Only commercial driver license (CDL) applicants can make a DMV driving test appointment with the Arkansas State Police (ASP) at this time. While the state lacks a DMV appointment system, other DMV-related services are offered through the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA). Currently, DMV online appointment services are not available, but the DFA provides many motor vehicle services online through its website. Therefore, not being able to schedule DMV appointment times in Arkansas may not be a problem when you can complete an entire transaction online.

CDL applicants who need a road test appointment can keep reading to learn how to secure a time to take this important exam. If you clicked on this article hoping to find out how to make a standard drivers license appointment in Arkansas, then read the section below to learn how to take your road test without the need for an appointment.

Driving Test Appointments in Arkansas

If you need a commercial driver license road test appointment in Arkansas, the APS online appointment system can help you arrange a convenient testing time and location. Before appearing for your CDL behind the wheel test appointment, take time to study the CDL test manual and make sure you have all required documents for your appointment.

Usually, your employer will provide the vehicle for a CDL road test appointment, which means you probably already have some experience operating it while practice driving on your CDL instruction permit. The vehicle should match the type of CDL you are applying for. If you must use an unfamiliar commercial vehicle during your behind the wheel test, then take some time to familiarize yourself with its controls. This will help you avoid trouble operating these controls during the test.

During your driving test appointment, you must demonstrate your ability to safely and correctly operate the bus, truck or 1nother commercial-use vehicle while obeying traffic laws. The examiner will ask you to perform basic driving tasks similar to the road test for the standard drivers license, including parking, left and right turns, making a complete stop, backing up and lane changes.

If you were hoping to make a DMV online appointment for a standard driving license road test, then you must contact your local Arkansas State Police office and find out which days and hours they offer driving tests. While the AR DFA is involved in the issuance of drivers licenses, the DMV driving test appointment slots are supervised and arranged solely through the ASP.

How to Schedule a DMV Appointment in Arkansas

The Arkansas State Police does not offer DMV online appointment services at this time. If you want to make an appointment DMV related, then you must locate your nearest testing location center through. After you locate your nearest road test facility, call and tell them that you need a behind the wheel test appointment to obtain your commercial driver license. The ASP clerk will be able to give you a DMV appointment number and help you find a suitable location and testing time.

Currently, you may only secure a behind the wheel test appointment for a CDL at the following ASP office locations:

  • Hope
  • Little Rock
  • Newport
  • Pine Bluff
  • Russellville
  • Springdale

Note that you will not be able to make a road test appointment with the ASP if you did not pass the CDL knowledge exam or if you have acquired certain driving citations or penalties since taking your CDL written exam. If your CDL road test appointment is to be taken in a commercial passenger vehicle, a school bus or a tank vehicle, then you must have taken and passed an additional endorsement knowledge test for that specific type of CDL endorsement.

What to Bring to Your Arkansas CDL ASP Appointment

You should check DMV appointment requirements before going to your test, as you must bring certain documentation to be allowed to take your road exam. In addition, you must arrive for your behind the wheel test appointment in a vehicle that is in the same class you will be driving after you obtain your CDL. Your road test vehicle must have proper vehicle registration in Arkansas and pass a brief safety inspection before you will be allowed to drive it for the test.

Documents needed for your driving test appointment include:

  • Your commercial learner’s or instructional permit
  • An additional form of photo ID
  • Required medical authorization documents
  • The vehicle’s certificate of registration
  • Proof of auto insurance
  • Proof of legal presence in the United States (noncitizens)
  • CDL license fee payment

Note: Many of these documents will also be needed to renew CDL credentials or to request a duplicate CDL card in the event that yours becomes stolen or damaged beyond legibility.

How to Cancel or Reschedule a DMV Appointment in Arkansas

You can check DMV appointment status with the Arkansas State Police by calling your local testing facility within normal business hours. If you need to reschedule DMV appointment times for a CDL road test, then you must also do so by phone. Additionally, if you must reschedule or cancel appointment DMV related through the AR State Police, then you should do so several days in advance. This allows the ASP to offer the appointment time to another CDL applicant who may be waiting to take the exam.

Last updated on Tuesday, September 25 2018.