Search Oklahoma DMV offices near zip code:

The Oklahoma DPS has various locations throughout the state. To find out where is the Oklahoma DPS near you, check the list of OK DPS locations below. Each location includes various pieces of information that will help you plan a successful trip to the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles.

The DPS in Oklahoma divides its services among two different agencies. The Department of Public Safety handles driver-related services such as getting a learner’s permit, reinstating a suspended driver’s license, or renewing your driver’s license. You will find these services at Driver License Exam Stations. The Oklahoma Tax Commission is responsible for administering vehicle-related processes such as registering your vehicle and titling your vehicle. When you need one of these related services, visit a Tag Agency.

Be aware that most Oklahoma DPS locations are closed from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. for the lunch hour, so plan your visit accordingly.

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Last updated on Wednesday, January 16 2019.