There are two ways to perform CDL renewal in Alabama: drivers can apply for a renewal in person or online. Though a driving test is not required for drivers who are renewing their licenses, skills tests are required to maintain endorsements. The CDL renewal cost can also be paid online, but the DMV CDL offices will also accept payment in any form – except for checks. Before you renew your license, be sure to complete a CDL medical card renewal or confirm your medical exemption.

Like the commercial drivers license, commercial learners permits can be renewed online. Unlike when you renew commercial drivers license credentials, there are no permit tests required. There are also no medical requirement or necessity to prove identity. However, if the extended permit expires before the driver applies for a proper CDL, the driver will need to restart the application process from the beginning.

When to Renew Your CDL License in Alabama

A CDL renewal is required every eight years in Alabama, and the license expires on the driver’s birthday. A CDL may be renewed as early as 180 days prior to the license expiration date, but there is no CDL expiration grace period. Additionally, drivers will only be given a temporary receipt after renewing their CDL, and the actual license will be mailed within the next 30 days.

Drivers who plan to renew CDL credentials with endorsements should allow some extra time to refresh their knowledge of the study materials required for their endorsement tests. Further, drivers who have a hazardous materials endorsement should begin the renewal process even earlier, in order to allow for the full month it make take TSA to process the background check.

CDL Renewal Testing Requirements in Alabama

CDL renewal requirements in Alabama do not mandate that commercial drivers take a driving test every time they upgrade or renew their CDLs. However, written tests for each endorsement are required. There is a fee for each endorsement test, and a driver with six endorsements will be required to pay the fee for six tests.

Additionally, there are two exceptions in which a driver must retake a skills test. These two endorsements are the passenger and school bus endorsements. While all others endorsements require only the written test, a driving test is required each time renew a “P” or “S” endorsement. There are additional fees for driving tests, and each required retest.

What do you need to renew your CDL license in Alabama?

To complete your CDL license renewal in Alabama, you will need proof of your citizenship or legal presence in the United States in the form of acceptable documentation. Alabama’s identity documents requirements are stricter than other states, and you will need two documents from the list below.

Note: One of those two documents must contain a recent photo of you. If you do not provide documents that include a photo, you need three documents from the list below.

When you go to renew CDL license credentials, at least one of your documents must be a primary document, and they others may be secondary. Document examples from each group include the following:

  • Primary documents:
    • U.S. passport
    • U.S. birth certificate
    • Alabama identification card
    • Alabama driver license
    • U.S. Consular Report of Birth Abroad
    • Certificate of Naturalization
    • Certificate of Citizenship
    • Resident Alien Card
    • Foreign passport with valid immigration papers
  • Secondary documents:
    • State-issued driver license
    • International driver license/permit
    • Marriage license
    • U.S. Armed Forces driver license
    • U.S. Military DD-214
    • Professional license issued by the federal or state governments
    • Veterans Administration card
    • Medical Insurance Identification card
    • U.S. Military ID card
    • School ID card
    • School records
    • Court documents
    • Probation or release documents (with photo ID)

In addition to the documents listed above, a driver renewing CDL credentials in Alabama needs to present the correct application and a copy of his or her current license. The full list of needed documents includes:

  • Your Social Security card.
  • Your proof of identity.
  • Current DOT medical certification (unless medically exempt).
  • Proof of insurance.
  • Proof of residence in Alabama.
  • Current driver license.

All renewal applicants are also responsible for the CDL renewal cost, and should review the acceptable forms of payment ahead of time.

CDL Renewal Process in Alabama

There are two ways to complete a CDL license renewal in Alabama: online or in person. However, the services offered by the online portal are more restricted than the services offered at a CDL office. You may only use the online portal to renew an existing license. To change an address, add an endorsement, remove a restriction or change your license class, you need to visit the DMV, in person.

How to Renew Your Commercial Drivers License Online in Alabama

Alabama is one of the few states that allows drivers to complete CDL renewal online. The portal is available on the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency website, and the renewal fee paid online may only be paid by credit card. A separate portal exists for the DOT medical certification and CDL self-certification.

When you renew a CDL, your Social Security Number, and copies of your documents, will be required to complete the online portal, as well as your current license number. After your application, you will be given a temporary paper, and the DMV recommends that you have a printer ready. Your new license will arrive in approximately 30 days.

How to Renew Your Commercial Drivers License in Person in Alabama

To apply for CDL renewal in person, visit one of the 14 CDL offices in Alabama. Present your required paperwork and allow time for a vision test and any endorsement tests you may be required to take. Currently, there are Alabama CDL locations stationed in:

  • Cullman.
  • Decatur.
  • Dothan.
  • Evergreen.
  • Hamilton.
  • Jacksonville.
  • Mobile.
  • Montgomery.
  • Opelika.
  • Sheffield.
  • Sumiton.
  • Tuscaloosa.

Alabama CDL Permit Renewal Requirements

For those asking, “Can I renew my CDL permit after it expires?” the answer is ‘yes.’ Conveniently, Alabama CDL learners permit renewal is available online. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency website offers one portal for renewing a CDL and a CLP, and you will need your current license number, full name, date of birth and Social Security Number handy, in order to complete the process.

The CDL permit renewal fees may be paid online, by a credit card only. Additionally, you may only conduct a CDL renewal once. If the extended permit expires before the driver takes the skills test required to get a CDL, the driver must take the general knowledge test again, and start the permit application process from scratch.

Hazardous Material Endorsement CDL Renewal Requirements in Alabama

An Alabama CDL is valid for eight years, but the TSA hazmat validation is only valid for five years. It is unlikely that your CDL will expire at the same time as your TSA background check. However, to renew a CDL with a hazmat endorsement, your TSA certification must be valid, and you must pass a hazardous materials knowledge test.

The written test may be taken at the DMV, but a hazmat renewal from the TSA requires an online application and fingerprinting at an application center. The TSA application takes as many as 45 days to process, and when applying for a hazmat license renewal, drivers should plan for at least a month of processing time. Drivers cannot continue to transport hazardous materials if their validations expire, even if the renewal is processing.

CDL Renewal Fees in Alabama

The Alabama DMV offers drivers the option to pay any CDL renewal price online or in person. If you plan to renew online, you may pay by credit card, only. When renewing in person, credit cards, cash and cashier’s checks are all accepted forms of payment. The CDL renewal cost figures include:

  • $66.25 for a Class A CDL.
  • $56.25 for a Class B CDL.
  • $36.25 for a Class C CDL.
  • $36.25 for a CLP.

In addition to the CDL renewal fee, there is a $25 charge for testing, and $20 for a skills test. For a hazmat renewal, the fee is $86.50 for a TSA Hazmat Application.

Last updated on Thursday, March 5 2020.