A South Dakota CDL renewal must be performed frequently to stay on top of the latest rules, regulations and safety procedures for commercial driving. This process is different from standard driver’s license renewals. Renewing a CDL, or commercial driver’s license, ensures all commercial motorists are practicing, according to safety and legal standards. CDL renewal requirements are determined by the South Dakota Motor Vehicle Division, or MVD. CDL holders are given expanded driving privileges to operate modes of large or heavy machinery. Commercial drivers may also add a number of endorsements to their licenses to allow them the ability to operate other vehicle types. CDL holders with endorsements must adhere to various other requirements during the renewal process.

To renew commercial drivers license documents in South Dakota, drivers must appear in person, at a Department of Public Safety Exam Station. In order to complete a renewal, drivers must provide all the necessary documents, and perform the required steps. Renewal requirements vary, depending on the type of license a driver plans to renew. Some CDL holders may also be asked to take additional knowledge exams and complete medical evaluations to renew their CDLs. To learn more about the South Dakota commercial license renewal process, continue reading the topics below.

When to Renew Your CDL License in South Dakota

South Dakota drivers must complete a CDL renewal before their licenses expire. CDLs are valid for five years in the state, and expire on the driver’s birthday. Motorists may renew their CDLs up to 180 days prior to their dates of expiration. South Dakota does not have a CDL expiration grace period, unlike some states.

Motorists must renew their credentials before the expiration date in order to avoid undergoing the application process from the start, once again.

CDL Renewal Testing Requirements in South Dakota

South Dakota CDL renewal requirements are different from the requirements for standard driver’s license renewals. Each state controls the CDL renewal process, so it is important that drivers follow the requirements for their state. For example, while some states require drivers to take knowledge or skills tests each time, South Dakota only requires a vision test.

This eye exam ensures that drivers are medically cleared to operate commercial vehicles. Some drivers may be required to complete a medical evaluation form.

CDL holders who plan to add any endorsements must take the proper skills tests. Also, during the CDL renewal process, drivers with hazardous materials endorsements are required to take the hazmat test. Passing these tests and paying the fees qualifies motorists for renewed CDLs.

What do you need to renew your CDL in South Dakota?

If you are wondering, “What do you need to renew your CDL license?” there are a few documents you must complete and compile ahead of the renewal. The South Dakota MVD requires drivers to provide the following pieces of information during the commercial driver license renewal process:

  • A new driver’s license application
  • Two documents less than one year old proving residential/physical address, including:
    • A utility bill, paystub, rent receipt, phone bill, bank statement, mortgage document, homeowner’s policy or tax document
  • A current South Dakota driver’s license/ID card with a gold star in the upper right corner
    • For licenses without a gold star in the upper right corner:
      • A Social Security card, W-2, 1099 or paystub showing the full Social Security Number
  • Proof of new name (if your name has changed)
  • Non-U.S. citizens must provide identification with a valid, non-expired U.S. passport/passport card, Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization, a Permanent Resident card, an Employment Authorization card or foreign passport with a U.S. visa

Any lawful permanent resident that wants to renew CDL credentials must present a valid, unexpired Permanent Resident card, issued by the USCIS or the INS.

Some drivers performing a CDL renewal in South Dakota must show that they are medically qualified for the license. A medical certificate must be current within two years. If a new medical evaluation or certificate is required, it may only be completed by a qualified physician.

CDL Renewal Process in South Dakota

South Dakota CDL holders may only renew commercial drivers license documents in person, during a renewal appointment at a Department of Public Safety Exam Station. Unlike regular driver’s license renewals, commercial drivers are not allowed to renew documents online or by mail.

Motorists should gather their CDL renewal requirements, and begin the process prior to the expiration date. To avoid long wait times, the MVD recommends that motorists schedule an appointment, if possible.

South Dakota CDL Permit Renewal Requirements

The SD CDL permit renewal process differs from the renewal process for commercial licenses. Drivers must have a commercial learners permit (CLP) for at least 14 days before they can take the CDL road test, or take any endorsement exams. CDL permits in South Dakota are valid for a certain amount of days, and may be renewed once.

New commercial drivers may ask, “How long is a CDL permit good for in South Dakota?” CDL permits in South Dakota are valid for 180 days. During this probationary period, drivers’ activities and privileges are restricted. For example, they may only drive on public roads, and must drive while accompanied by a CDL holder.

“Can I renew my CDL permit after it expires?” is another frequently asked question. Once the CDL permit expiration date passes, motorists may choose to renew their credentials one time, for an additional 180 days. After the renewal, drivers must either apply for a full commercial drivers license or begin the permit process all over again.

Hazardous Material Endorsement CDL Renewal Requirements in South Dakota

The South Dakota CDL license renewal process varies for motorists with hazardous materials endorsements. A hazardous material endorsement, or hazmat credential, gives drivers the chance to operate various types of vehicles carrying hazardous materials.

Renewing a CDL with a hazmat endorsement (or adding a hazmat endorsement to a current CDL) requires drivers to complete a background check through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Also, drivers must retake the hazmat knowledge test during each renewal cycle.

CDL Renewal Fees in South Dakota

The CDL renewal price in South Dakota depends on the license holder, and whether he or she has any endorsements attached to the credential. The CDL renewal cost figures in SD are as follows:

  • CDL renewal: $33
  • Endorsement tests: $15 each
  • Skills test: $90
Last updated on Friday, March 6 2020.