guides around the country. Included in the manual is a wide array of information about how to safely operate a motorcycle, how to obey state riding laws and more.

The Nebraska motorcycle manual is a comprehensive review of safety standards and relevant state-specific regulations that are important for riders of all levels. The motorcycle DMV book is particularly helpful, however, for those Nebraska drivers who must pass the state’s knowledge exam and road test in order to qualify for a motorcycle license.

To offer new drivers the most help possible, the manual even includes practice questions and test format information to prepare drivers for the licensing exam. Read on for more information about how to obtain the handbook for motorcycle riders in Nebraska.

What topics are covered in the DMV motorcycle handbook in Nebraska?

The Nebraska DMV motorcycle manual includes 10 different sections covering several aspects of safely operating a motorcycle. New riders can benefit greatly from the material in the motorcycle test book that goes over various types of driving conditions and the best way to operate a motorcycle in each one.

Even experienced drivers can benefit from reviewing the MSF’s recommendations for safe motorcycle riding. Topics related to learning how to safely operate a motorcycle that are covered in the motorcycle operator manual include:

  • Basic Vehicle Control
  • Keeping Your Distance
  • SEE (Search, Evaluate, Execute)
  • Intersections
  • Increasing Conspicuity
  • Crash Avoidance
  • Handling Dangerous Surfaces
  • Mechanical Problems
  • Animals
  • Flying Objects
  • Getting Off the Road
  • Carrying Passengers and Cargo
  • Group Riding

The motorcycle permit study guide goes beyond reviewing basic safety standards. It also goes in depth on the motorcycle knowledge test and what riders need to know to qualify to apply for a motorcycle license in the state.

It includes sections dedicated to Nebraska-specific riding laws, driver’s education programs riders can enroll in and even sample questions to help practice for the knowledge exam. In total, the NE manual includes 10 primary sections:

  • Nebraska Specifics
  • The Rider and the Motorcycle
  • Preparing to Ride
  • Ride within Your Abilities
  • Being in Shape to Ride
  • Earning your License
  • Three-wheel Supplement
  • Hand Signals
  • T-CLOCS Pre-Ride Checklist
  • Nebraska Motorcycle Safety

Can a motorcycle handbook help applicants prepare for a motorcycle exam in Nebraska?

One of the best ways to learn about Nebraska-specific motorcycle laws is to thoroughly review the most recent version of the handbook. With specific information about NE motorcycle helmet laws, riding policies, consequences for driving under the influence and much more, the manual is the recommended study guide to prepare for the motorcycle licensing exam.

All riders operating a motorcycle in Nebraska are required to have a valid and acceptable motorcycle license or endorsement issued by the NE DMV or another state government. All riders who would like to apply for an NE motorcycle license must pass the requisite knowledge and road skills tests.

The motorcycle safety handbook also includes a great deal of information pertaining directly to the passing of the state’s licensing exams. The motorcycle license manual starts out with a section dedicated to Nebraska-specific regulations that are important for drivers studying for the exam to learn well.

It also contains a section discussing the exam formats, including the number of questions that will be asked, the number of time drivers will have to respond and so on. A handful of sample questions are also included in the manual to give drivers a chance to get comfortable with the test as it will be on the day of the real exam.

What other materials can help riders prepare for a motorcycle knowledge test or road exam in Nebraska?

The DMV motorcycle handbook is not the only resource riders in Nebraska can access to learn more about safely operating a motorcycle or adhering to state riding regulation. In addition to the motorcycle license guide, the DMV also offers a range of educational courses for riders of various levels, with the basic course lasting a minimum of 14 hours in length and including at least 10 hours of on-the-road instruction.

Some auto insurance providers may provide a discount to riders who have successfully completed a certified course. Topics of instruction in the Nebraska Basic Rider Course (BRC) include:

  • Effects of riding a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Location of the primary elements of the vehicle
  • Pre-ride preparation
  • Safety equipment and best practices
  • Skills needed for safe riding and evading maneuvers
  • Stability and control of the motorcycle

Riders can also access materials online such as practice tests to help them prepare for and pass the motorcycle knowledge exam.

Who else can benefit from studying the NE motorcycle manual?

The motorcycle license book of Nebraska is important reading even for those riders who do not need to apply for a motorcycle license. Drivers who are simply interested in learning more can use the NE motorcycle guidebook to get an idea of what it would be like to own and operate a motorcycle and whether it is something they would like to pursue.

Veteran motorcycle riders who have not been on the road in a long time can benefit from reviewing the best practices for safely operating a motorcycle outlined in the manual. Riders who have transferred to Nebraska from another state or who simply plan on crossing through Nebraska on a trip can use the manual to review laws for riders and the applicable consequences riders may face for breaking any of these laws while in the state.

The NE DMV recommends that drivers also review the state’s basic driving manual for more information about relevant state policies, licensing requirements and safe driving practices.

How to Get a DMV Motorcycle Manual in Nebraska

The NE motorcycle safety manual is essential readers for motorcycle riders of all experience levels who plan driving on NE roadways. The NE DMV welcomes requests for print copies or other types of accommodations for the manual by written or oral request at a local DMV office.

All motorcycle riders are encouraged to download a free copy of the full manual from the state’s website to receive it as quickly as possible. As a PDF, the manual can be read on a device or printed out. Interested riders can obtain the Nebraska Motorcycle Operator Manual online by clicking here.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.