The North Dakota DMV motorcycle handbook is a manual that includes all kinds of important information about North Dakota motorcycle laws and how to safely operate a motorcycle. It is an important resource to study if you wish to operate a motorcycle and it can be especially helpful in preparing you for any motorcycle exams required for getting your license.

The motorcycle handbook is a highly-recommended guide that serves the purpose of helping to educate current and future motorcyclists on the various motorcycle laws in ND along with techniques for safely riding a motorcycle. As a motorcyclist, you must follow the rules set for other motorists in addition to special laws for motorcycle riders, so it is crucial that you read through the manual in order to become familiar those laws. Regardless of whether you need to get your license or you already have your license, having a copy of the motorcycle DMV book on-hand can be a big benefit to you.

What topics are covered in the North Dakota motorcycle handbook?

A visit to the Table of Contents page of the motorcycle operator manual will provide you with an outline of the many different topics covered throughout the manual. You will find everything from preparing to ride to using hand signals. A few of these topics include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Preparing to Ride. Before you start your motorcycle ride, it is important that you are completely prepared. This includes learning about motorcycle helmet laws, wearing the right gear, getting to know your motorcycle and knowing your responsibilities as a motorcyclist. This section covers a variety of important information and should certainly be studied before you begin riding.
  • Ride Within your Abilities. The motorcycle test book then moves onto what you must be prepared for during your ride and how to actually operate the bike. Basic vehicle control is discussed along with how to keep your distance from other vehicles, how to handle dangerous surfaces while riding and how to carry passengers among many other topics.
  • Being in Shape to Ride. Arguably one of the most important chapters, this section of the DMV motorcycle manual should not be skipped as it provides information about the consequences of operating a motorcycle whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and it even mentions the effects of using marijuana before riding as well. Being in a good mental and physical state is very important for all motorists, so understanding how driving while tired or under the influence of various substances should be understood before operating the vehicle.
  • Earning your License. In this section of the North Dakota motorcycle handbook, you will find information about how you must go about obtaining your motorcycle license. Riding a motorcycle safely requires both knowledge and skill so both a written knowledge test and an on-motorcycle skill test will be administered as part of the licensing process.

This section includes information about what may be found on the written test (including a few practice questions) and it also discusses the various maneuvers that may be requested during the skill test.

  • Hand Signals. The motorcycle DMV handbook also includes instruction on hand signals because proper use of hand signals is an important component of riding a motorcycle, especially if you are riding in a group with other motorcyclists. A full page of examples and instructions are provided so that you can learn how to properly signal to other motorcyclists in your group about what you are planning to do – speed up, slow down, make a rest stop, etc.

Can an ND motorcycle DMV book help applicants prepare for a motorcycle exam?

When preparing for a motorcycle knowledge test and/or on-motorcycle skill test, reading through the manual is a great way to familiarize yourself with crucial information before taking the tests. The information that you will need to answer questions about on the knowledge test will be pulled from the manual, so studying the manual is the best motorcycle license or motorcycle permit study guide.

Furthermore, when you read through the motorcycle safety manual you will be preparing yourself for the on-motorcycle exam as well because the maneuvers you will likely be tested on will also be detailed in the manual.

What other materials can help applicants prepare for an ND motorcycle knowledge test or road exam?

There are a few materials that can be used in addition to the DMV motorcycle handbook in North Dakota in order to best prepare you for successfully passing the exams. This includes participating in a motorcycle safety program and/or using practice tests before taking the examinations.

If you wish to enroll in an ND motorcycle safety program, you will be able to practice riding a motorcycle and learn about the various motorcycle laws from trained teachers. The experience you gain from participating in the training program can be a big benefit to you as a motorcyclist.

Additionally, you have the option of practicing for the motorcycle knowledge exam by using practice exams. The manual includes a few sample questions, although you are likely to find a more full-size version practice test online. By taking a practice test or two, you can better familiarize yourself with the information that is likely to be found on the actual tests, and you can also get more comfortable with the format in which the knowledge test will be administered.

Who else can benefit from a DMV motorcycle handbook?

Almost anyone can benefit from reading sections of the DMV motorcycle handbook. Future motorcyclists can use the handbook to study for the exams and learn how to properly operate a motorcycle, and current motorcyclists can reference the text for refreshers on motorcycle regulations and laws. Plus, even those who do not ride motorcycles can find important information in the manual that can help them to safely share the road with motorcyclists.

How to Get a DMV Motorcycle Book in North Dakota

You can access the North Dakota Motorcycle Operator Manual either in-person or online. If you wish to get a copy in-person, it is important to call your local ND Driver’s License Division office beforehand to ensure that they have copies available before making the trip.

Or, if you would rather have access to the motorcycle manual online, you can view it from the North Dakota Department of Transportation website found here. Additionally, you should keep in mind that there is also an audio version of the manual that you can listen to here.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.