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Renewing Your License

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Drivers license renewals with your state DMV are mandatory in order to maintain the driving privileges that you currently enjoy. Most states require motorists to renew drivers licenses about every 5 to 10 years. Drivers may receive DMV license renewal notifications by mail or even via text or email, about their upcoming driver's license expiration date.

Individuals with expiring drivers licenses will be required to renew in person or via one of the alternative methods that are made available to them. Many states allow online drivers license renewals as well as renewal by mail or by phone. Drivers who need to renew expired drivers licenses are subject to limitations on which method they can use to update their credentials.

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If your expired drivers license has been out-of-date for an extended period of time - usually more than a year or two - applicants may be required to re-take the entire driver's license exam, including the written and road tests.

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