The purpose of the North Dakota DMV point system is to regulate drivers’ behavior while behind the wheel and improve safety on state roads and highways. Under the set driver point system, motorists who commit a minor infraction or a more serious offense will be penalized with a specific number of demerit points.

The amount of the assigned infraction points in ND will depend on the severity of the violation in question. Since traffic violation points generally affect the offender’s driving record, he or she may choose to attend an approved driving school and become eligible for a point reduction.

Learn more about infraction points in North Dakota and the different traffic violation penalties in the following sections:

  • Moving violations and points in North Dakota
  • Penalties in North Dakota
  • How to fix a North Dakota driving record
  • Disputing a North Dakota moving violation charge

Moving Violations and Points in North Dakota

A different amount of ND penalty points is assigned against a driving transcript based on the severity of various traffic offenses. For instance, the number of points for speeding will depend on how many miles over the posted limit you were caught driving. Certain infractions, such as speeding up to 10 mph over the limit in a speed zone less than 70 mph, are not punishable under the official point schedule.

However, three speeding ticket points in North Dakota will be added on your report for driving between 16 and 20 mph over the limit, and 12 demerit points will be calculated for speeding between 36 and 45 mph over the set limit.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) also assigns 14 car accident points for leaving the scene of a crash involving property damage. The number of assigned points will be greater in the event of an accident involving injury or death. Other traffic misdemeanors and their corresponding points are included in the following list:

  • Knowingly driving an unsafe vehicle – 2 moving violation points
  • Operating with defective brakes – 2 points
  • Exhibition driving – 3 points
  • Driving without a license – 4 points
  • Reckless driving – 8 reckless driving points

Note: Motorists will not accrue points for certain violations in North Dakota.

Penalties in North Dakota

The North Dakota traffic violation penalties resulting from different violations of motor vehicle laws are highly strict, and they may include license suspensions, as well as monetary repercussions. The issued traffic ticket penalty may be administered both by the state DOT and the corresponding court, depending on the severity of the committed offense.

For instance, motorists who accrue a total of 12 or more penalty points will receive notice of possible license suspension by the DOT. Drivers younger than 18 will have their credential canceled upon accumulation of six or more points on their report.

Drunk driving penalties in ND which drivers generally incur upon conviction of driving while under the influence offense are even stricter due to the endangerment this infraction poses to all traffic participants.

While administrative ND DUI penalties include a suspension of your privilege to drive, court-imposed drunk driving penalties consist of large fines, imprisonment or community service, and participation in the 24/7 Sobriety Program in addition to license suspensions.

These penalties can be even harsher in the event of a serious injury or death caused by operating while under the influence.

How to Fix a North Dakota Driving Record

If you wish to clear your driving record in North Dakota and avoid having your license suspended or paying large fines, you may enroll in a traffic school course to finalize the process. Upon successful completion of a state-approved defensive driving course, three points will be removed from your driving transcript.

Instead of choosing to reduce license points, you have the option to participate in an ND driving safety course in lieu of points being added on your report for specific offenses assigned five or less points.

Contact a local ND DOT office or the court processing your ticket to check whether you are allowed to attend online classes.

Another option to clean your driving record in ND is to show good driving behavior within a set period of time. Drivers will be eligible for a one-point deduction for every three months during which they practice safe driving habits and avoid points on their report.

Disputing a North Dakota Moving Violation Charge

The process of disputing a traffic ticket in ND must be initiated within 14 days upon receipt of your summons. When fighting speeding tickets or other citations, you must request a court hearing by mailing your ticket along with the specified bond to the presiding court and await for a trial date to be set.

To successfully fight a traffic ticket in North Dakota, and prevent points from being placed against your driving record, you will need to present a strong defense in court.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.