A New York car registration is required for every leased or owned vehicle in the state. Vehicle registration and titling is performed at the New York Department of Vehicles (DMV). This agency manages car registration, titles, licensing and other automobile-related tasks for the state. Auto registration applicants must register their vehicle within 180 days of the effective date on their insurance ID card. For more vehicle registration information, study the sections below.

New York Vehicle Registration Information Required

All NY DMV car registration forms are available in PDF form where they can be filled out online and printed before visiting an office location. Complete Form MV-82, Vehicle Registration/Title Application and apply for an insurance ID card before visiting the DMV. Although NY insurance companies automatically report policy information, you must have the ID card at the time of registration to verify coverage. The DMV car registration agent will need to see the original title or another proof of ownership and your NY driver license, non-driver photo ID or another proof of identity. Even though a safety and emissions inspection is not required prior to motor vehicle registration, most vehicles must be inspected within 10 days of applying for the registration. Applicants do not have to worry about returning to the DMV to deliver an inspection report, as inspection stations electronically submit results to the state.

Where to Register a Car in New York for the First Time

When getting car registration in New York for the first time, bring all required documents and a completed application to the nearest NY DMV office. The DMV car registration division recommends making a reservation online if you live in New York City, Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, Onodaga or Albany counties.

How to Register a New Car in New York

Auto dealers are allowed to get car registration in NY for their customers, as well as title vehicles and issue license plates, for an additional fee. If you need new car registration and the dealer did not do it for you, bring the required documents and fee payment to the NY DMV and take care of the process yourself. New York auto registration fees vary according to the vehicle weight and the applicant’s address, but include sales tax, a vehicle plate fee or registration fee, a title certificate fee and a 1 or 2 year registration fee. Most counties’ car registry policies also apply a vehicle use tax. If you need help calculating your estimated payment, the DMV offers an online estimator. NY DMV car registration locations accept cash, most credit cards and personal checks or money orders made payable to “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.” Applicants may split their payment between cash and check if needed.

How to Register a Used Car in New York

Auto registration services in New York are basically the same whether the vehicle is new or used. If you are a new resident wondering, “When must I register my car?” you have 30 days to register any vehicles that came with you to New York. During that 30-day period, the previous state registration remains valid. If you need to obtain registration of vehicle documents but the out-of-state title is not in your name, you will have to provide a bill of sale that shows the transfer of ownership to you. You also must show the DMV car registration agent a copy of the out-of-state Certificate of Title or transferrable registration. If there is a lien on the vehicle, you will need to show the agent a copy of the title certificate bearing your name. The DMV requires certification from the lienholder that the title is an original copy. The lienholder must also give you a car registry letter printed on their letterhead that states the vehicle’s owner, year, make and vehicle identification number (VIN). The letter must state that the lienholder knows the owner plans to register the vehicle in New York.

Temporary New York Vehicle Registration

NY DMV car registration officials issue In-Transit Vehicle Permits to those who need a temporary motor vehicle registration to drive a vehicle to a new location. Applicants wondering how to get car registration to drive a car from New York to a location outside of the state should request a temporary interstate in-transit permit. Intrastate in-transit permits are for those who need to drive a car from one location to another in-state address. All New York car registration permits issued temporarily are valid for 30 days. To apply for a temporary car registration, visit a DMV office and provide a state-issued photo ID card or other proof of identity, proof of ownership, proof of auto insurance, payment for the in-transit permit fee and a completed copy of Form Mv-82ITP, In-Transit Permit/Title Application. Proof of ownership for a temporary vehicle registration may be a Certificate of Title, Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin, Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, Statement of Ownership or a transferrable registration. Acceptable car registry proofs of insurance include a NYS insurance ID card, an Insurance Certificate for Hire Passenger Vehicle, a Corporate Surety Bond for Hire Passenger Vehicle or a temporary NYS insurance ID card.

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